Swing Trade Reporting Platform Upgrades, What’s Next.

Good day traders,

Our swing trading alert, reporting and webinar platform has done very well. It’s been just shy of five years and our performance year over year continues to go up.

We’re not stopping there.

Next we will be taking what we’ve learned in our machine trading area of crude oil and implementing the strategies to our swing reporting and alerts.

You may or may not know that our most recent version of the EPIC V3.1.1 oil trading algorithm has won 100% of its trades since launch of June 2020. Needless to say, we have developed a structured trading system that comes with considerable success, so we’re excited about bringing this to our swing traders.

Starting in October reporting will include regular reports specific to one stock or commodity at a time that will explain exactly how to trade the instrument on various time frames using both conventional technical analysis and algorithm chart models. As we distribute the specific trading plans we will also start the process of coding them for trade and alert the trades to the private member feed.

Essentially each report will provide a detailed trading plan with charting and will accompany regular trade alerts for that instrument of trade whether it be a stock, commodity, currency, volatility etc.

It is our goal to complete approximately 150 structured reports, alert the trades and start the coding for them all before January 2021.

Our swing trading platform will also still include various other stock alerts, webinars and reporting as our clients have come accustomed to.

New pricing will be posted to the website this weekend that will reflect the expansion of our platform. Current customers (as long as they renew prior to subscription expiry) will always keep their entry price and will not experience price increases. The price increases are for new clients only.

Any questions send me a note anytime to [email protected].

You can expect the new reporting to start rolling out within a week at most.





Important Administrative Notes: Rate Increases, Billing, Email Alerts, Opening Blog Posts, New Reporting

Good morning,

We are transitioning our platforms, which will take some time. In the meantime;

1. Rates / Renewals – Subscriptions do not automatically renew. Invoicing will be processed in next 48 hours. You can also attend to shop and renew on your own at any time. Significant rate increases will be announced soon, with new platform transition, be sure you renew on or before your renewal date to be sure you keep your current rate as the new system will automatically not allow the discount rate for current clients that allow their subscription to lapse and revert back to the retail price listed on website. Changes to rates will appear on website soon also. We are setting up an auto renewal system with the changes also so current clients won’t have to be concerned with subscription lapse.

In short we are moving to a much more exclusive trading environment, rates will go up for new subs because we simply can only handle servicing so many. Building a larger subscription business is something I’m not focused on. We’re focused on our current clients and us winning and building our trading systems – that’s our core focus forward.

So we want to service our current clients, focus on winning and anyone new will have to pay the price of a semi private trading group, ultimately totally closed to new clients by the new year.

2. As we transition email platforms, if you are not regularly receiving email alerts as you see alerts on the Twitter and Discord feed please let us know.

3. If you have any issues with opening blog posts as new reporting comes out please let us know.

4. Considerable reporting will recommence near term (next few days) as we turn the corner on EIA and time cycle here.

5. Clean up of P&Ls and reporting expected to be complete very soon, we’re first getting the platform transitions moving along and reporting / catch up starts next few days and complete over next week or so. It’s been overwhelming to say the least but we’re almost there.

6. Any complimentary viewing on alert feeds wil also end soon FYI.

Any questions let us know.



Oil Trading Newsletter – Live Oil Trading Room Example of Day Trading Alerts with Video, Charts, Commentary.

#oiltradingroom #oiltradealerts #oildaytrading

After five years of development, our oil trading software most recent version (EPIC V3.1.1) has not lost a trade since deployed June 1, 2020. Below is an example of how our oil trade alerts are broadcast live in the oil trading room. Screen shots of the trade alert feed and oil chat room are also included in the article.

The video below is 4 hours long, to find the trades as alerted by voice by our lead trader simply look at the time on the alerts or charts and go to that time on the video. Between trades there is no discussion on the video.

Oil trading room alerts shown on the charting for day trades for the win. #OOTT $CL_F $USOIL $USO

Oil trading room alerts shown on the charting for day trades for the win. #OOTT $CL_F $USOIL $USO

Below is the guidance and trade alerts as it happened live (screen shots of live oil chat room):

Curt MelonopolyToday at 7:23 AM
Good morning traders,
We’re hunting for structure in markets, for now watching. We’re loaded to the gills in $VIX long as you know. As we’ve been discussing on Study videos for weeks.Take profits as you go.
When the markets bounce we’ll have the structure pinned down and start trading it. For now we’re deep in data.
Mail server should be up and running tonight.
Long list of WIP but we’re getting there.
Emails will come from [email protected] when done.
The fall reporting we wanted done at latest last Sunday I am hoping will be done through out the week (all models updates etc).
For now we’ll alert as opportunities arise.

Oil trading room – early morning premarket day trading guidance from lead trader.

Curt MelonopolyToday at 8:26 AM
Symmetrical extension, so we see what the bulls got now

First rally in crude oil, guidance and charting for day trading price extension.

and if 30 min is dominant

the sell off was a perfect symmetrical move on 30 Min
this is a good sign – symmetry, means we may get in to a pocket of exceptional trading here this week
I will be active in live trading room when EPIC starts firing. Lots of symmetry on models, machines are in control, so I would expect an exceptional week.
Curt MelonopolyToday at 8:44 AM
bulls took it a couple ticks early on bounce

Explaining to our traders what to watch for in daytrading crude oil on the day.

nice structure

JeremyToday at 8:57 AM
progressive order flow

Showing the traders in oil chat room what we are watching in oil trade, structure and symmetry on 1 min time frame model.

JeremyToday at 8:57 AM
progressive order flow

Curt MelonopolyToday at 8:58 AM
retail bulls could get wrecked here we’ll see

watching 36.909 for possible bounce
if area doesnt hold 36.15 FX USOIL WTI 30 min support

Providing alert guidance to oil traders what levels and signals to watch for on day trading time frame.

gray is at 36.15 thats intra week range support
Curt MelonopolyToday at 9:53 AM
3/40 long 36.69 not expected to hold, position trade only, only on intra day.
There is 1 secondary on IDENT on order flow to long side in here now so EPIC so following intra day. But 36.16 – 36.60 is expected so prepare for pressure.
Curt MelonopolyToday at 10:05 AM
If it does bounce in this range we’re looking for 37.80 to upside today.
secondary came in again 36.37 on long side on IDENT
would be nice to see the other 2 come in here
Curt MelonopolyToday at 10:30 AM
Sell 1 36.88 hold 2/40 long
Curt MelonopolyToday at 11:01 AM
Buy 2 hold 4/40 long 36.17
prepare for more pressure
Curt MelonopolyToday at 11:10 AM
Sell 1 36.46 hold 3
correction: here’s the right sequence thus far

Continued signals and levels of day trade for oil on watch and oil alerts start as we begin trading.

Curt MelonopolyToday at 12:02 PM
Sell 1 36.60 holds 2

symmetrical on 1

More oil trade alerts and daytrading levels to watch discussed in oil trading room.

Sell 1 36.91 holds 1 long

[12:11 PM]

Sell 1 36.98 holds 0 but could get more

EPIC V3.1.1 day trading crude oil sequence completes for a nice win. Trade alerts in screen image from oil trading room.

Today’s sequence. Nice and smooth.

So now the software will look for the bulls to get too positive and when order flow changes it will likely start shorting.
Did bounce at swing range support BTW, that’s very structured trading.

I’m on break for a bit.

Screen shot of oil trade alerts and charting showing each entry and exit alerted for the win.

Below is the guidance and trade alerts as it happened live (screen shots of live oil trade alert subscriber feed)::

EPIC V3.1.1 did some day trading today

Oil trade alert screen shots from sub feed below. Green arrows buy & red sell.

EPIC V3.1.1 version software has still not lost a trade sequence since launch June 1, 20.

#OilTradeAlerts #MachineLearning #OOTT $CL_F $USOIL $USO


Our goal is to develop the best oil trading room and alerts service available with the highest win rate % and the most repeatable strategies for consistent wins.

“In pursuit of this goal we are providing our oil traders with articles like this series to help our oil traders with mastery of trading set-ups. Once a trader masters these strategies their win rate goes way up, their returns explode and their lives are changed.”

We have published a number of oil trading strategy articles to assist our subscribers with how to trade crude oil and win. You will find in the articles at this link “Crude Oil Trading Academy” videos from the live oil trading room, profit and loss of our trading, various trade alert examples and more.

If you are not progressing in such a way that your win rate is going up and your returns are steadily increasing you may want to consider some short term trade coaching. Even the best traders in the world have trade coaches for times they are struggling.

Below is a recent video from a webinar we recorded in our Oil Trading Room, “How to Use Our Oil Trading Services. Oil Trade Alerts, Oil Trading Room, Oil Reports, Trade Coaching” and for more specific trading strategies there are more specific video links below.


The recently released white paper about EPIC V3 performance explains also its method of execution of trades, see the report here;

White Paper: How EPIC v3 Crude Oil Machine Trading Outperforms Conventional Trading Methods

Anything else we can do to assist you in your trading journey please email us at compoundtradingofficial@gmail.com.

Thank you.


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