EPIC v4.1.1 Crude Oil Machine Trade Software

Project History & Objective.

Our team set out over six years ago to develop sophisticated software architecture for the trade of crude oil futures.

The objective: to provide a stable yet high performance product achieving an increasingly higher ROI over time as the software processes market data, structure of trade action and order-flow.

The software has undergone a number of updates over recent years (see links at end of this document for previous white paper updates), the most recent updates have provided for a stable trading entity that continues to excel in terms of ROI.

The most recent updates, noteably the Dec 8, 2022 EPIC v3.9 update and the most recent EPIC v4.1.1 version are providing stellar real world results both in terms of ROI and stability.

EPIC is used by the trading team at Compound Trading (for live trading alert feeds and the live trading room), also by Sovoron.com for private client trading executions and OilDefi.io to facilitate a decentralized (Defi) crypto tokenization platform.

Below is a sample Sovoron real trade account performance. 

SOVORON.com 58.69% Annualized ROI from previous update to EPIC v4.1.1 software update and forward Dec 8, 2022 – June 2, 2023 (audited financials or sample account broker statements available for SOVORON participants). As of June 2, 2023 software is in its first sequence of the new v4.1.1 update and escalates protocol to a total of maximum nine sequences. Estimated ROI for this version of software is well over 100% per annum but is difficult to determine full potential through the nine sequence escalations.

Calculated using a sample 300k account (real trades) per this calculation (click here).

Sample real 300k account ROI graph.

Note the consistent trajectory with low draw down and the increased trajectory of return.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is EPIC-Annualized-Trading-Results-1024x386.jpg

The primary challenge until mid 2021 was “stability” vs. ROI objectives.

Until recently, some versions of the software achieved over 150% annual ROI and some as low as 20%. The size of the trade account was the most significant determining factor (the larger the account size the more stable the software is and the higher the return).

Over time the architecture of the software has been perfected, but the real game-changer has been the development of the EPIC IDENT™ Order Flow component of the code and more recently the Intra-Day High Frequency code that relies heavily on IDENT™.

In short, there are three primary protocols of code in the software;

  1. Swing Trading (average sequence duration is 11 weeks and has been as short as 1 week and as long as 16 weeks).
  2. Intra-Day High Frequency (average sequence duration is considerably less than 24 hours but can also be described at times as intra-week lasting up to 3 or 4 days).
  3. EPIC IDENT™ Order Flow (extremely high frequency for positioning alongside significant machine “entities” that have presented themselves in the intra-day order flow). 

The software has proven to be very stable while consistently providing considerable returns. 

To our knowledge the EPIC Oil Machine Trading Software is best in class. 

EPIC Software Highlights.

  1. Lightning Fast Decisions. EPIC crude oil trading software executes trades through utilizing over 9300 weighted decisions instantly. The instructions provided within the architecture are growing daily. A human trader cannot make decisions as quickly, cannot process the data required for most intelligent trading probabilities and cannot execute trades as precisely.
  2. Algorithmic Chart Models. The EPIC software includes over thirty proprietary algorithmic chart models and the catalogue is growing. The algorithmic models have been designed, tested and refined in real-world trade for over 6 years by a team of day traders, each with over 20 years of experience. The oil trading models represent all time-frames from 15 second to monthly time-frames of trade. The algorithmic models have been back-tested to sixty months historically.
  3. Conventional Charting. The software includes conventional charting structures on all time-frames, also back-tested sixty months.
  4. Common Trade Set-Ups. Included in the software are common trade set-ups that oil day traders implement. 
  5. Order Flow. EPIC IDENT™ is data-driven order flow intelligence in real-time to achieve best outcomes. The software includes and executes to a proprietary order flow identification system that tracks behavior (specifically isolating other market machine liquidity) and weighs identified entities and historical trade patterns to its trade decisions (instructions). EPIC IDENT™ increases its intelligence as it gathers data intra-day specific to liquidity flow, historical patterns, time of day, volatility, various preferences, latency, rejects and more. The method is similar to back-testing charting. However, the process occurs in real-time. In short, the software is looking for “fingerprints” within market liquidity. We cannot back-test 60 months as with charting, but back-testing from date of software deployment has been achieved.
  6. Time Cycles. Time cycles are within all algorithmic and conventional trading model structures. Order flow also has identified time cycles and other time cycle events such as weekly reporting in oil markets (API, EIA and rig counts). Additionally there are time-of day market time cycles around the world. All of these different time-cycles are included in the software architecture.
  7. Hard-Pivot Architecture. The risk threshold – management system within the EPIC architecture now has a hard pivot rule-set that has near ended substantial risk for accounts in the 300k range and completely ended risk for the 600k or larger accounts.

Combined, these advantages enable the EPIC Crude Oil Trading software to outperform conventional trading methods.

Introduction to Oil Market Trade and Machine Trading.

The world of public market trade is rapidly changing. It is estimated (depending on source) that over 80% of crude oil futures are not traded by humans and are now traded by machines.

Machine trade may be simple, bot style software, high-frequency software or more sophisticated architecture as with the EPIC class of algorithm.

Our team commenced the oil trading software development journey nearly seven years ago with algorithmic chart model development. From day one we employed computer scientists to work with us on a daily basis to build software that would emulate our trading methods.

Over time the software started to win more trades than our traders and today we rely almost solely on the software to execute trades. We simply “tweak” the software at each trade sequence to improve performance.

Account Size – ROI and Draw-Down Volatility.

The smaller the account size traded, the more difficult it is for the software to limit downside risk and provide optimal returns.

We have learned over time that a 100k account size will see volatility and has considerable associated risk. A 300k account size will rarely see volatility (draw-down risk) and a 600k account size is expected to almost never encounter volatility. As noted above, the risk threshold – management system within the EPIC architecture now has a hard pivot rule-set that has near ended substantial risk for accounts in the 300k range and completely ended risk for the 600k or larger accounts.

The software is designed to trade within a sequence of trade within structures or set-ups. As the oil market price changes, the software trading logic uses all the different data to update the decision tree utilizing the instruction rule-set.

You can imagine this as a dot plot process similar to the game “Go” – not exactly, but the concept helps to visualize how the software plots a sequence plan for trade.

The “ebb and flow” of regular oil market trade allows opportunity for the software to plot a plan of trade within a sequence. The larger the account, the more dots that can be plotted (trades can be “bite sized” entries within an “ebb and flow”).

To understand the trading methodology of the software in each “sequence” of trade requires a moderately in-depth conversation to review data with a member of our team.

In short, the software uses a positioning (swing trade) protocol for each sequence of trade and a high-frequency intra-day protocol via EPIC IDENT™ technology. On the positioning (swing trade) side of the architecture, this means that as crude oil price is rising the software is building a position short through-out the rally (and the opposite is true if the price of oil is falling). However, the average cost is off-set by the high-frequency component of trade via EPIC IDENT™ technology so that when the trend reverses the software achieves considerable returns.

API / Deployment Architecture.

EPIC v4 software is designed to be deployed remotely – accessing an account and executing trades. This provides the account holder with ultimate control. The account holder grants the software access and the software executes machine trades to the account. Architecture provides opportunity for decentralized platform integration.


This paper outlines the opportunities that can be presented by the growing influence of machine trade on global financial markets.

Competitors within the machine trade industry are becoming more and more refined and successful – the best in class are assumed to be winning a larger portion of proceeds.

The most significant immediate challenge developers face in machine trade is building a product that will perform within a prescribed threshold of downside limiting stability while outperforming conventional trading methods.

Soon thereafter the challenge becomes competing against “like-kind” machine trade peers and being best in class.

It is our expectation that fewer and fewer competitors will achieve more of the proceeds (as a whole of trade in public markets) at an exponential rate, which does provide urgency to development and deployment.

The EPIC v4 trading software achieves consistent, predictable and very adaptable architecture that provides exceptional best in class ROI.

Business Inquiries.

For information about our subscription services that include; oil trade alerts, an oil trading room and oil trade newsletter reporting contact Compound Trading Group at [email protected] or www.compoundtrading.com.

For information about the data behind the trade (results) or utilizing our automated crude oil machine trading platform contact our agent representative Richard Regan:

Email [email protected]
Phone 1-849-861-0697

Previous in this document series can be found here:

ETHEREUM (ETH) Machine Driven IDENT™ Trade — 1st Crypto Live Deployment Results.

The IDENT™ software developed by our team over the last six years was originally designed for crude oil trade. Specifically IDENT is a component of the EPIC Oil Algorithm machine trading software. IDENT™ tracks larger machine trading “entities” in markets and follows the leader.

Monday was the first deployment of IDENT™ on our crypto alert platform, it performed well as expected.

To date, specifically the IDENT™ component of the software, has not lost a trade. We’re deploying the technology in all areas of our trading alerts (swing and day trades – stocks, commodities, crypto and currencies).

Below is an explanation from a recent EPIC software white paper:

“IDENT™ is data-driven order flow intelligence in real-time to achieve best outcomes.The software includes and executes to a proprietary order flow identification system that tracks behavior (specifically isolating other market machine liquidity) and weighs identified entities and historical trade patterns to its trade decisions (instructions). EPIC IDENT™ increases its intelligence as it gathers data intra-day specific to liquidity flow, historical patterns, time of day, volatility, various preferences, latency, rejects and more. The method is similar to back-testing charting, however, the process is real-time. In short the software is looking for “fingerprints” within market liquidity. We cannot back-test 60 months as with charting but back-testing from date of software inception is possible.”

You can find the complete White Paper here: White Paper Updated Dec 29, 2019: How EPIC v3 Crude Oil Machine Trading Outperforms Conventional Trading.

Below is the live (raw unedited) video from our trading room as the software was deployed and the screen shots of the alerts for the ETHEREUM (ETH) trade along with some commentary for clarity.

Frist the video:

IDENT Deployment $ETH ETHEREUM & other Trading Instruments (Crypto, Stocks, Currencies, Commodities)

A basic tutorial for our alert subscribers on how EPIC’s IDENT software tracks entities and trades. Much more will follow in terms of details.

And now a summary of the trades and the alert screen shots from the alert feed:

Trade was leveraged 5x. It was alerted as a pivot trade, short below 4055.13 and pivot long above 4055.13.

8:38 AM Alert: Short $ETH 4055.13

9:41 AM Alert: Cover 10% of the size 4001.90 $ETH with a reminder that the pivot is at 4055.13 (long there).

Pivot hits. Software flips long $ETH 4055.13 (has some high frequency chop at 2 intervals, but it’s a hard pivot so it simply flips long and short around the pivot)

11:01 AM Alert: Trim 10% $ETH profit from 4055.13 long at 4126.00.

12:15 PM Alert: Trim 10% $ETH profit from 4055.13 long at 4198.00.

5:27 PM Alert: Trim 10% $ETH profit from 4055.13 long at 4360.00.

Discord Room Alert Screen Shots:

“Curt Melonopoly — Yesterday at 8:38 AM
ETHEREUM – ETH, Jeremy has negative order flow this morning so he’s flipped us short small size, this will be a trade that we’ll play both sides if necessary because the timing isn’t good considering we’re coming out the other side of the time cycle, should be a long but IDENT has negative order flow. So we’re small short at 4055.13 and we’ll see how it goes. $ETHPERP.”

8:38 AM Alert: Short $ETH 4055.13

8:38 AM Alert: Short $ETH 4055.13

“Jeremy — Yesterday at 9:02 AM
Code is done for $ETH trade, software will flip long over 4055.13 and short below on a high frequency protocol 5% size starter and as order flow and price action progresses I will alert the trades. Trading 4036.00 $ETHUSD Coinbase – IDENT driven trade.”

Software will flip long over 4055.13 and short below on a high frequency protocol and as order flow and price action progresses I will alert the trades. Trading 4036.00 $ETHUSD

Software will flip long over 4055.13 and short below on a high frequency protocol and as order flow and price action progresses I will alert the trades. Trading 4036.00 $ETHUSD

.Jeremy — Yesterday at 9:41 AM
Cover 10% of short 4001.90 from 4055.13
4055.13 is the high frequency pivot, short / long

Jeremy — Yesterday at 11:01 AM
$ETH Trim 10% size on the long pivot 4055.13

ETHEREUM Machine Trade Alerts Continue

ETHEREUM Machine Trade Alerts Continue

“Curt Melonopoly — Yesterday at 12:15 PM
Trim 10% long 4198.00

ETHEREUM (ETH) Trimming profit from long side of the trade alert.

ETHEREUM (ETH) Trimming profit from long side of the trade alert.

Curt Melonopoly — Yesterday at 5:27 PM
Software trimmed 10 % 4360.00 on $ETH

Software trimmed 10 % 4360.00 on $ETH

Software trimmed 10 % 4360.00 on $ETH

The four legs of the ETHEREUM (ETH) trade are represented on this 1 minute chart (see arrows). $ETH #machinetrading

The four legs of the ETHEREUM (ETH) trade are represented on this 1 minute chart (see arrows). $ETH #machinetrading

The four legs of the ETHEREUM (ETH) trade are represented on this 1 minute chart (see arrows). $ETH #machinetrading

The crypto alert service is available in the shop on the website.

If you have any questions about this trade or the crypto alert service please email me at [email protected].




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Good evening,

RE: Markets, Round 3 Defi Project, Trade Set-Up Reporting, Webinars, Time Cycles 2022, EPIC Oil Machine Trading White Paper, The Financial Reset Plays and more.

Market View and Trade Positioning:

My market note from early Friday premarket I expected a near term bounce generally in the markets was possible as order flows were widely improving (with significant caution – being in the middle of the time cycle). 

Friday Premarket… “Looks like a bit of a relief bounce is in play broadly in the markets as expected from the recent lows alert for order flow improvement, HOWEVER, end of day / week today and Sunday night early Monday order flows will be key. So we’re still in there deep watching the order flows (with Jeremy and our IDENT software) and I will advise. I suspect the bulls will have some footing for now, although pensively so. Be ready for cracks.”

What happened? Decent order flow in premarket translated to decent price action until the regular cash session opened and the market sold to a double bottom in the 449.40s and bounced a bit to end the week 454s.

Friday Dec 3 2021 Premarket and Cash Session SP500 trade, bounce in premarket and sell to double bottom during main session $SPY

Friday Dec 3 2021 Premarket and Cash Session SP500 trade, bounce in premarket and sell to double bottom during main session $SPY

I’ve been trimming my profits in my short positions in $SPY $NASDAQ $USO $BTC etc and my long dollar has been shaping up well – we’ve definitely had a decent handle on this time cycle turn.

I NOW HAVE STOPS on my primary positions (per above) at the original entry (I’m out between 30-90% profit now).

Below is a public facing note on my Bitcoin short (example of profits being taken):

“Covered 90% of my $BTC short from 55800s in 44300s”

The reports later tonight will cover my trading plans for $SPY $GLD $SLV $BTC $NASDAQ $USO $NATGAS $VIX Treasuries US Dollar and various other cryptos and equities.

Some of the laggard swing trade positions from the last cycle I would like to either close as dead money or time for the bounce and out – more on this in reporting also.

The next 3 time cycles we have slotted for 2022 will be big, so preparation will be key.

100 X Options Challenge: 

Over the next days I’ll send out a note to everyone that has sent me a message, basically we’ll start with those trades early January and run regular podcasts on how we’re doing. I will also share my profit and loss statements so that traders can see how we’re doing.

Per last market note: The 100 x options challenge will be alerted as we go in 2022 to ALL ALERT feeds so there is nothing for you to do unless you wish to participate in communications specifically toward that and become a part of the challenge (we’ll likely interview each person on podcast etc thru the year). Send me a note if you’re going to be involved at that level.

“For first time (in 2022) I’m going to actively trade options. I’ll publish the trades to all our alert feeds as a bonus feature for our traders. My goal… 100 x over 3 time cycle events in 2022. For this challenge I will regularly publish the P&L updates here (verified).”

DeFi Project Round 3 Monday:

I have confirmation the Round 3 of the presale offering will re-start Monday morning at 7 cents. Round 1 sold at 3.5 and Round 2 at 4.5 cents. We hope to see an 11 cent open after Round 4 presale has concluded. If you take a stake in the project be sure to use the URL provided directly from my trading desk so that you are included in communications specifically for our trading team and also be sure to send me a note with your address used at time of purchase so that we can be sure the back end is correlated properly to our team.

Per last market note: “The Defi project status is Round 3 pending the completion of some high level meetings with possible institutional investors, we expect that to conclude soon. One of our key stakeholders left for Europe early week and we expect him back to the island soon and we’ll know much more at that juncture. Fantastic interest developed in the project and Rounds 1 and 2 were a blow out success, so naturally I’m excited for Round 3 and 4 to conclude. More on this soon. We also have other projects coming down the pipeline for 2022.”

Trade Scan $STUDY Webinars Restart Monday and Reporting Flows out Tonight:

Friday I did an end of week market scan (see your email for the video that was sent out) and tonight (Sunday) I intended to start the dive in deep of webinar study sessions (progressively as the week moves forward) for a really solid look at the markets for the time cycle inflection, HOWEVER, I WON’T RESTART WEBINARS UNTIL MONDAY as I’m deep in the reporting now. The reports will be flowing out starting with $SPY $VIX, $BTC, $GLD, $SLV, US DOLLAR, CRUDE OIL, Natural Gas, etc… then crypto and equities as the week moves along.

Market Time Cycles:

As I said in my last market note, we were spot on for this time cycle and the 3 time cycles in 2022 will be in focus because it is likely that by the time we hit the 3rd time cycle in 2022 that the markets will be near or well in the “reset” that “they” have been talking about so it is my intent to culminate my trades in grand style and be prepared for the “other side” of a possible reset. It may not occur, but I wouldn’t be surprised, so everything now is in preparation for that.

The time cycles have been impeccable and a serious help with our trade sizing, timing and planning. I shared some thoughts on Twitter, but I don’t expect many on the public side understand. If you’re interested in our time cycle work, send me a note and I’ll tell you how to get involved with our trading group.

If you’re in our trading group (or not), and you don’t fully understand time cycles and what I’m trying to explain below, simply sign on to 3 hours of trade coaching and I’ll teach you personally over a 3 hour period of time (2 or 3 sessions). After you sign up Jen will contact you and schedule you – it usually takes a month or so to get a time slot arranged. Or another way to learn cycles (in depth so that you can reproduce my work) is to register for the Trader’s Boot Camp Series (see below).

“concerning win rates – i have found symmetrical expressions of time within structured models of trade to be of significant assistance

although, i must say our concept of time isn’t correct, but that’s a different discussion

— all that was, is and will be has always been”

And, as promised for weeks, reporting will start to flow this weekend and through-out the week and the next cycle now. Anything you want me to look at closely send me the tickers. Many of you have sent requests so I am on those requests and comments.

EPIC Crude Oil Machine Trading:

As noted previously, “the white paper for EPIC crude oil machine trading software will be out soon, you will receive an invite to review when it is. Obviously the most recent version of the software did extremely well through Sequence 1 and we expect the next sequence to be considerably better and each to sequence 9 to improve even more. Big big news there, but we’ll wait for the white paper to discuss in detail with stake holders. If you have interest in viewing the private side White Paper (in depth analysis of EPIC’s performance) then simply request such when the paper becomes available.”

A thread for those interested in EPIC here;

Trading Boot Camp January 15, 16 2022.

Trader’s Boot Camp series webinars will re-start soon also in preparation for the next scheduled January 15, 16 2022. Trader’s Boot Camp Notice – Expansion and Scheduling Changes.



Morning Traders,

RE: Order Flow, Swing Trading Levels to Watch, P&L’s, $RCUS, $TSCO, Crude Oil, Machine Trading, Reporting and more.

After fighting through Sunday night Study download issues with Click Meeting server capacity and WordPress Black Listing me keeping me from updating it looks like we’re good to go to get Swing Set Ups and the new Oil Report out tonight. Wow, technology makes your life easier.

Yesterday seen negative order flow in crude oil and in equities later in the day, it sure looked like de risking, not so much large machine sweeper programs – YET.

As I thought from yesterday we did get the negative side yesterday, we’ll see if they can run up in to EOD Tuesday (API) and then we have EIA Wed 10:30.

Watch these two crude oil chart levels for directional trading in crude oil and as a signal for the broader market swings:

**** private member link sent to your email

**** private member link sent to your email

EPIC V3.1.1 continues to win, post Black Swan updates:



EPIC, oil, trade, alerts, returns

Black Swan Update, June 1-July 13 Profit & Loss YTD +$19,693 or $221,296 74% ROI Per Annum. EPIC V3.1.1 Oil Machine Trade #oiltradealerts #oiltradingroom

Simple Oil Swing Trading Signals – Part 2 and 3 Schedule for Release Tonight:

Keep It Simple (KISS) Crude Oil Swing Trading Part 1 – Using Moving Averages, Gap Fills, MACD for Directional Bias, Size and Position.


April Swing Trade Alert P&L is published. May & June to be published soon.

Swing Trade Profit Loss. Win 90%. ROI 131.26%. April 1-30, 2020. 200,000-462,520.00 $AAPL, $OSTK, $LUV, $BTC, $SPY, $TSLA, $BABA, $VIX, $IBB, $MA, $AXP, $LVS, $INO, $TLRY, $INTC … 

ROKU, my miss of the week, don’t miss these TL break out set-ups when they’re alerted, this is a prime set-up for your swing trading returns.

ROKU, the one I missed. Had it lined up, alerted, alarmed and missed it.

No excuse, nice gains on that beauty TL break set-up.

Congrats longs!

#swingtrading $ROKU #tradingsetups

For students of market instrument time cycles, this is a great starter $STUDY.


Here’s a rundown of your top economic news today https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-14/economic-lifeline-u-k-growth-struggle-china-nerves-eco-day

Articles this morning on our $RCUS and $TSCO swing trades:

More as the day unfolds and look to alert feeds for set-ups.

Have a great day!




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Algorithmic Trading Strategies for Crude Oil (CL) Day Trading, Trend and Swing Trading. Intra-Day, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Time-Frames.

This is a supplemental document for CL trade strategies for and as included in our algorithmic client oil reporting.

The various reporting included for our clients includes and is not limited to; live oil trade alerts (on Twitter, Discord, email and live in our Trading Room), conventional charting, algorithmic chart models, various trade signals, price targets, symmetry, time cycles and various other guidance.

We endeavor to assimilate the vast algorithmic data our computer scientists derive for our oil traders to action for a trader’s edge.

The algorithmic material is suitable for actionable mechanically executed trading and are also the models our coding team reference for our crude oil machine learning trade development.

You will find in the array of documentation and reporting we provide a well developed, time-tested proven rules based system for crude oil trading that is one of the best available.  Oil traders should use all the models together as a structured system of trade for it to work to your best advantage.

With each chart model (in various reporting) we may include “best-use” trade strategy notes and/or “rules-based trade indications” for your consideration. The oil trading room and study of the Discord oil chat room is your best resource for real-time learning.

For perspective, review historical reporting on our blog and the various videos we have published to the Compound Trading YouTube channel.

Much of the structured model discipline developed in our system is similar in concept as discussed in this video; Mathematician Who Cracked Wall Street.

Our “How to Trade Crude Oil” Recommendations.

Crude oil price moves within structured areas (ranges) of trade represented on charting on various time frames (different time cycles of trade) often in symmetrical price extensions or mirrored fractals, historical price support and resistance, channels and simple price ranges.

The structure oil price moves within (the range of price) can be one minute charting (and more recently some machine trade is as low as 15 second time-frame) timing through to monthly charting.

Time-frame set-ups / strategies included in reporting are charted as conventional chart set-ups and/ or algorithmic chart set-ups (structures).

Understanding and having each chart time-frame at your immediate access (both conventional and algorithmic) will increase the probability of profitable trading.

You will find in reviewing the raw recorded video feed or in attending the live oil trading room that in the morning a lead trader will often review on mic the various levels of support and resistance on various oil trade time-frames on the charting to establish the most probable areas of trade for the strategy of trade.

The lead trader will also check with all the chart time-frames prior to entering a day trade at various times through the day.

When multiple time-frames agree to support or resistance (especially symmetrical) areas on the charting (with trend) this becomes your highest probability area of trade execution, we have found this to be one of the best oil trading strategies.

Sizing trades appropriate to your trading account, probability of support or resistance (multiple oil chart time-frames in agreement) and time frame for each set-up is a positive strategy.

Using the correct chart time-frame specific to your trading strategy is critical. Generally, the lower (smaller) the time frame the less predictable the support and resistance areas (or structure) of the chart will be. However, the larger time-frames (monthly, weekly, daily) may also have significant “slippage” but the primary structure will often remain intact.

Generally, the idea is to enter your positions based on the structure for the specific time frame you are wanting to trade referencing the other time frame support and resistance or range within the trend. The basic method is to understand the range of trade and execute trade long bias when price is near support for the appropriate time frame / structure and the opposite is true for short trades.

Our staff use the thirty minute model structures (range within trends) most often for primary areas of support and resistance trading signals referencing all other time-frames in their trading strategy. More recently the 60 minute and 120 minute time-frames are being used by our staff as it provides a wider view of the current structure of oil trade (post COVID black swan machine code updates).

Trade positions should be significantly biased to the trending range of trade. 

Below are recent videos from webinars we recorded in our Oil Trading Room:

“How to Profit With EPIC v3 Crude Oil Machine Trades.”

“How to Use Our Oil Trading Services. Oil Trade Alerts, Oil Trading Room, Oil Reports, Trade Coaching”.

The recently released white paper(s) about EPIC v3 explains also its method of execution of trades and is a great supplemental piece of documentation for live human traders to reference for trading bias, see the report here;

EPIC V3.1.1 Crude Oil Machine Trade Software Update | June 4, 2020 White Paper #OOTT $CL_F $USO $USOIL

EPIC V3.1 Crude Oil Machine Trade Software Update Details | White Paper #OOTT $CL_F $USO $USOIL

White Paper: How EPIC v3 Crude Oil Machine Trading Outperforms Conventional Trading Methods

If you have questions about the models below please email us at [email protected] and if you are a client you can send your Whatsapp phone number to that email and connect direct to our lead trader for intra-day question(s).

Not all charts are updated every week and some concept or test charts are added or deleted on occasion.

Be sure to check the time-stamp of each chart in reporting as the preparation of charts and/or models can take days prior to publication and distribution of this report.

If you are a new client that would like to review historical reports that are still locked on the blog from public view please email the office with your request and we will send you recent report credentials for unlocking reports for review.

Please note, chart links that support the models and unlisted videos from live trade, for reporting set-ups and webinars are now distributed specific to each user or small group of users. If you are using more than one device to access these, to avoid disruption of service, please email us a simple / general description of those devices to assist in controlling dissemination.

EPIC Crude Oil Algorithm Model. 30 Minute Oil Chart Structure (see historical client reporting for the model).

The EPIC algorithm model chart is a proprietary structure that has been back tested sixty months on thirteen time-frames. The model represents the most probable areas of support and resistance in oil trade within this specific time-frame. During a black swan event adjust your trade bias to a larger 60 minute or 120 minute algorithmic model time-frame.

This (the EPIC 30 Minute Oil Algorithm Chart Model) is our most proven oil trading structure / strategy.

The levels noted on the EPIC model are to be used as important areas of consideration for support and resistance (trade signals) for your trading strategy when using conventional charting set-ups / structures and/or other algorithmic charting.

Resistance and support areas on the thirty minute oil trade structure chart are at each line on the algorithmic chart. The primary areas of support and resistance are;

  • Outer quadrant walls / also used as channel support and resistance (orange dotted diagonal lines), the half way point between each is often an executable buy or sell trigger in trade,
  • Mid channel line for uptrend and down trend (white dotted diagonal),
  • Mid quad horizontal (not marked but is at the mid point of the quad),
  • Fibonacci levels (various horizontal colored lines on model),
  • Historical areas of support and resistance (purple horizontal lines on model).
  • The intra-week swing trading range is from thick horizontal gray line to the next (commonly becomes a pivot area of trade). You will find on the larger time frame models of the one hour, two hour and four hour that these key horizontal swing range support and resistance levels are marked as green and gray alternating.
  • The important historical diagonal trend-lines (conventional trend lines) are represented on the chart as thick white lines.
  • Also of note are the price targets for Tuesday 4:30 PM (API), Wednesday 10:30 AM (EIA) and Friday 1:00 PM (Rig Count). The Tuesday and Wednesday targets hit significantly more often than the Friday target (red circles with red or green vertical dotted lines intersecting).
  • At times other indicators are added to the chart such as important trend lines “in play”, moving averages and more.

The video at this link explains How to Use EPIC Oil Algorithm: $USOIL, $WTI, $CL_F, $USO, #OIL, #Trading, #Algorithm, #OOTT as does this video Oil Trading Room – How to Use EPIC the Oil Algorithm Model Chart June 21 #OIL #OOTT and this Webinar 1: EPIC the Oil Algorithm.

When conventional crude oil charting coincides (or agrees) with the EPIC algorithmic model support and resistance this is then considered a significant buy or sell trigger (signal) for crude oil trade.

Be aware (at minimum) of the primary support and resistance areas on the larger time-frames (lower time frames are not as critical) – in this instance (when trading the 30 min time frame) the 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour, daily, weekly and monthly charting should be considered when sizing your trades.

Also, more recently we have been adding models for the one hour and two hour time-frames (post COVID black swan event), please be sure to review these models as they are sent out.

This document is sent out to clients for the purpose of “supplemental” to the regular reporting to keep the regular reporting as short as possible. Also, ultimately it is the intra-day or intra-week information provided to our clients that also becomes key for trade bias.

I will also update this document extensively in the near future with a number of live trade video clips to show examples of intra-day trade, swing trade and position trading strategies we are using (for study guide purposes).

Thank you.


Further Learning:

If you would like to learn more, click here and visit our Crude Oil Trading Academy page for complimentary oil trading knowledge – posts from our top crude oil traders that includes learning systems, blog posts and videos.

Welcome to NYMEX WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures.

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Good morning Traders!

Crude oil topped out yesterday in its run up from lows April 28 – now (at time of writing I see price is spiking in premarket and bulls may take another run at highs). The OPEC pump is on.

We wrote a two part article on the time cycle work we are doing in crude oil trade specifically to the one hour time frame, we called the intra-week top tick almost to the penny and time, days in advance. You can read the article that includes the oil trading room minute by minute with trade alerts here.

It is important for all instruments of trade if you’re going to trade the future markets to understand what the machines are doing, they do drive price along with other reasons of course.

Our machine coding to equities, commodities, currencies and crypto are all rooted in the discipline of the analysis you will find in that article I reference (it is a two part article that is thick and difficult to read but if you put aside an hour you will understand the concept and it will help you in any trading of any instrument for daytrading and swingtrading).

Our timing with the recent profit trims in Gold $GC_F $GLD $XAUUSD was excellent in the 1720s. Gold is now trading 1678.00 in premarket and we are looking at adds long at bottom of chart structure in your reports.

Natural Gas is up nicely this morning, we’re looking for adds to the long starter we have, however, I’m not sure where we are going to add, watch the alert feed.

Our profit trims in SP500 $SPY long positioning was executed quite well, we knew there was a high probability of time cycle inflections in to end of week (considering the Thursday afternoon oil time cycle peak) as alerted, so this worked out really well. Here also we’re looking for adds to the positioning, watch the alerts.

The Volatility long trade in to peak last cycle was near perfect with $VIX and $OVX (20s to 330s) and the alert last few days surrounding supports near was also spot on, we haven’t added to our long positioning yet, but it shouldn’t be far out.

The Bitcoin $BTC long positioning and recent trims on resistance are good but it’s still in bull mode this morning at time of writing 8938.00, so it’s an excellent swing trade no doubt, we’re watching for top of structure on model charting you have to see more profit trims.

Silver $SLV as expected is still under pressure and we’re just looking for adds to long positioning at chart model supports (see your reports).

Equities this recent cycle, timing was almost perfect, it was a great start to the cycle. I had called the cycle to start April 10, 2020 and the our models had it about 10 days prior (the models were closer than my call) but it couldn’t have been better. Timing cycles have been fantastic. Market highs we got, the down turn we nailed really hard and now this recent run up has been a good start. And even this week calling an interim rest in the cycle was spot on. Now we’re in $STUDY mode as we took our profits in to last few days.

I’ve received a number of personal notes from our Swing Trading Alerts platform users recently (on email mostly) and I think I’ll be asking you folks if I can post them anonymously to our website as swing trade reviews for other traders looking in to swing trading services. I appreciate hearing from you, it does make the work we do worthwhile when you hear about traders becoming disciplined consistently profitable traders. It will be good to meet as many of our new trading members as can make it out in the near future. Eventually most end up visiting the island.

Don’t miss the Sunday Swing Trade $STUDY Webinar series restarting this Sunday at 7 pm. If you’re not a registrant there are still 4 spots for this Sunday. If you can’t attend live the videos are sent out thereafter. 

I will be in a location this weekend again where high speed stable internet is 100% as we know the area well.

Next week will be very active in the live trading room and we start daytrading the swing trade set-ups on lower time frames also soon (this requires us updating the swing trade charting to lower time-frames for daytrading, coming soon).

EPIC V3.1.1 crude oil trading alerts have been firing very well post Black Swan code updates. Last night taking a short side trade that was almost to the minute perfect. Huge range in that short so it worked out well for our oil traders.


Beauty of a short sequence EPIC V3.1.1 started at 100 AM, chart, alert and article that explains why and how we knew the top price and time explained on this thread $USO $CL_F $UCO $SCO $GUSH $XLE

Beauty of a short sequence EPIC V3.1.1 started at 100 AM, chart, alert and article that explains why and how we knew the top price and time explained on this thread $USO $CL_F $UCO $SCO $GUSH $XLE

Themes will be the power of returns in the next time cycles in to the election and beyond, we’re working at these every day and you can expect a lot more swing trade set-ups over the weekend and in to next week.

Today my advice is to go very easy, put your time in to $STUDY, every hour invested in preparation for markets pays massive dividends.

I wouldn’t expect super active trade in the live room today, but you never know. I would however expect such next week to be extremely active as I’ll have my high speed line to work with and there are a number of videos I need to do, like a $STUDY on how to scan for swing trade set-ups, how to trade the one hour crude oil model we’ve recently locked in for our oil traders and various others.

Oh, and I have the most recent time cycle swing trade profit and loss in my hands, I’ll review and add study notes and send out this weekend. This will also help those looking for a current trade position listing. Blow out performance, it’s getting better as we go, which is good of course!

If you want direct access to me on Whatsapp send your request on email and I’ll connect on there with you. It works well as sometimes I am away from my trading desk and if you need a hand with a trade I’m right there right now.

As always if you need anything be sure to email [email protected] and have a great weekend!




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Premarket Morning Note

Good morning traders

Bear with us with reporting, there’s a lot of moving parts and we’re exhausted to be honest, it will be nice to get a break for a near day from Friday close to Saturday afternoon haha.

We’re still working with new internet line but have solutions so we’re close, unfortunately only way we can do our development in our work is to be in places where infrastructure requires us to be involved, so it is so.

And the server capacity at Click Meeting and with internet wide is still challenged but areas of the world are opening so this will improve.

COVID has tasked our body limits to say the least, work load is heavy.

Nevertheless, we’re getting there one step at a time.

Now, today is Friday, go easy, we see this inflection and bull most likely running next week, but you have to be in the right themes. I promise you we will have continued reporting out this weekend and it will be substantial (after some rest). We’re going to clean up reporting all current positions and profit loss status and be ready for the new.

Thanks very much again for your support and stay safe out there today.


Oil Trade Alerts

This time cycle was spot on, too bad I miss executed my swing trade trying to chip in to the turn on the intra-week trade I chickened out, that was an error. However, the EPIC V3.1.1 upgrade is firing with precision in the oil trading room and alerts so this is very encouraging, the code updates we a challenge in this Black Swan event to say the least.

This time cycle alerted in crude oil in this article was in fact the low for the week. Understanding time cycles can help traders position bias on various time-frames #OOTT $CL_F $USO $USOIL #premarket #oiltrading #timecycles

A Real-Time Example of How Time-Cycles Work in Crude Oil Trade 🎯🔥🏹 #OOTT $CL_F $USO $USOIL $UCO $SCO #oiltrading #tradealerts 👇

This is what it looks like when the machines abuse humans. Nice upgrades EPIC V3.1.1 Machine SoftwareDirect hitFireBow and arrowDown pointing backhand index

Swing Trade Alerts

And on the swing trading alerts side of the biz things are going well, it’s just a matter of working through positioning (dot plotting) your trade thesis within themes, this takes a lot of work.

The last two cycles were super strong and we expect the new to be also, it does take some time however in the inflection (or the turn of the cycle). This weekend we’ll have a lot more of the set-ups out to our swing trading members and the inflection should start to take hold and clarity in to end of August 2020 time cycle should be in full play (themes of trades).

The alerts this morning to the swing trading alert feed are examples of themes that should be strong.

The ZOOM swing trade alert was a double, that is a great example of a theme type play.

There are others developing now for this time cycle, so we expect each time cycle to be bigger as we go.

swing trade alerts, ZOOM, trade

ZOOM (ZM) trading 175s premarket with outside price target 211s use caution and take profits on the way y’all #swingtrading $ZM


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Premarket Commentary: It’s Going to be a Busy Day in the Markets.

Iran, Trump, Oil, #OOTT, $CLF, Swing Trade Positions, Machine Trade Update, EIA


Morning traders!

As noted a number of times, we expect an intra-week time cycle inflection here (between last evening and end of Thursday). It seems the bulls in various markets agree in premarket.

Reporting tonight will be focused on swing trades in play and alerts reviews, how to structure the trades going forward and Profit and Loss Statement Reviews for Swing Trading Service.


Saber rattling with Iran has begun, oil is on high watch here, also EIA at 10:30 AM today.

Donald J. Trump
I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.
8:08 AM · Apr 22, 2020


EPIC V3.1.1 crude oil machine trade software was launched last night, it was an upgrade to execute short term swing trades short in crash scenarios (basically piling on during a crash).

Notes below from the oil trading room:

Curt MelonopolyYesterday at 2:15 PM
@Jeremy i guess we should consider a blow-up protocol update sooner than later take advantage of the party
JeremyYesterday at 2:15 PM
Curt MelonopolyYesterday at 2:17 PM
if they hold this it may not blow up considering possible time cycle intra-week
JeremyYesterday at 2:19 PM
i will retrieve exchane data set on negative price protocols
Curt MelonopolyYesterday at 2:19 PM
mind trip the possibilities in negative
JeremyYesterday at 2:20 PM
pending protocols


EPIC V3.1.1 oil machine trading software started firing trades this morning alerting them to the oil trading room, which means order flow is turning positive for bulls fyi


Google is updating to first page on search results the EPIC Oil Algorithm Twitter feed, this is big news and more on this in a separate article.


Article I wrote last night on US Dollar strength, very important for swing trading and investing bias, more on this in swing trading articles around theme plays in this time cycle.

How to Swing Trade Time-Cycles (Unlocked PT #3): Theme Trading Strategies – How the US Dollar Should Bias Trade Positioning. $USD/CAD $DXY #swingtrading #FX

How to Swing Trade Time-Cycles (Unlocked PT #3): Theme Trading Strategies – How the US Dollar Should Bias Trade Positioning. $USDCAD $DXY #FX


This Thread Shows the Important of Time Cycles in Trading, A Real Time Example of Oil Trade, also article expands on it a bit.

A Real-Time Example of How Time-Cycles Work in Crude Oil Trade 🎯🔥🏹 #OOTT $CL_F $USO $USOIL $UCO $SCO #oiltrading #tradealerts 👇

This thread shows live oil trade alerts from the oil trading room this morning (Discord) and how the algorithmic charting and time cycles provide an edge for oil traders.

A real-time example of how time-cycles work in crude oil trade 

#OOTT $CL_F $USO $USOIL #timecycles Down pointing backhand index

I will be on mic in trading room for any trading today in live trading room and EIA.

Good luck out there!



Other social posts and news articles of interest:




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