Swing Trade Reporting Platform Upgrades, What’s Next.

Good day traders,

Our swing trading alert, reporting and webinar platform has done very well. It’s been just shy of five years and our performance year over year continues to go up.

We’re not stopping there.

Next we will be taking what we’ve learned in our machine trading area of crude oil and implementing the strategies to our swing reporting and alerts.

You may or may not know that our most recent version of the EPIC V3.1.1 oil trading algorithm has won 100% of its trades since launch of June 2020. Needless to say, we have developed a structured trading system that comes with considerable success, so we’re excited about bringing this to our swing traders.

Starting in October reporting will include regular reports specific to one stock or commodity at a time that will explain exactly how to trade the instrument on various time frames using both conventional technical analysis and algorithm chart models. As we distribute the specific trading plans we will also start the process of coding them for trade and alert the trades to the private member feed.

Essentially each report will provide a detailed trading plan with charting and will accompany regular trade alerts for that instrument of trade whether it be a stock, commodity, currency, volatility etc.

It is our goal to complete approximately 150 structured reports, alert the trades and start the coding for them all before January 2021.

Our swing trading platform will also still include various other stock alerts, webinars and reporting as our clients have come accustomed to.

New pricing will be posted to the website this weekend that will reflect the expansion of our platform. Current customers (as long as they renew prior to subscription expiry) will always keep their entry price and will not experience price increases. The price increases are for new clients only.

Any questions send me a note anytime to [email protected].

You can expect the new reporting to start rolling out within a week at most.





Morning Traders,

RE: Order Flow, Swing Trading Levels to Watch, P&L’s, $RCUS, $TSCO, Crude Oil, Machine Trading, Reporting and more.

After fighting through Sunday night Study download issues with Click Meeting server capacity and WordPress Black Listing me keeping me from updating it looks like we’re good to go to get Swing Set Ups and the new Oil Report out tonight. Wow, technology makes your life easier.

Yesterday seen negative order flow in crude oil and in equities later in the day, it sure looked like de risking, not so much large machine sweeper programs – YET.

As I thought from yesterday we did get the negative side yesterday, we’ll see if they can run up in to EOD Tuesday (API) and then we have EIA Wed 10:30.

Watch these two crude oil chart levels for directional trading in crude oil and as a signal for the broader market swings:

**** private member link sent to your email

**** private member link sent to your email

EPIC V3.1.1 continues to win, post Black Swan updates:



EPIC, oil, trade, alerts, returns

Black Swan Update, June 1-July 13 Profit & Loss YTD +$19,693 or $221,296 74% ROI Per Annum. EPIC V3.1.1 Oil Machine Trade #oiltradealerts #oiltradingroom

Simple Oil Swing Trading Signals – Part 2 and 3 Schedule for Release Tonight:

Keep It Simple (KISS) Crude Oil Swing Trading Part 1 – Using Moving Averages, Gap Fills, MACD for Directional Bias, Size and Position.


April Swing Trade Alert P&L is published. May & June to be published soon.

Swing Trade Profit Loss. Win 90%. ROI 131.26%. April 1-30, 2020. 200,000-462,520.00 $AAPL, $OSTK, $LUV, $BTC, $SPY, $TSLA, $BABA, $VIX, $IBB, $MA, $AXP, $LVS, $INO, $TLRY, $INTC … 

ROKU, my miss of the week, don’t miss these TL break out set-ups when they’re alerted, this is a prime set-up for your swing trading returns.

ROKU, the one I missed. Had it lined up, alerted, alarmed and missed it.

No excuse, nice gains on that beauty TL break set-up.

Congrats longs!

#swingtrading $ROKU #tradingsetups

For students of market instrument time cycles, this is a great starter $STUDY.


Here’s a rundown of your top economic news today https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-14/economic-lifeline-u-k-growth-struggle-china-nerves-eco-day

Articles this morning on our $RCUS and $TSCO swing trades:

More as the day unfolds and look to alert feeds for set-ups.

Have a great day!




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Re: Location Move Notice.

Good afternoon traders,

Last week I had mentioned we had news coming.

I’m in a new location – the location was a last minute deal I had to take, if I didn’t take it I would have missed it and we needed a new location within a month anyway.

The location is ideal for the next time cycle in our business development (team orientated space), the upcoming trader’s conference and the coding team work to be done in 2020.

At issue however is that the high speed internet line WILL NOT be installed until sometime Monday, until then we will only be operating on back up cellular internet. Some services will be delayed, have intermittent delays etc.

See memo below for detail and/or video in tweet below.

Sunday Swing Trade $STUDY Session.

This Sunday’s session will be put off until next Sunday for our Swing Trading 4 hour $STUDY. I will however be publishing a swing trade report that will be out over next 24 hours to members of the swing trading platform. If you’re interested in attending our 4 hour Sunday Swing $STUDY sessions we do 10 x 4 hour blocks at 100.00 fee. Email Jen [email protected]. You can attend live or review videos after each.

Trading Alerts.

The trading alert feeds will run as normal but there may be delays on the Twitter alert feed(s) and/or Discord private member servers depending on cellular service (if it fades or not).

Trading Room.

It is unlikely the trading room will function until the fiber line is installed on Monday, I will however attempt to load it on the cellular back up I have and we will see. As soon as the internet line is installed I will alert everyone and we’ll boot up the trading room.


All the primary reporting will be out today and in to tomorrow out at latest Tuesday premarket. Oil trading, swing trading etc. It is a bit slow because I have to review all reporting and of course internet is throttled until Monday.

Swing Trade P&L’s Updates.

Jen completed the profit and loss statements from the last time cycle (other P&L’s can be found on cover page of website). I will update her work with $STUDY guide comments and send out to everyone this week. It was the best cycle of my 32 year trading career and each seems to be so as we near the end of the broader time cycles in the public markets (in to 2025 ish).

EPIC v3 Crude Oil Machine Trading White Paper Update.

As mentioned on the quick video today there is an updated white paper in the works that reflects our black swan coding and the subsequent success therein. Thankfully EPIC v3 survived the black swan event and we able to update the code for related events. Couldn’t be more pleased about where we’re at.

Click here for previous EPIC v3 Crude Oil Machine Trading White Paper.

Trader’s Conference.

As soon as the COVID travel bans are done we will be announcing our next trader’s conference. It will be 10 persons in person max and 20 max online (to allow time for questions etc). It will be a 3 day event covering our primary models of trade $SPY, OIL, GOLD, SILVER, VIX, BITCOIN (soon others), US DOLLAR and the 200 Equities that we have modeled that our software team is coding to machine trade to get to our trader’s digital dashboard. The conference will also deal with Master Class technical charting and algorithmic models. It will be 2000.00 for non members and 1000.00 for clients (seat preference given to current clients, remaining available will be released to public if any left). You can attend online or in person in the Dominican Republic North Shore Cabarete.

Trading Positions and Market Outlook.

I’m bullish coming out of this time cycle for equities, that is my bias but I will be looking for a trajectory of trade in to next time cycle end of Aug 2020. The ebb and flow of the chart models has been spot on for equities and the regular models we use for SPY, VIX, DXY, OIL, GOLD, SILVER and Bitcoin. Recent $STUDY videos have explained how I will trade the support test bounce and retrace. I will do my best to detail alerts for trades and put out study guides on as many as possible.

In equities it will be all about seizing theme opportunities and trading the technical structured set-ups therein. We’ve done great in this last two cycles and the next I expect will be no different.

Most recent trading day ramblings on Twitter (see thread)


GOLD, SILVER, BITCOIN I am unclear, I am moderately bullish with a close eye to support area adds if they come under pressure.

The US Dollar for now is king and I have reviewed on recent videos also how I will be trading it.

Volatility time cycles have been spot on, a great example of outstanding returns for our group was the oil volatility trade (OVX) from 20s to 340s WOW! Blows away the VIX ROI which was great too but nothing like OVX.

Crude oil we nailed in many ways the last time cycle, we ran swing trading positioning at the bottoms and released profits as we neared 27 – 30s which was my call and even worked some ebb and flow. Even EPIC v3 oil machine trading started to get in on the action after the black swan coding updates were in place. Outstanding and couldn’t be happier.

Any assistance you need email me anytime [email protected]

Best and peace,


Reminder to existing clients! If you are on Whatsapp and want to have the fastest direct access to my trading desk send your whatsapp number to [email protected] and I’ll connect to you there also.

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Good afternoon Traders,

As we gear up for another trading week in advance of our larger prep for the fall season I thought it best to provide you a quick update on our plans, scheduling etc. 

We see a significant opportunity (time cycles) from now and in to the late fall 2019 season in Equities, Commodities, Bitcoin etc. The reporting schedule and webinars we are hosting should do well to prepare our members to take full advantage of it.

Reporting Schedule This Week (estimated release dates for premium member reporting, dates are evening of in to next morning).

Aug 18 – VIX (including time cycles)

Aug 18 – SPY (including time cycles)

Aug 18 – Swing Trading (swing trade members will also receive various other time cycle reporting as it comes available).

Aug 18 – Feature Oil Trading Strategy Article

Aug 19 – Crude Oil (EPIC Algorithm regular report)

Aug 19 – Feature Oil Trading Strategy Article

Aug 20 – Bitcoin (including time cycles)

Aug 20 – Feature Oil Trading Strategy Article

Aug 21 – Gold (including time cycles)

Aug 21 – Silver (including time cycles)

Aug 21 – Feature Oil Trading Strategy Article

Aug 22 – DXY US Dollar (including time cycles)

Aug 22 – Feature Oil Trading Strategy Article

The week of Aug 18 and in to fall will also bring various other various swing trade and time cycle reporting to the various services.

Upcoming General Public Free Webinars.

Crude Oil Webinar – Machine Trade Informational. Topics Include; YTD Machine Trade Profit and Loss Performance, Development Process and What Is Planned Going Forward. 7:00 – 7:45 PM EST Sunday August 25. Register by emailing [email protected].

Crude Oil Webinar – How to Use Our Platform. Oil Trade Alerts, Live Trading Room, Private Discord Server Oil Trade Set Up Guidance, Algorithm Models & Conventional Charting. 8:00 – 8:45 PM EST Sunday August 25. Register by emailing [email protected].

Upcoming Premium Member Only Webinars.

Crude Oil Trade Strategy Webinar – A Review of Oil Trade Set Ups for The Week. 9:00 – 9:45 PM EST Sunday August 25. Register by emailing [email protected]. No cost to and access only to premium Crude Oil service members.

Swing Trading Set-Ups Webinar – A Review of Swing Trading Setups for The Upcoming Week (including time cycles). 10:00 – 10:45 PM EST Sunday August 25. Register by emailing [email protected]. No cost to and access only to premium Swing Trading service members.

Members that cannot attend live will receive a video copy and featured report of the webinar.

Trading Profit and Loss Updates.

2019 Swing Trading Status: Our swing trading platform has had an exceptional year, we’re running our regular 100%+ annual returns (over last 3 years) varied depending on the type/ category of swing trade, Jen has a full report in the works for members to review. As mentioned above, with the large time cycle peaks coming in to the fall we expect a bang up fall swing trade season.

V3 EPIC Oil Algorithm Machine Trade P&L Status: We couldn’t be more pleased with the v3 oil machine trade software. It has been running for about 5 weeks and it is exceeding our expectations. The most encouraging part is that its code is still in its early stages of real-world testing – the projected ROI trajectory is expected to continue to turn-up with no additional downside risk – v3 is an extremely stable machine trading architecture. As we near the 8 week real-world running time-line the mathematical probability of it having any notable issues are near zero (at 5 weeks we’re near there now). It took some time, grit and investment, but we’re there now.

“For Aug 15, 2019 Profit & Loss: Daily +$355 YTD+$9,185 Projected $85,958 or 86% Per Annum. v3 Oil Machine Trade 100k Test Account (v4 period excluded) #OOTT $CL_F $WTI $USO #machinetrading #oiltradealerts”

Password Access to Trading Rooms, Private Alerts, Discord Servers.

We have been slowly changing / updating passwords and access to various services. If you are a premium member and you are locked out of any service you are subscribed to (trading room, alert feed, private server, etc) or do not receive a report that you see posted to main Compound Trading Twitter feed (that you should be receiving), please let us know so we can rectify.


There is a current promotion running for new member trials, receive 50% off first month of any service list price. Use promo code “TRIAL50” when checking out (if you have issue with the promo code email us and we’ll send you another by email). If you have registered recently at full price and did not take advantage of this email Jen [email protected] and she will invoice your next month renewal at 50% off. This is only available to first time subscribers and cannot be used with other discounts. 

If you need some trade coaching go to our website and register for a minimum 3 hours – it usually books out for the fall so register soon if you’ve been throwing the idea around.

Email me as needed [email protected] and remember, the webinars listed above require you to register in advance by sending us an email of your interest in attending.




Click Here for Subscription Service Price Tables.

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Learning to Trade Crude Oil Futures Contracts is Like No Other Trading – Having a Rules Based Process Will Help You.

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Company News:

Oil Machine Trade Software Development Update – v4 vs v3.

SOVORON™ Selects Compound Trading Group Machine Learning Data | Media Release

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Good morning all,

We have been in a hole over the last 5 days onboarding our Gen 1 machine trading models to our trading platforms and over that period there have been a number of questions emailed / messaged to me, I’ve consolidated the questions and answer to them is below.

Detail for those booked to our next bootcamp;

The next trade coaching bootcamp is in Cabarete Dominican Republic Sept 14, 15, 16.

Link https://compoundtrading.com/product/trade-coaching-bootcamp-sept-14-15-16/

Starting today, as reports are released weekly, registrants to the boot camp will receive the following reporting free in advance of and for the purpose of study / preparation for the training (with a retail value therein obviously greater than the cost of the bootcamp training itself – this is a bonus value add that most registrants do not know about);








Swing Trading

Premarket report

Various other member reporting and video as it is released weekly.

The only regular report released so far this week is oil per below (the others are in process for the week and will be rolling out later today);

Link: https://compoundtrading.com/oil-algorithm-trading-report-epic-mon-july-23-fx-usoil-wti-cl_f-uso-oil-trading-algorithm/

Password: OILTRADE

The swing trading platform reports will be considerable over the next 10 days as all equities we follow are being reviewed at mid day and a video and report sent to members and trade coaching registrants daily (a special reporting event with earnings season here) – these will be very important to review for preparation in advance of the boot camp and will obviously assist your personal trading greatly. The first in this series of video reports for swing trading members and booked attendees to the trading bootcamp will be sent out later today.

The next generation algorithm models (Gen 1 machine models) will be released / rolled out to members and trade coaching boot camp registrants between the end of July and Aug 14, 2018 (we are testing them in house starting today for a week or so prior to roll-out).

Bootcamp attendees can follow these Twitter handles for live trading alerts (return an email to me with your Twitter handle if you have not already done so, we will open the feed to you within 48 hours of receipt);


Note: The alerts have been slower the last few weeks with the roll over of models and automated trading platform integration but will be considerably more active commencing within 48 hours now that this has been accomplished internally.

Prior to the training you will receive instructions detailing the specific itinerary for training, log in credentials and any other study material the lead trader deems important for your review prior to training.

In person attendees that require travel planning assistance, I will be reaching out this weekend to assist as you need (email me if you need any help arranging travel or lodging).

For members in general, if you are wondering about reporting and alerts, regular reporting will recommence this evening and be complete within 48 hours. Trade alerts will recommence now as our new automated trading platform has been integrated to the new models for our team. And for those asking about invoicing, they will be out to members over the next few days now that our schedules are less constrictive. Onboarding the gen 1 machine trading models took us a few more days than expected (software dev can often be boggy at best) – but it is complete as of 5 AM EST today.

In summary, we’ve completed the next gen model integration and all reporting and alerting recommences today.

Any other questions please let me know. [email protected]

Warm regards,


Important Member / Stake-Holder Update with Reference to 2018 Plans and Current Status.

Feb 11, 2018

  • Web Site / Offering Changes, Clarifications and Communication of changes / tweaks;
    • Between now and March 1, 2018 there will be a number of “tweaks” and “clarifications” to existing offerings to be sure members understand most clearly what we can or cannot provide in our market data driven offerings and to be sure our regulatory compliance is in order in a clear and compliant manner.
    • We have had some recent inquiry toward these point(s) and as such we will make every effort to ensure compliance and that all communication is very clear to stakeholders / members / readers at every level of association to our enterprise.
    • The many changes / tweaks to our offerings will be notified direct to stakeholders / members and changes posted to web site.
  •  Coaching;
    • There are a few private coaching spots open coming in March. We do this via Skype. There is also the opportunity for in person group settings in various locations in 2018. For info email us.
  • Private Capital Fund;
    • We have had a number of inquiries lately specific to our planned private equity fund. Some points of clarification;
      • We are data providers, and as such our focus specific to the fund will be data – this is a decentralized data driven fund structure. To be more clear – we, as an entity will not be recruiting funds to our own account(s) for trade. We will however be specifically producing data that fund manager / institutional fund partners will use toward their various trading mandate(s).
      • When we reference “regulatory approvals” we are awaiting – this is specific to key partner(s) in a decentralized private capital / equity fund environment.
      • More detail to follow soon as this is launched.
  • Current Reporting;
    • Reporting this week will start late afternoon Sunday and will conclude Monday evening (estimate). The swing trading platform / charting will be extensive over the next while (considering the market swings).

Reiteration / clarification of previous points:

  • Coding – 2018 we are starting the process of coding algorithm charting models;
    • Initial phase is the #IA Intelligent Assisted Digital Trading Platform
    • Long term goal is a machine trading environment where applicable
  • Content – Deep content development for our membership is now being rolled out;
    • Educational content publishing / video and various other value add content related services for members specific to and related to our swing trading equity coverage, algorithm models and training / coaching.
  • Coaching – Further development of coaching programs is now being rolled out;
    • Coaching online real-time (webinars, Skype one on one, online published material / video, in person classes and regular conference events)
    • Opening of our first physical educational / coaching / retreat (location has been secured and is currently under construction – opening expected on / or about Apr 1, 2018)
  • Private Capital Fund – Official launch of our decentralized capital fund (upon regulatory conclusion via key partners) and Institutional Data Services Platform.
  • Hiring of Staff and Interns.

Updates to my task(s) from previous notes that may or may not apply to your trading with us:

Completion of algorithm charting models

  • Gold and Oil are ready for coding
  • US Dollar and SPY generation one have been published and both are functioning very well.
  • Bitcoin BTC newest charting model is complete (generation one) and tighter time frames are now being developed for release.
    • ETH, LTC, XRP generation one chart models have been released and as above tighter time frames are on – deck.
  • VIX newest chart model is complete and released with other gens on deck soon.
  • Silver newest model is complete and released with other gens on deck soon.
  • Completion of newest swing trade newsletter charting coverage
    • The next generation of buy / sell signals / charting for the equities we cover are being implemented to the newsletters as released and we’re on target to have them all complete.

Updates (re: previous – final miscellaneous thoughts):

  • Oil Trading Room
    • Many have asked that I alert when the oil trading room is rebooted and opened at the intervals (it has to be re-opened every 10 hours as it times out) – considering the requests I will start doing that again as time allow.
  • Recommencement of Post Market Reports to re-start again very soon.

Thanks folks. Any questions send us an email [email protected].


PS – I am on annual holiday Feb 13 – 23. Reports, charting etc will be processed as usual during that time and my attendance in live trading room(s) will be intermittent. I am not traveling so I will be available as you need. Any questions send me an email [email protected]