Updates: Trading Plan, Alerts, EPIC v3, Trading Room, Reports, Webinars, New Members.

Trading Plan – We continue to expect to size shorts on large equities (like we did with Mastercard, Wynn, Nike etc) until a vaccine is found on each rally, this will remain. Long equity trades are small in size and duration, considered scalps. Gold, Silver, Oil, Natural Gas, Bitcoin we remain searching for a bottom. VIX we remain long and oil volatility also adding lows and selling highs.

Trading Cycle Timing – With the run up today we expect to start size-able equity shorts again very soon. There may be some scalping prior. I would expect both equities and oil to become active in to tomorrow at latest.

Machine Trading – EPIC v3 oil machine trading software has been paper trading well and is starting to fire real world trades in this market and we expect now that black swan events are coded in to the software that nothing short of the end of the world could cause issue. We shall see.

Trading Room – we are still getting reports of intermittent access issues, if you have a problem signing in clear your cache and reboot computer. Go to history, clear all time history, reboot. If this doesn’t work please let us know. We also continue working with Click Meeting techs for permanent resolution.

Webinar Video Reports – as reported earlier we are editing now and will have the written reports out before premarket. We had previously sent out the video mp4s. We get those out immediately after they are uploaded after each webinar.

Swing Alert Free Tour –

FINAL NOTICE on current free tour: I hope those that have had a free view of swing trade alerts have benefited.

Free view will end tonight.

Swing trade bundle https://compoundtrading.com/product/swing-trading-bundle/

Swing trade alerts

Use “trial50” for 50% off first month.

Swing Trade Webinar Series –

You can still get involved in the webinars, we expect about 10 weeks of sessions and if you missed the first 3 sessions or can’t make a session the videos and written reports are made available

Swing Trading Webinar Series (P&L Review, How Each Trade Was Identified and Executed, Charting, Trades On Watch)

New Members – all new members will receive onboarding emails prior to Wed premarket, sorry, we are a bit behind.

Thank you.


Good evening,

Our primary internet service was restored late this afternoon. Regular trading, alerts, trading room schedule resumes as of futures trade this evening.

Specific to EPIC v3 software draw-down protocol, we have throttled the software significantly to reflect an updated draw-down protocol.

The new code will only allow 50% of the previous draw-down protocol (varies per account size). This will affect the return % potential but will decrease the draw-down protocol. The next white paper update will reflect this change.

In summary, while in draw-down status, the software now will only fire on the most predictable trades until ROI is returned to previous trajectory (as per white paper) with a potential draw-down reduced by 50%.

See previously published white paper for detail: https://compoundtrading.com/white-paper-how-epic-v3-crude-oil-machine-trading-outperforms-conventional-trading-methods/

Any questions send me an email as needed.



Good evening traders,

Regular oil and swing reporting will all be out starting this evening and will conclude over the next 48 hours. There are a number of special reports near completion that will also be out early week for both Swing and Oil.

In oil trade we are watching the trending channels reported to members. In swing trades we expect this to pick up also with the turn of the year near (re-balancing of funds etc).

Last week was moderate for us, a few swing positions and a few oil trade positions. I expected it to be busier but OPEC meetings caused oil to lack structure. The trading structure started to return mid day Friday so we expect considerable size and frequency of oil trade between now and API report 430 Tuesday.

Any questions please let me know.

You’ll see reports start to flow out in the late evening.



Premarket Notes / New Location Update

Good morning traders,

Sold additional 50% of NIO this morning at 7:53 for 2.45 after 25% yesterday in profit and holding 25% (likely let it run). Nice daytrade/ swing trade.

AGN longs per alert need to consider profit.

Market time cycle was successfully suppressed and we didn’t get the VIX spike per normal but still hold a small hedge in VIX and small short SPY, we’ll decide what to do next in the next few days.

The new location is now up and running. We can expect intermittent small downtime (as you would expect anywhere) but we do not expect any major issues now that we have re-wired the whole location we are at (yes literally re-wired the whole place). Small intermittent downtime can still occur with details such as internet between systems (wifi) connections to servers (our providers and our team in different countries) and sound quality on mic in trading room may take some tweaking. Those type of things could take a few days.

Alerts – Swing, day trade and oil alerts will all continue per normal today, we do not anticipate any further down time.
Daily 2:45 Trade Set Up Reviews – Will recommence tomorrow and run daily forward. If you are not in attendance we send the video to our clients anyway.

Live Trading Room – You can expect sound quality issues for a few days as we work through the internet wifi details (various equipment such as A/C can cause issue), but this is a detail.

I will be in live trading room as normal right before open at 9:20 ish, API, EIA today at 10:30 EST, any time software or myself are trading during the week 24 hours and the 2:45 trade reviews will re-commence tomorrow.

My Trading Room Broadcast on Mic is ONLY WHEN I AM TRADING or DURING THE TIMES LISTED. It isn’t like a radio broadcast 24 hours a day that never stops. The charting is broadcast but I’m only on mic as required.

Software / Oil trading – We got the big move we were expecting that was being alerted prior to our office move, congrats to those that caught it. Software did not because of our office move taking longer than expected. However, now that our power grid is stabilized you can expect the software to start a large sequence of trade today/tonight in to API Tues, it likely won’t fire trades until at least after EIA today and possible it may not until this evening. But you can expect a large sequence.

Reporting – Regular reporting will now recommence. The additional reporting we want to get out is the new sequence of trade our software starts. We will start sharing detailed information with our trading team (clients) about the sequence the software is in so that our traders can learn the trading process of the software.

Swing Trades – It has been an odd time cycle peak but we do expect new entries to escalate between now and Tuesday in to March 2020.

Have a great day. Email me with any questions.



Client Advisory.

Quick notes to start the trading week:

    • This weekend we moved the location of our trading set-up.
    • We may have intermittent outages between Sunday 6 PM EST and Tuesday 6 PM EST as we secure stable power / internet source configuration for our various electronic / computer / server equipment (joy of travel and trade). 
    • Intermittent outages would temporarily affect (stall) the live trading room, alerts and software trade.
    • We expect any downtime to be minimal and short duration and by Tuesday at 6 PM EST (at latest) no issues are expected. 
    • The week of Oct 21 time cycle peak was glossed over by the Fed / White House utilizing repo action etc. This does not mean the markets are out of risk as VIX is concerned. But for now, it seems they have suppressed the time cycle peak. We still hold a small VIX hedge and small SPY short.
    • The new equity positions for this time cycle will be considerably more active starting this week. Daily we will review positions at 2:45 PM (as time allows) and we will send the videos nightly to Swing Trade members.
    • With the move this weekend we are a bit behind on reporting, the first out later tonight will be the EPIC Oil Report, then Swing Trading and others will follow. All regular weekly reporting is expected to be sent out no later than Tuesday evening.
    • Be sure to follow the appropriate Twitter alert feed (per the onboarding email you received) and email us your Twitter handle so that we can open the alert feed to you.
    • On Friday the move of our trading desk location caused some unexpected downtime and as such our software did not trade the move in oil price (non alerted also). The move Friday was the start of the move that we had been alerting the day prior and we had sent out various simple charts to remind traders of the impending move.
    • The Oil Trading Report to be released later tonight will include the structured set-ups in the charts / models for the move we expect.
    • You can expect the software to be considerably active this week now that oil trade is becoming much more structured within the models since the bombs landed in Saudi Arabia a few weeks back (since the bombs the structured models have slowly returned to order, Friday’s move was a manifested example).
    • I will be in the trading room on mic around 9:20 AM each morning, 2:45 trade set up reviews daily, Tues 4:30 API, Wednesday EIA at 10:30 and also anytime the software is trading and alerts are going out.

Have a greet week! 

Any questions email compoundtradingofficial@gmail.com.



Important Premarket Trade Room Schedule / Market Time-Cycle / Alerts / Reporting Notes

Morning traders,

Live trading room will be down until some time later today (internet company has to move our fiber line, they were to be here Saturday but put us off to Monday). Location move delay. The minute the line is in we’ll be up live and I’ll send out an alert to members. ETA 1:00 PM EST today. Alerts and machine trade are not affected. We’re on back-up mobile system until they arrive.

Remember this week is time cycle peak (allow a week either side) and the next is Oct 21. Watch the trend coming out of this week.

Swing trade reporting will consistently increase now outside of Sept 9 week in to next time cycle. It is possible the direction of trade / trajectory of implied models will be completely opposite in this cycle so watch the alerts / reporting closely. Either way, its a significant cycle.

Go easy today, my suspicion is that whipsaw will be the theme during this time cycle peak for about a week.

Any questions let me know,



Good afternoon Traders,

As we gear up for another trading week in advance of our larger prep for the fall season I thought it best to provide you a quick update on our plans, scheduling etc. 

We see a significant opportunity (time cycles) from now and in to the late fall 2019 season in Equities, Commodities, Bitcoin etc. The reporting schedule and webinars we are hosting should do well to prepare our members to take full advantage of it.

Reporting Schedule This Week (estimated release dates for premium member reporting, dates are evening of in to next morning).

Aug 18 – VIX (including time cycles)

Aug 18 – SPY (including time cycles)

Aug 18 – Swing Trading (swing trade members will also receive various other time cycle reporting as it comes available).

Aug 18 – Feature Oil Trading Strategy Article

Aug 19 – Crude Oil (EPIC Algorithm regular report)

Aug 19 – Feature Oil Trading Strategy Article

Aug 20 – Bitcoin (including time cycles)

Aug 20 – Feature Oil Trading Strategy Article

Aug 21 – Gold (including time cycles)

Aug 21 – Silver (including time cycles)

Aug 21 – Feature Oil Trading Strategy Article

Aug 22 – DXY US Dollar (including time cycles)

Aug 22 – Feature Oil Trading Strategy Article

The week of Aug 18 and in to fall will also bring various other various swing trade and time cycle reporting to the various services.

Upcoming General Public Free Webinars.

Crude Oil Webinar – Machine Trade Informational. Topics Include; YTD Machine Trade Profit and Loss Performance, Development Process and What Is Planned Going Forward. 7:00 – 7:45 PM EST Sunday August 25. Register by emailing compoundtradingofficial@gmail.com.

Crude Oil Webinar – How to Use Our Platform. Oil Trade Alerts, Live Trading Room, Private Discord Server Oil Trade Set Up Guidance, Algorithm Models & Conventional Charting. 8:00 – 8:45 PM EST Sunday August 25. Register by emailing compoundtradingofficial@gmail.com.

Upcoming Premium Member Only Webinars.

Crude Oil Trade Strategy Webinar – A Review of Oil Trade Set Ups for The Week. 9:00 – 9:45 PM EST Sunday August 25. Register by emailing compoundtradingofficial@gmail.com. No cost to and access only to premium Crude Oil service members.

Swing Trading Set-Ups Webinar – A Review of Swing Trading Setups for The Upcoming Week (including time cycles). 10:00 – 10:45 PM EST Sunday August 25. Register by emailing compoundtradingofficial@gmail.com. No cost to and access only to premium Swing Trading service members.

Members that cannot attend live will receive a video copy and featured report of the webinar.

Trading Profit and Loss Updates.

2019 Swing Trading Status: Our swing trading platform has had an exceptional year, we’re running our regular 100%+ annual returns (over last 3 years) varied depending on the type/ category of swing trade, Jen has a full report in the works for members to review. As mentioned above, with the large time cycle peaks coming in to the fall we expect a bang up fall swing trade season.

V3 EPIC Oil Algorithm Machine Trade P&L Status: We couldn’t be more pleased with the v3 oil machine trade software. It has been running for about 5 weeks and it is exceeding our expectations. The most encouraging part is that its code is still in its early stages of real-world testing – the projected ROI trajectory is expected to continue to turn-up with no additional downside risk – v3 is an extremely stable machine trading architecture. As we near the 8 week real-world running time-line the mathematical probability of it having any notable issues are near zero (at 5 weeks we’re near there now). It took some time, grit and investment, but we’re there now.

“For Aug 15, 2019 Profit & Loss: Daily +$355 YTD+$9,185 Projected $85,958 or 86% Per Annum. v3 Oil Machine Trade 100k Test Account (v4 period excluded) #OOTT $CL_F $WTI $USO #machinetrading #oiltradealerts”

Password Access to Trading Rooms, Private Alerts, Discord Servers.

We have been slowly changing / updating passwords and access to various services. If you are a premium member and you are locked out of any service you are subscribed to (trading room, alert feed, private server, etc) or do not receive a report that you see posted to main Compound Trading Twitter feed (that you should be receiving), please let us know so we can rectify.


There is a current promotion running for new member trials, receive 50% off first month of any service list price. Use promo code “TRIAL50” when checking out (if you have issue with the promo code email us and we’ll send you another by email). If you have registered recently at full price and did not take advantage of this email Jen compoundtradingofficial@gmail.com and she will invoice your next month renewal at 50% off. This is only available to first time subscribers and cannot be used with other discounts. 

If you need some trade coaching go to our website and register for a minimum 3 hours – it usually books out for the fall so register soon if you’ve been throwing the idea around.

Email me as needed compoundtradingofficial@gmail.com and remember, the webinars listed above require you to register in advance by sending us an email of your interest in attending.




Click Here for Subscription Service Price Tables.

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