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RE: Scheduling for Trading Boot Camp Series, Webinars, Trading Alerts, Videos and Reporting

Thanks to all that attended the weekend training online and in person!

Sept 2021 Trader’s Boot Camp Attendees should now have the videos per list below and as we continue in this series the rest of the dates listed will be sent out as the videos are available. The complete Trader’s Boot Camp series will contain near 100 hours of video training.

On the weekend we had 24 traders in attendance (3 traders in person, 2 others that were on the island but couldn’t attend and 21 online attendees), so we had a decent turn out. Many of our traders are having considerable challenges with international travel, so I understand.

When this current series is complete (likely early October) then Jen will reconcile an official course curriculum and we will then host the Formal Trader’s Boot Camp Event November 27, 28 2021 in Cabarete Dominican Republic (many of our trading family will be living locally by that time and in person attendance should be much easier). We now have 44 traders that have expressed considerable interest in re-locating to the DR with a few committed to date, so I would expect 10 or more actually make the leap between now and the end of November. Traders can attend that event online also and/or access the video series after the event completion.

September 2021 Trading Boot Camp Series Schedule (all times EST):

12:30 Tuesday Aug 31, 2021 – Pre Live Session Study Webinar
12:30 Wednesday Sept 1, 2021 – Pre Live Session Study Webinar
12:30 Thursday Sept 2, 2021 – Pre Live Session Study Webinar

Saturday Sept 4, 2021 – Live Session Boot Camp
Sunday Sept 5, 2021 – Live Session Boot Camp

12:30 Tuesday Sept 7, 2021 – Post Live Session Study Webinar
12:30 Wednesday Sept 8, 2021 – Post Live Session Study Webinar
12:30 Thursday Sept 9, 2021 – Post Live Session Study Webinar

— Continuing Post Live Session Study Webinars every Tues, Wed, Thurs 12:30 (as lead trader is available) until course material is completely covered —

Estimated Date (Saturday October 2, 2021) For Live Interactive Online Webinar / Meeting to Allow for Question and Answer Session to Conclude the Sept 2021 Trading Boot Camp Series .

Trading Boot Camp registrants should also already have a previously recorded Master Class Series of videos.

If you do not have videos and chart links (as dates complete) for the above noted please let us know.

Regular Mid Day Video Study Webinars will continue this week daily as time allows at 11:00 with videos sent out after each session.

Trading Alerts are likely to be very active near term considering the time cycle inflection (half time) and time cycle peak around the corner. Also, considering the in depth study occurring for the Trading Boot Camp Series many of the trade set-ups found during these sessions will spill over to the alerts and reporting for Swing Trading, Day Trading, Crypto Trading and Options Trade Alerts and reporting. I know on the weekend we had some golden trade set-ups that will immediately spill over in to our regular subscription services.

If you did not attend the current Trading Boot Camp and would like to Order the Video Series they are now available on the Compound Trading Group website here: Trading Boot Camp Video Series.

And lastly, the newest version of EPIC Oil Algorithm Machine Trading Software was launched last week for crude oil micros and is going very well. I would expect the frequency of trade to considerably be more active this week and also expect it to be very stable considering the number of trade executions it can make in each sequence (the more the better and micro contracts allow for this to occur). See the EPIC Crude Oil Machine Trading white paper here. For access to EPIC Oil Machine Trading software visit

Any questions please let Jen or I know anytime,



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