Good day traders,

RE: Scheduling for Trading Boot Camp Series, Webinars, Trading Alerts, Videos and Reporting

Thanks to all that attended the weekend training online and in person!

Sept 2021 Trader’s Boot Camp Attendees should now have the videos per list below and as we continue in this series the rest of the dates listed will be sent out as the videos are available. The complete Trader’s Boot Camp series will contain near 100 hours of video training.

On the weekend we had 24 traders in attendance (3 traders in person, 2 others that were on the island but couldn’t attend and 21 online attendees), so we had a decent turn out. Many of our traders are having considerable challenges with international travel, so I understand.

When this current series is complete (likely early October) then Jen will reconcile an official course curriculum and we will then host the Formal Trader’s Boot Camp Event November 27, 28 2021 in Cabarete Dominican Republic (many of our trading family will be living locally by that time and in person attendance should be much easier). We now have 44 traders that have expressed considerable interest in re-locating to the DR with a few committed to date, so I would expect 10 or more actually make the leap between now and the end of November. Traders can attend that event online also and/or access the video series after the event completion.

September 2021 Trading Boot Camp Series Schedule (all times EST):

12:30 Tuesday Aug 31, 2021 – Pre Live Session Study Webinar
12:30 Wednesday Sept 1, 2021 – Pre Live Session Study Webinar
12:30 Thursday Sept 2, 2021 – Pre Live Session Study Webinar

Saturday Sept 4, 2021 – Live Session Boot Camp
Sunday Sept 5, 2021 – Live Session Boot Camp

12:30 Tuesday Sept 7, 2021 – Post Live Session Study Webinar
12:30 Wednesday Sept 8, 2021 – Post Live Session Study Webinar
12:30 Thursday Sept 9, 2021 – Post Live Session Study Webinar

— Continuing Post Live Session Study Webinars every Tues, Wed, Thurs 12:30 (as lead trader is available) until course material is completely covered —

Estimated Date (Saturday October 2, 2021) For Live Interactive Online Webinar / Meeting to Allow for Question and Answer Session to Conclude the Sept 2021 Trading Boot Camp Series .

Trading Boot Camp registrants should also already have a previously recorded Master Class Series of videos.

If you do not have videos and chart links (as dates complete) for the above noted please let us know.

Regular Mid Day Video Study Webinars will continue this week daily as time allows at 11:00 with videos sent out after each session.

Trading Alerts are likely to be very active near term considering the time cycle inflection (half time) and time cycle peak around the corner. Also, considering the in depth study occurring for the Trading Boot Camp Series many of the trade set-ups found during these sessions will spill over to the alerts and reporting for Swing Trading, Day Trading, Crypto Trading and Options Trade Alerts and reporting. I know on the weekend we had some golden trade set-ups that will immediately spill over in to our regular subscription services.

If you did not attend the current Trading Boot Camp and would like to Order the Video Series they are now available on the Compound Trading Group website here: Trading Boot Camp Video Series.

And lastly, the newest version of EPIC Oil Algorithm Machine Trading Software was launched last week for crude oil micros and is going very well. I would expect the frequency of trade to considerably be more active this week and also expect it to be very stable considering the number of trade executions it can make in each sequence (the more the better and micro contracts allow for this to occur). See the EPIC Crude Oil Machine Trading white paper here. For access to EPIC Oil Machine Trading software visit

Any questions please let Jen or I know anytime,



Good morning Traders!

RE: Boot Camp Dates, Market Guidance, New Location Set-Up & Reporting Schedule

Thank you for your patience with our new location set-up and rescheduling of the formal Trader’s Boot Camp in Cabarete Dominican Republic.

New Location and Trader’s Bootcamp.

We now have a location on the north coast of the Dominican Republic that can host up to 60 traders and their families. It was a lot of work but we have secured and set-up in the location on a wonderful beach front East of Cabarete. The property is inhabited by our team only and is ideal for our Boot Camp. It is also ideal for our day-to-day work environment.

The formal Trader’s Boot Camp is rescheduled from the end of July to September 4 and 5th, you can attend online or in person. The registration link is here: Trader’s Boot Camp Sept 4 2021.

Prior to the formal session, we will likely hold at least one more informal session (online only) – it could be up to 3 informal sessions. The goal of course is to put to record everything I’ve learned over the last 32 years trading and teach our traders in an easy actionable way.

Market Reporting and Alerts.

Now that we are settled in to the new location our team can get back to normal work.

Invoicing, reporting and alerts will be on schedule again within 48 hours. Fortunately, the market softness has allowed for this move – nothing that would have normally been alerted was missed. However, with the time cycles (clients are aware of the cycles via the daily mid day review videos) as they are we should see some theme trajectory develop this week. So hopefully these themes are active enough to act on and alert.

Our trades have been decent but they haven’t been the strong structural themes we’ve come accustomed to since the Covid sell off. So if I’m right (see late last week mid day study videos) the structural themes we’ve been watching should trigger early this week.

Also, I will note for those unaware, securing our current location and having it equipped for our type of work was not like a normal location move. This location is the complete property (60 units) and we are the only inhabitants. So this move required securing the whole property from a security stand point, bringing in suitable internet to the location and all the power back up requirements to the location. This was much different than having a single residence equipped for our needs.

Market Outlook.

Our trader’s know that we’ve been watching a time cycle inflection with a cycle peak on the horizon (see the mid day study videos).

All markets should see trajectory trades any moment. Stocks should have structural themes take off (see late week mid day study videos), SP500 (SPY) levels are likely tested with a trajectory starting any moment, Gold and Silver also – Crude Oil also. The Dollar is likely to pull back some and find support before the next time cycle inflection and then rally in to the large time cycle later this fall / winter. Crypto should also see its trajectory of trade develop this week.

I’m intentionally being vague because this is a public facing document (please see the study videos from last week for detail). Our trader’s can also send me a note direct on Whatsapp anytime for clarification.

In summary, we should see the trading price trajectories develop this week with a turn not far off and in to the very large time cycle this fall/winter.

Bottom line, we’re set up at the new location, trading should get very active this week, the trader’s Boot Camp is rescheduled and we’re ready to go.

Anything else you need reach out anytime!

Again, thanks for your patience.









It’s Our 5 Year Anniversary at Compound Trading Group This Weekend!

In Celebration of this milestone we are offering 50% Discounts All Trade Packages, Announcing Part 3 of the Trader Boot Camp Series, and Announcing our New Crypto & Options Trading Services.

Discounts (limited coupons):

  • June 16 – 28th there is a 50% Discount on All Trade Packages (Day, Swing, Oil, Crypto, Options Alerts, Newsletters, Trading Room Services).
  • Limited coupons. Each category of service has a maximum coupon code issuance of 10 coupons.
  • Discounts do not include trade coaching services.
  • Use “A50” at check out.
  • Current subscribers to a service can use the discount code (if rate is less than your current rate) for future credit to your subscription account. Jen in the office will simply apply the purchase to your next expiry date if you are currently in a package. Any questions can be emailed to Jen [email protected].
  • Link to shop menu
  • Link to shop online

July 30 & 31, 2021 Trader’s Boot Camp:

This is part 3 in our Trading Boot Camp Series. It will be held in Cabarete Dominican Republic. It will be a formal event with our lead trader, staff and attendees. The event will be professionally video-graphed and edited. Attendance to the event includes videos from the first two sessions also. More information can be found here

New Crypto Trading Services:

  • Now available as a weekly newsletter subscription or as alerts (with newsletters included).
  • The crypto service reporting comes in the form of a weekly newsletter which contains algorithmic and traditional charting levels that can be used for both intraday and swing trading. This is an in depth service that extends way beyond our swing trading platform crypto sharing.
  • The crypto alerts are sent out on private Twitter feed and Discord server. The time frames are intra day, intra week swings and long term swings.
  • Our focus is on Bitcoin, Monero, Pirate Chain and the top Crypto Currencies by Market Cap
  • Additionally, our focus is toward new up and coming coins, in particular privacy coins.
  • Our next coin alert is between June 19 – 22. Our last coin alert was Pirate Chain at .32 cents and it near immediately began a run to 16.00.
  • Register for the newsletters only here (live June 20, 2021 and subscription calendar starts then)
  • Register for the crypto alerts (with newsletters included) here (live June 20, 2021 and subscription calendar starts then)
  • The 50% 5 Year Anniversary Sale Discount applies to the crypto services.

New Options Trading Service:

  • Now available as an alert system (no newsletters).
  • The alerts are sent out on private Twitter feed and Discord server.
  • Bob (our senior options trader) provides options trade set-ups that align with our lead trader’s swing trades and various other set-ups and guidance as Bob trades his portfolio.
  • Register for the options alert service here:
  • The 50% 5 Year Anniversary Sale Discount applies to the options trade alert service.

Any questions email us [email protected]..

Thank you for your support in our first 5 years and many more to come!

Best regards,

Curtis and Trading Team at Compound Trading Group.

RE: May Trading Schedule

Good afternoon traders,

In the month of May it will be hyper critical to follow our alerts and videos from Mid Day Trade Set-Up Reviews and Sunday $STUDY Sessions.

I fully expect global markets to shift considerably, the crypto opportunities to increase in regularity (similar to our BTC and ARRR calls) and VIX, SPY, GOLD, SILVER, DOLLAR trading to be very active.

As the global markets begin to shift in to next two time cycles the day to day stock set-ups we use should become significant opportunities also.

During the last weekend of May we will run the second part of the Trader’s Boot Camp and then in June sometime a formal consolidated Trader’s Boot Camp tying it all together.

If you missed Part 1 of the Trader’s Boot Camp series there are two spots open online and two in person available. Jen will be offering those to the public sometime soon so this is your notice.



Note: Traders that register to Part 2 of the Boot Camp series will receive videos from Part 1. All attendees for all sessions receive all session videos. Register here for the Trader’s Boot Camp series.


RE: Trader Boot Camp Format, Itinerary and Objectives

Good morning Traders,

Some notes with reference to the format for the training starting today.

The primary objective of this particular training series (beyond bringing your trading up a level) is to consolidate the learning material to a defined Trader Training Curriculum and possibly for the purpose of a formal publication. I have been teaching traders for five years now (after 30 + years of personal trading experience) and it feels like the right time to consolidate my knowledge into a formal offering.

To achieve this objective, I will be sharing my knowledge and experience in the following ways (all of which you will be given access):

– April 17 & 18 Trader Boot Camp 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM each day.
– May 29 & 30 Trader Boot Camp (add-on module to bring it all together)
– Daily mid day chart and trade set up reviews in main trading room (video emailed thereafter)
– Weekly Sunday Study Webinars 8 PM – 11 PM (video emailed thereafter)
– Various Study Materials, Charting Set Ups etc emailed.
– Question and Answer on Whatsapp and or email as you prefer (before, during and between April and May sessions).

Previous Boot Camp Curriculum and formats can be found here (with associated links) “Trade Coaching Boot Camps“.

The format is intentionally casual to encourage questions as that will assist me in developing a consolidated curriculum to meet the objectives. Please send questions direct to me on Whatsapp or email during the meeting events (live) if needed or between sessions.

Class size is limited (in person and online attendees) to allow for ample question and answer.

Attendees are welcome to come and go as you like during the training because you will receive a video after each session.

When this series is complete I will consolidate all the information and formalize the offering and at that time you will be presented with a copy of the print text and videos (included in your cost for the initial training). So you will have the information and videos from this series and the formal series when it is recorded and put in to print at a later date this year.



Midday Chart Reviews to Recommence

Good morning,

Midday reviews (charts) will start again in the main trading room MOST days at approximately 11:30 AM EST as of Monday April 19, 2021. 

Not every day and not exactly at 11:30 AM – pending trading activity etc (it can get busy).

If you are not a member of the live trading room but are a member of our other service(s) you will receive a copy of that specific video on the days the reviews are done.



CONFIRMATION: Trade Coaching Boot Camp April 17 & 18 2021

Good morning traders!

The weekend Trading Boot Camp is confirmed for this Saturday and Sunday. Each day the class will start in the morning at 11:00 AM EST and will run until 6:00 PM EST.

ACCESS: The access link and password will be emailed to each attendee prior to the event starting – if you do not receive the link and password within 2 hours of the event start please email us.

FORMAT: The lead trader will take questions interactively in the meeting room – small group training and questions are encouraged.

THERE WILL BE A SECOND SESSION (a continuation) the last weekend in May 2021. This will be an add-on for expanded content and will provide traders that have not been able to travel due to current restrictions in their countries.

THE EVENT WILL BE RECORDED so if you cannot attend or you miss segments of the event you will receive video recordings after the event is complete.

ITINERARY WILL BE FLEXIBLE – example itineraries are at the link below, however, the lead trader will be open to cover topics that traders request. If you are only interested in specific topics (such as oil trading for example) it is best to wait until after the event and view the videos (you will be able to scroll to your specific content of interest in a timely manner vs. attending live).

My apologies for the late notice but a number of in person attendees were having difficulties with travel plans at the last moment (over the last few days).

Because of the challenges with travel I thought the easiest way to be sure those that would like to attend in person would be given opportunity to do so in a month’s time. If for some reason next month there are travel challenges I will continue booking monthly sessions until all traders have opportunity to attend in person. In person is important because it provides opportunity outside of the event to socialize, work with trading plans one on one, trade together and more.

Traders that missed the first event in April that register for the second event in May will be provided the videos for the April sessions.

For more information, see link below:

<Click for Trade Coaching Boot Camp Information>

Warm regards,


2021 Traders Notice:

Happy new year traders! We open in a few hours for futures trade so below are a few points for our subscribers.

General Schedule:

Instead of running Sunday night live webinars we are doing private webinar video reports along with written reports for all our chart models and sending them out to our traders daily until all are updated.

You will have noticed that some of the reporting started yesterday (see your email).

This will continue daily until all chart models, alerted trades in progress and profit and loss statements are completed and up to date.

It’s a big job but we expect completion over the next few weeks.

2020 was a massive year for our swing trading platform (ROI was best yet in our 5 years), Oil machine trade and alerts development well along the process also and the day trading alerts just restarted. In 2021 we expect massive range of trade and more opportunity.

While we’re updating all the chart models (w / videos also), reporting (themes etc), 2020 P&Ls… the live trading room will be open and the oil trade alerts, swing trade alerts and day trading alerts will flow as normal.

If you have any questions send me a note anytime on Whatsapp or email [email protected].



Important Administrative Notes: Rate Increases, Billing, Email Alerts, Opening Blog Posts, New Reporting

Good morning,

We are transitioning our platforms, which will take some time. In the meantime;

1. Rates / Renewals – Subscriptions do not automatically renew. Invoicing will be processed in next 48 hours. You can also attend to shop and renew on your own at any time. Significant rate increases will be announced soon, with new platform transition, be sure you renew on or before your renewal date to be sure you keep your current rate as the new system will automatically not allow the discount rate for current clients that allow their subscription to lapse and revert back to the retail price listed on website. Changes to rates will appear on website soon also. We are setting up an auto renewal system with the changes also so current clients won’t have to be concerned with subscription lapse.

In short we are moving to a much more exclusive trading environment, rates will go up for new subs because we simply can only handle servicing so many. Building a larger subscription business is something I’m not focused on. We’re focused on our current clients and us winning and building our trading systems – that’s our core focus forward.

So we want to service our current clients, focus on winning and anyone new will have to pay the price of a semi private trading group, ultimately totally closed to new clients by the new year.

2. As we transition email platforms, if you are not regularly receiving email alerts as you see alerts on the Twitter and Discord feed please let us know.

3. If you have any issues with opening blog posts as new reporting comes out please let us know.

4. Considerable reporting will recommence near term (next few days) as we turn the corner on EIA and time cycle here.

5. Clean up of P&Ls and reporting expected to be complete very soon, we’re first getting the platform transitions moving along and reporting / catch up starts next few days and complete over next week or so. It’s been overwhelming to say the least but we’re almost there.

6. Any complimentary viewing on alert feeds wil also end soon FYI.

Any questions let us know.



Important Note: Oil Traders, Alerts, Trading Room, Machine Trading


Good afternoon traders,

There is a new white paper coming out later that will address this and other points.

But for timely reasons I want to share one important update with you relating to oil trade alerts.

We have recently completed another software update for EPIC V3 Crude Oil Machine Trading.

Specifically, it is that the base contract account size traded going forward (and alerted) is a 30 contract account, or at minimum an account 300,000.00 USD or larger trading CL continuous contracts.

Any account smaller than 10 contracts (if traded on CL futures not specifically CFDs because this is different) is at significant risk considering the recent market action. Machine entities around the globe are adjusting, this is obvious in order flow.

The alerts will then reflect a 30 contract account size. In other words, Long 1/30 size etc will be represented in the alerts. This will also allow those trading CFD’s to better manage sizing relative to the alerts.

The bottom line is that an account trading CL futures at 30 contracts via EPIC v3 software is considered very low risk (if any), an account at 10 contracts possesses moderate risk and anything less significant risk – in this market environment.

Any questions please let me know.

The revised white paper will however likely answer any questions you may have.



Reminder to existing clients! If you are on Whatsapp and want to have the fastest direct access to my trading desk send your whatsapp number to [email protected] and I’ll connect to you there also.

Most Recent EPIC V3 Crude Oil Machine Trading White Paper:

White Paper Updated Dec 29, 2019: How EPIC v3 Crude Oil Machine Trading Outperforms Conventional Trading

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