Important Administrative Notes: Rate Increases, Billing, Email Alerts, Opening Blog Posts, New Reporting

Good morning,

We are transitioning our platforms, which will take some time. In the meantime;

1. Rates / Renewals – Subscriptions do not automatically renew. Invoicing will be processed in next 48 hours. You can also attend to shop and renew on your own at any time. Significant rate increases will be announced soon, with new platform transition, be sure you renew on or before your renewal date to be sure you keep your current rate as the new system will automatically not allow the discount rate for current clients that allow their subscription to lapse and revert back to the retail price listed on website. Changes to rates will appear on website soon also. We are setting up an auto renewal system with the changes also so current clients won’t have to be concerned with subscription lapse.

In short we are moving to a much more exclusive trading environment, rates will go up for new subs because we simply can only handle servicing so many. Building a larger subscription business is something I’m not focused on. We’re focused on our current clients and us winning and building our trading systems – that’s our core focus forward.

So we want to service our current clients, focus on winning and anyone new will have to pay the price of a semi private trading group, ultimately totally closed to new clients by the new year.

2. As we transition email platforms, if you are not regularly receiving email alerts as you see alerts on the Twitter and Discord feed please let us know.

3. If you have any issues with opening blog posts as new reporting comes out please let us know.

4. Considerable reporting will recommence near term (next few days) as we turn the corner on EIA and time cycle here.

5. Clean up of P&Ls and reporting expected to be complete very soon, we’re first getting the platform transitions moving along and reporting / catch up starts next few days and complete over next week or so. It’s been overwhelming to say the least but we’re almost there.

6. Any complimentary viewing on alert feeds wil also end soon FYI.

Any questions let us know.