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Morning traders,

Not a day to get bold with geo political events near term.

Equities: We’re looking at new swing entries between now and Tuesday premarket, likely more so closer to Tuesday. Swing Trading reports will reflect the new positions. 2019 has been a banner year so we’re hoping to continue in that direction.

Swing Trading Profit and Loss Statements: Jen is working through consolidation of Swing Trading Alert P&Ls, will take her a few weeks, in the meantime you can view updates as they’re published (on blog), here’s an example of the format she’s using (most recent update).

Protected: Swing Trading Profit & Loss Report | Swing Trade Alerts Nov 2016 – June 26, 2019

Password: 4321

Oil Trading Profit and Loss Statements: Also being consolidated are the oil alert P&L’s. We’ve settled in to the most recent version of machine trading software now and we’re tweaking and slowly removing throttles as sequences run through. It has only had one red day since recent version launch at 0.2% draw down so that’s really encouraging. We’re expecting big things here. BTC is next (about 6 weeks or so from our start on that).

We’re currently alerting to the oil trade private member feed from the machine trading and my personal trading and will soon include our top traders to the feed.

Recent example of oil trade alerts:

Software alerting / selling near tops today after accumulation of longs in to open. Didn’t nail the top exact, but close enough on a tight range day. #OOTT FX $USOIL $WTI $CL_F $UWT $DWT #MachineTrading #Oil

Some Oil Levels On Watch Today FX USOIL WTI:

Levels to watch on EPIC 30 Min Model Today; Resistance 60.76, 60.31, 59.89. Support 59.46, 59.13 down trend TL, 58.92, 58.83, 58.67. Trading 59.52 intra. Caution warranted with G20 and OPEC meetings on deck. Range is compressing in to Geo events last few days.

Trade Coaching Webinars: This weekend we will announce 3 different How to Trade webinars. All three to be held Sunday July 7. One each for 1:00 PM Oil, 5:00 PM Swing Trading, and 7:00 PM Bitcoin trading. They will be recorded and available for order on website thereafter. Each will have limited attendee availability so that I have time to work with attendee question and answer during the webinar. Existing members get 50% discounted rates: Retail rates Oil 499.99 (4 hrs), Swing Trading 199.00 (2 hrs), Bitcoin 99.00 (1 hr). Legacy members free. If you want to attend or want a copy of the webinar video email Jen prior to promo going out this weekend as these particular webinar formats fill up quick.



Additional Info:

SOVORON™ Selects Compound Trading Group Machine Learning Data | Media Release

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The Crude Oil Machine Trading Software Is Complete.

The information below (in advance of the official white paper) provides a summary of the development process to date, the rule-set (strategies) the code executes oil trades to, what the oil trade alerts will look like on your feed, returns expected on accounts traded and what we have planned in future.

June 13, 2019

As noted above, we have now completed the main structure of the coding for our crude oil trading.

We have previously messaged that we were either close or right at being complete only to find ourselves back down another rabbit hole. This time is actually different, we are done the primary architecture coding, we only have updates (tweaks) remaining. We expect the bulk of that to last at most ninety days.

The software includes eighteen structured algorithmic models (representing time frames from 1 minute charting to weekly), specific high probable trade set-ups, trade sequences within set-ups, order flow analysis, trend (channel) structures on each time-frame and range structures on each time-frame.

The trends (channels) and range trade structures are given the most weight within the decision process of the rule-set. The larger the structure (time-frame) the more weight for sizing and stop loss range. The models, set-ups. sequences and order flow have much less weight in the code.

This (the weights) described above will manifest in trade activity in such a way that trade will become more active and in greater size with the larger the structure. For example, the trending channel from late December 2018 to recent would be a considerable structure within the code and as such the code would size in to that channel at the support and resistance widths of range.

The white paper that we will publish soon will detail the rule-set in such a way that our clients will be able to follow along with the machine trade and understand the protocol that it is executing. This is the first stage for the architecture needed for our trader digital dash board we intend to develop soon.

As the days and weeks go on the software will fire more regularly and will begin to size considerably more than right now because it is coded to weigh decisions within trade trends, structures etc. As the trade set-ups develop the code will fire on them. Obviously the largest structures will be at the end of this start up process. The last few days it has been firing on 1 min, 5, 15 and 30 minute structures.

At first we expect the returns to be approximately .5% per day (if averaged over 30 trading days) increasing to well over 1% per day at most 90 trading days in to the launch. We have tested the code in advance and are confident with this. Depending on our success with “tweaks” the returns could escalate to near 3% per day, we are however more conservative and expect 1%-1.5%.

We are significantly more confident with this version of code simply because we have been down the rabbit hole on every time frame, in every structure, every set up, every order flow sequence on all time cycles competing with the best machines in the world.

We have been there, we went to battle in every arena, we know where we can win and where we cannot. The final version of code will only fire in arenas that we expect 80% + win rate. The larger the structure the larger the return as the software fires through the sequence with the structure.

We tested code on every time frame, in every algorithmic model, every order flow structure and so on and so on. We left no stone unturned.

There are areas of trade in the oil markets (smallest time frames) that are so competitive it would dazzle your mind. The AI’s that are firing in the smallest of time frames are doing so in a way that no trader can imagine. Every time we completed a sequence of trade in the most competitive areas (time-frames) we were schooled in the most advanced AI machine trade the world has to offer. It is manifested in a way no trader would ever expect. Here’s a hint, imagine getting beat every time, in a new way every time and every new way you got beat was a structured, logical, mathematically sound way and the ways seem endless.

Our final crude oil trade code is well outside those areas of competition.

The alerts on the Twitter client feed, in the oil trading room and on the private Discord server will continue to have “M” in the alert if it is a machine driven trade and if I (Curt) am trading I will also identify the alert detail as such. As the days go on the protocol (trade set up) detail will get more and more detailed so that our clients can follow along with clarity.

See also:

Press: SOVORON™ Selects Compound Trading Group Machine Learning Data | Media Release

What’s next?

The next ninety days is for tweaking the code – refining the execution of sequences within structures of trade.

Then near term we will be looking at the trader’s digital platform and API’s etc and then….


This will obviously lead our developers in to other crypto-currencies also.

Any questions send me an email



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April 14, 2019

The subscriber platform updates below are important because we have come full circle on many things and there are big changes on the horizon.

Crude Oil Trade Alerts

In recent months we have been coding our oil software and this has caused most crude oil trade alerts to be machine related. This will be changing starting this week because we are as good as done the code testing for crude oil (see more detail below on this topic). This will allow me to personally execute more crude oil trading on a personal basis.

So starting this week and going forward there will still be machine trading alerts but there will be much more of my own alerts also.

I have spoken to a number of our clients that wish for this to return also (because I have personal trade processes that are time tested and not experimental or high frequency such as when we were developing the oil software).

Swing Trading Alerts

If you have not been following our swing trading alerts and you are swing trading you should be watching these alerts closely.

We have had a blow out year in swing trading – we are hitting over 90% win rate and the swing trading wins have been unusually large ROI.

I expect this to continue as the structure of charting we are using for swing trading is just getting better and better as time goes on. Eventually (soon) we will be coding many of the equities for swing trading also BTW.

Crude Oil Machine Trading / Coding

In short (point form), this is a where we are at with coding the machine trade for crude oil:

  • Time Frames (charting).
    • We initially coded the oil machine trade software for the primary time frames (on charting) and over time found that all time frames were required for the software to trigger properly, this has been completed with the exception of two time-frames – hourly and fifteen minute. We have tested a few variations of the fifteen and one hour time frames that we are not completely satisfied with as of yet. Eleven out of thirteen are complete. This has helped consistency / accuracy of trade execution. The last two time frames will be coded over the coming weeks.
  • Risk Tolerance / Threshold (variance, draw-downs, returns).
    • Recently we had the risk tolerance throttled to a return level of about .25% per day, then we moved it up to .5%. At .25% and at .5% the software executed well with very little possible down-side scenarios. Then we released the throttle to .6%, .75% and .9% and as the throttle was released above .5% the potential draw-down variance escalated to an uncomfortable point by mid Friday trade last week. Now, it is important to note that I am referring to a ten contract size account, on a thirty contract size account this would be different because the risk tolerance variance is different. A few contracts on a thirty contract size account that are in an intra day loss position is not nearly the same as a ten contract account. For the purpose of our current coding structure we are coding for ten and five contract account size. Soon we will code for twenty, thirty and so on.
    • Our experience last week caused us by the end of the week to settle with running the software for a .5% throttle for the next thirty days. This will allow the accounts to build with the potential of very little draw down.
    • This will provide an average return of .5% per day on an average day with opportunity for up to 2% return on better days and .5% or so on loss days. The loss days and higher return days will be anomalies. After thirty days we will reassess and any throttle adjustments will be made in much smaller increments in future.
  • Target Returns.
    • What is possible on paper (or paper trading) and what is reality when put in to practice (as it relates to machine trading) are two different things (you cannot paper trade test this software with great accuracy). There are many reasons for this, but the primary reasons are order fills and tight time frame high frequency trading (one minute time frame or less). We have completely abandoned the idea of HFT on one minute or less time frames. This is highly competitive, we believe most participants are losing in this space, location of servers relative to the exchange and more become variables. On paper HFT offers 100% return per month (the math works) but order fills (especially on lower time frames) are at issue.
    • So what is a reasonable return expectation for the time-frames we have identified as the most consistent time-frames with the lowest risk thresholds? We know .5% per day or 120% per year is reasonable (based on real life experience) and we believe 1% a day is attainable. We have seen up to 2% per day (in real life scenario) but the draw down scenarios are outside of our current comfort zone. Maybe in future (as returns are realized) we will slowly release the throttle toward that goal.
    • For now we are going to focus on .5% per day with opportunity for some better days that we believe over a number of weeks will result in .5% – .7% on average. Any changes to the code will be very small and incrementally slower.
    • The primary target we use is Renaissance Technologies reported returns;
      • Renaissance’s flagship Medallion fund, which is run mostly for fund employees,[8] “is famed for one of the best records in investing history, returning more than 35 percent annualized over a 20-year span”.[5] From 1994 through mid-2014 it averaged a 71.8% annual return.
      • If we achieve 120% per year we are doing exceptionally well, we have shown over short duration while testing recently that we can achieve this, the unknown is whether our software can achieve this consistently over a quarter, and a year or more.
  • Order Flow (IDENT).
    • Our software triggers on structure (charting time frames), timing cycles, direction of trade (momentum) and order flow (the IDENT program).
    • Specific to our order flow, it is important to note that as the throttle is released the primary cause of variance or risk threshold widening is the IDENT order flow technology we are developing. In other words, if the throttle is opened to a return of 1% per day vs .5% then the draw-down possibility is much greater because the software is weighing order flow positioning greater than say chart structure. In short the software is following position bias and size based on identified machine trading market players. At issue is the size of account (as I noted above). I mention (or give some description) of the IDENT program and subsequent sizing and positioning as it relates to throttle because the stops widen greatly. A throttle at .5% on average will allow about 11 tick stops (often dynamic trailing) but at 1% the field range in play can be up to 40 or more ticks. It is a structured environment that becomes complex to explain in short but I think you get the idea. The bottom line is that it is most comfortable to have a minimum thirty contract size account for this scenario (as mentioned above) so that when up to five contracts are dealing with a forty tick variance it is not as uncomfortable as a ten contract size account.
  • Summary.
    • We will leave the oil machine trade code risk tolerance throttle for now at where we are most comfortable and where we know it works to the highest degree of certainty, at .5%.
    • Any changes will be small and incrementally slow.
    • This will achieve low down-side risk and consistent gains.


  • Crude Oil Trade Webinar
    • We recently ran a one day crude oil trading webinar and after it was complete I stated that we would run a series of shorter crude oil trading webinars to complete descriptions of various set-ups that I wanted to be sure the attendees all had. Anyway, I had planned to do these on Sundays in the afternoons immediately following but I have not had time. Soon I will be continuing these short webinars to complete the rest of the set-ups (structures) for trading crude oil.
  • Swing Trading Webinar
    • With our very successful swing trading platform (we have achieved 100% per year every year and the first quarter of 2019 has been outstanding) many have asked me to do a one day webinar and I planned to get one in before the end of April. This is still my goal and I expect to get a notice out this week for the one day swing trading webinar. Also the P/L for the swing trades will be released soon (Jen is on it).
  • Webinars for the other algorithm models will also be scheduled soon, watch for updates.

Going Private, Personal Subscriber Conversations, Alerts, Personal Trading Set-Ups

Over the last number of days I have had personal Skype conversations with a number of our retail trading clients and commercial enterprise clients. All of which have asked that we remain at least semi public and all have asked that I provide more personal trade insight and alerts. Even though I desire to take our platform 100% private and only bring our current clients with us I am going to make the following adjustments to our plans and announcements will be forthcoming.

  • I will be doing more personal trading, providing more personal trade set-up insight and alerts over the coming weeks and forward. I feel an obligation to this and to be honest it is win – win because many of the subscribers become friends and day to day the reciprocation of trading set up ideas is beneficial for me also. It is a win win, so yes I get it and I will adjust accordingly.
  • Second, I will make adjustment to our “going dark” and only make it semi private. The details will be announced. I think a happy medium balance is to have a basic application process at entry. My main objective is keeping the “casino mind” retail traders out of our midst because I don’t feel it is my skill to train that out of a beginner. My skill is after the casino mind has humbled a retail trader. In other words, teaching structured discipline rule-set trading. So I will make adjustments and announcements will be made over the coming days.
  • Over the coming weeks I will be reaching out to every subscriber on a personal basis to touch base (as time allows I will contact each of you and there is no obligation, I just think its important to do this at least once a year).

Reporting this Week

  • Reporting this week likely won’t start until sometime Monday or Tuesday but any pertinent charting will be sent in the meantime. We spent the weekend re-setting the code (as described above) and reaching out to many of our subscribers for input.

Thanks so much everyone for being part of this journey, your patience in our petri dish science approach, supporting our work and sticking with our efforts to develop a platform by traders for traders for a better trading future and associated freedom.

Any questions or thoughts send me an email

Best and peace.



Good morning traders,

Last night we spent the majority of our session trouble shooting the load issues with the 1 min oil model, it’s fixed, loads fast.

The EPIC 30 Min model was also revised and sent to bundle members.

The next on our list is getting the hours of trading vid / blog posts done AND yes, the oil machine trade protocols (review recent premarket notes if you’re not sure what I’m on about).

Swing trade updates are in the pipeline next also.

To the oil trading (which also affects other areas of markets)…. the machine trade in markets is becoming increasingly sophisticated (we have a post coming soon on that, some articles I have posted to my Twitter feed in last week also reference this), anyway…. the time frames the machine trade is operating on is frequently moving to a half and a quarter of the regular time frame traders are used to using on any given chart (they are flipping down and up time frames so it becomes important to know when and what time frame the machines are in so that our software triggers to the right time frame and human traders can trigger to the current time frame also). I mention this to say 1) We’ve back tested this now and we’ve got it nailed down (this will affect frequency of alerts) 2) We will provide more detail soon in special posts to explain how to trade the 1/2 and 1/4 time frames 3) This of course affects the protocol documents, hence the delay. Bottom line, we’ve got it nailed down and now we can start moving along again.

So the WIP will start flowing out to clients as a result.

Have a great day.



Premarket Note and Important Client Updates March 8, 2019.

Good morning traders!

Our Schedule.

Last night we were in coding / trade protocol publication conference all night so there was no live trading for me in the overnight session.

I am scheduled in main live trading room (voice / chart broadcast room) at US regular market open (9:30 EST) and during active trade today. Mid day trade setups review in live trading room will be set off until Monday as we are working on completion of the oil trade protocols (yes, still grinding through it).

Sunday we will return to active trade attendance in overnight trade (12:00 midnight EST).

For those unaware, our trading team is on a daily scheduled break from 2:30 PM to 12:00 midnight EST. We are in attendance from 12:00 midnight to 2:30 PM EST. I am typically in the main live broadcast trading room at regular US market open (9:30 AM EST), mid day review (12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST), during any active trading and for special events (weekly EIA, webinars, etc).

Link to live broadcast trading room:

The team will also be in the Discord chat rooms today as usual. If you need a link to access Discord please email us.

Current Work In Progress.

Crude Oil Machine Trade Protocol Document Set:

For those unaware (and for the sake of updating everyone), as noted above we were at it again last night working through the code detail and oil trade protocol publications.

Again, my apologies for being behind on our schedule with this task, unfortunately it happens. The coding work and associated protocols are VERY detailed. With over 8000 instructions in the code it is taking some time to condense those instructions to an easy to reference set of protocol documents for our clients.

We’re close now, while I write this Jeremy has advised me that his final edits are done so I’ll do my last review and send the protocols out to clients this weekend.

The written protocols (rule-set) are a document series intended to assist our clients with being able to reference the trading rule-set (instructions / protocol) our machine trading software is executing trades to.

In other words, when oil trade alerts are sent to alert feeds (private client Twitter feed & client private Discord server chat) marked with an “M” for machine trade, our member will then be able to reference the trade rule-set / set-up specific to that alert. The goal is for our member to know what the trading plan is for each type of alert.

One protocol document (rule-set) for each type of trade set-up alerted to the feeds.

This is another step toward our goal of an intelligent assisted trading platform for our traders / clients. The broadcast trading rooms, Discord chat, newsletter publications, live alerts etc are a start toward that and the protocol documents are the next step. Moving forward near future our developers will be automating the machine trade alerts to the alert feeds, trading rooms etc.

Current Trades.

Oil Trading:

In January we posted over 60% account gains in crude oil trade, February profit and loss statement is above 30% (depending on the account – some less some more, yet to be released – Jen has that on her WIP) and we’re shooting for 100% in March. To get 100% in this environment (see below) is a challenge, but we’re in it to win it. Read on.

Personal Oil Trades – Choppy week for me (personal oil trades) and the machine trading. Yesterday was my first red day in a while.

I AM RETURNING to ONLY THE HIGHEST PROBABLE TRADE SET-UPS after the chop I was in yesterday. You will see less trades from me over the coming days, but the oil trades I do alert will be the highest probable wins and they will be trades I will want to be able to execute in SIZE.

The smaller the account the more chop I experienced yesterday. The larger the account the easier it was to navigate the chop.

Crude Oil Machine Trading – Specific to the machine trading, the protocol document flow due out soon will help our clients understand this better, but for now I will say that the machine trade liquidity in the markets has become extremely advanced, very quickly. And I wouldn’t doubt sophisticated AI manifesting near term.

Machine trade in crude oil liquidity is becoming more advanced literally by the day (we have noticed a substantial recent increase in change). Our timing in this endeavor is really interesting in my opinion.

What am I saying? Well, for example most recently we have noticed the machine traded liquidity in the markets has moved down one and sometimes two time-frames. This means that the machine driven liquidity in crude oil trade is executing trade on half or a quarter minute charting time-frames. Imagine that.

If you can imagine having coded the software (with over 8000 instructions) and written the protocol document rule – sets for over forty set-ups only to find that in sideways consolidated oil trade action that the machine liquidity is now moving from a one minute time-frame in executions to a half or even a quarter minute time-frame. Human traders don’t even have charting for that!

Anyway, that’s what we have found the last ten days in the sideways trade in crude oil (look at a daily crude oil chart).

This has caused us to re-code appropriately, trim our throttle down and down and down again the time-frame that our software will fire trades at and re-do and re-do and re-do the trading protocol documents that our clients will use to reference the trade set-up at each oil trade alert.

I have spoken to our most experienced oil traders (we have some serious veterans in our midst) and all of them had a tough week – and these folks rarely are challenged with trading green.

It was a tough week, but we responded and re-coded, and we’re throttling down the software appropriately so it fires on lower time frames and I am personally adjusting my personal trades to only take the best set-ups with a preference to those that I will be able to size in to.

Swing / Day Trading:

Review all current / swing trades thus far in 2019 and current here (if you need an access code email us):

Protected: Stock Swing Trades On Watch and Current Trade Positions (w/video) | AAPL, GOOGL, NFLX, GOLD, OIL, BABA, ARWR, FB, TWTR, TSLA, MSFT and many more…

In addition to the trades in the document above I am also now in a starter swing trade position in $HIIQ (per yesterday’s alert).

2019 has been really positive in our swing trading platform, the returns have been great and I expect the next time cycle to continue as such. We should see near 100% return on the year if things continue as they are. The first quarter P/L will be out end of month for review.

Just remember to take profits along the way with the winning swing trades and use stops to protect your account equity.

We expect to start the next round of swing trades between now and Tuesday morning of next week.

New Client On-boarding.

Legacy Members:

The only outstanding new client on-boarding are our newest Legacy Members. All new Legacy All Access Members should have received a conference time with myself for this Sunday afternoon or evening. Look forward to connecting with each of you.

New Members:

Before you start executing trades as a client of Compound Trading Group I highly recommend you study and even take a few hours of private trade coaching to be sure you are best set for success in your trading. Too many newer clients to our group start trading way to early in the process.

Study the historical blog posts specific to your trading focus. Examples are the oil algorithm historical posts on the blog, the crude oil trading special articles listed on the Oil Trading Academy page on our website or the Swing Trading historical posts on the blog. Many posts are unlocked over time for public view and if you are a member that needs an access code to a specific post please email us.

You can also study the videos on our YouTube channel. They are raw video feed (so they aren’t packaged for quick consumption sound bites) but if you’re willing to put in the time they will be of great benefit to your trading.

Also of great benefit are the private Discord servers, especially the crude oil server. You can review historical chat and trade set-ups – many new clients have told me this has been of great benefit.

Attendance to the live trading room when I am broadcasting my live trades (or reviewing historical raw video on You Tube) also helps.

And lastly, if you want to take your technical analysis / charting etc to the next level, there is a 20 hour video series available (the Master Class Series recorded last year) for 1499.00. Email Jen at if interested. We cover much of the content at each trading boot camp, but only about 20% of the Master Class Series for Technical Analysis, Charting and Trade Set-Ups.

Upcoming Events.

Special Trade Coaching Webinar Series:

Oil Traders Special Webinar Everything I Know About Trading Crude Oil | Special Webinar Event Series | March 24: 10 AM – 6 PM.

Swing Traders Special Webinar: Stay tuned, to be announced. It will be held in April 2019.

Trade Coaching Boot Camp (in-person or online):

Take your trading to the next level with our lead trader at our next Trade Coaching Boot Camp at Cabarete Beach, Dominican Republic April 19 – 21, 2019.

Recent Press:

News Release: SOVORON™ Selects Compound Trading Group Machine Learning Data | Media Release.

Be sure to reach out if you need any help with your trading.

Have a great day!



New Personal Schedule to Accommodate Peak Trading Times:

Jeremy and I have resigned ourselves to perform daily oil machine trade code updates until only weekly updates are needed (weekly wasn’t going to do it).

Until now we have found ourselves doing the code updates early morning between 3 am and 7 am (then I prep for premarket).

This time slot for updates doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work because the machine trading (and my personal trading) needs to be firing during this time. The overnight session after midnight and in to early morning are important as the global regular markets are opening – many of the daily moves start there and if we’re updating code there is no trading. It also interferes with my equity day trades in to open because I am not prepared properly and swing trade positioning as needed in the premarket session.

So we’re moving the oil machine trade code updates to the time-slot between 8 pm to 12 Midnight each night because futures are normally quiet in that time slot.

We will always be in the trading room daily from regular USA open at 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM.

From 2:30 PM – 8:00 PM we will be on our personal time break daily.

Mid day trade set-ups will normally take place in the main trading room from Noon to 1 PM daily.


The mid day review today went over all the swing trades for 2019 this year so far. We have done exceptionally well with our 2019 swing trades considering the funky markets. This will be an important video (mid day from today) to review when we send it out. It will include a written report. We will next be adding more swing trade set-ups we are watching over the next few days to our swing trade portfolio for 2019.

The crude oil machine trading protocols will be emailed this evening. Early morning today we completed the code updates for all the protocols and now staff are completing the client documents for review of the protocols.

Machine Trade in Oil Alerts Profit / Loss:

The February P&L will be out soon for those that have asked.

January Oil Trade Profit and Loss is here:

Oil Trading Profit/Loss Jan 2019 | +63.05% +63,049.00 41 Wins 3 Losses 93% Win Rate Large Account | Crude Oil Trade Alerts

Trade Alerts:

As of the next session (midnight tonight) you can expect the frequency to increase (up to 200 per month) for the oil trade alerts. The last few days have been riddled with updates (including today) specifically because we’re tying the actual code to the public side protocol documents – they have to match so that when you the trader see an oil alert you can the reference the trade set-up protocol that the machine or myself are trading with. This will help our clients plan their own trade. Anyway, it was a large undertaking (like most others) than we expected. We’re wrapping it all up right now and the trade alerts will reflect completion and higher frequency in to this evening’s session forward. Thanks for your patience.

Onboarding New Clients:

Most commercial and private new clients have been onboarded as I am writing this. However, specific to the newest Legacy Member Clients we have not done the onboarding. I am working on my schedule two weeks out right now and will contact each of you over the next few days to get you scheduled for the onboarding conference call I need to do with each of you. Because it is a 24 access to my trading station it requires more instruction / preparation than most onboarding scenarios. Your fees will not start until after you are successfully onboarded.

Events: Special Webinar Series and Trade Coaching Boot Camp

We have a Special Webinar Event Series starting March 24 running in to April and May of 2019.

The first webinar up is for crude oil traders, the next will be Swing Trading and then so on. Don’t miss out, it may be the only webinar series we do of this kind.

Everything I Know About Trading Crude Oil | Special Webinar Event Series | March 24: 10 AM – 6 PM

Intensive Crude Oil Trade Training Webinar.

Spend a Day With Me March 24, 2019 – I will be hosting a crude oil trading webinar. I will cover everything I know about crude oil trade in a one-time 8 hour special webinar event.

The webinar will cover my strategies for conventional and algorithmic oil trade and charting, intra-day trading, short term swing trading, longer term swing trading, trade sizing, time cycles, key set-ups and much more.

I will explain in detail how I maintain a win rate of better than 90% in crude oil trade (live recorded in our oil trading room and live alerted to our members).

Limited attendance of 25 persons to allow me to take questions and converse as needed to be sure we cover the trading concepts in detail.

Current member clients of Compound Trading Group receive 50% off. Use promo code: member

Early bird registrants prior to March 11, 2019 receive 30% off (cannot be used in conjunction with other offers). Use promo code: early.

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Good morning Traders,

Trading View Data Feeds

The market data feed issue encountered a few days ago has proven to be more complicated in resolution than first assumed. It seems the changes in data flow may be here to stay. This affects a number of charts. For example the 240 min EPIC chart noted in previous communication. This requires our staff to re chart and / or re-integrate to our reporting and software development on our end. In short, it has caused a considerable work load for our staff to adjust.

Report Distribution Timing

Due to the data feed challenge, all weekly reporting will now be distributed over the next 72 hours (we are in final “work-arounds” with data for the new charting to be distributed).

Premarket Report – Trading Room

This will serve as premarket report today and no formal report will be issued.

The trading room will be open today and tomorrow and will be closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Annual Staff WIP

Our communication in the live trading room will be limited to alerts only as we are focused toward getting the reports out and our annual work in progress list fully complete before Jan 1.

2019 Platform Normalization (post software development)

In year one our goal was to simply get lift to our basic trading service platform and that was accomplished.

In year two (2018) our goal was to develop the software for machine trading to the oil model and bring forward various other development and that has been accomplished (it has been much more work than we expected and we are just there).

In year three (2019) our focus will be to normalizing our trading services platform in the first 6 months. Our focus also will be toward trading for profit and building our learning centers for our trading community. In the latter 6 months we will turn our focus back to software development with coding BTC and SPY at minimum. The difference will be that we expect to have staff in each area of the platform so that areas of service are not interrupted (stretched) with a start up staff size.

In summary, this means that we are cleaning up our work in progress from 2018 and going in to 2019 our service will be hyper focused on trading, reporting, trade alerts and the development of learning systems for our membership base.

The time cycle starting in to the new year is significant in size in global markets and we intend to capitalize on the opportunity this brings.

Markets and Trading

Today is the peak of the broad global time cycle. The markets are reflecting such with most of the markets at major support tests.

As noted previous, considerable caution is warranted one week either side of the time cycle.

As we come out the other side of this time cycle our trading will become progressively more aggressive as the days and weeks continue in to next 6 months.

Any questions please reach out.



Markets are mixed (not surprising considering time cycle completion on 20 th ish). Extreme caution between here and 20th ish.

Current Trades:

Looking for a pull back on DGAZ to size next leg above starter.

Holding VIX starter short in TVIX – HIGH RISK TRADE, extreme caution. Likely reverse bias after Dec 20 ish.

Holding SPY long starter. Likely reverse to short after Dec 20 ish.

Holding DWT short starter (however, it looks like oil may take another leg down here, it will either hold here or down another floor). Will size in next leg after a pull back in oil.

Holding ARWR swing starter long (missed my next leg size).

Looking for a possible BTC long swing other side of Dec 20 ish.

Looking for a possible Silver and Gold long other side of Dec 20 ish.

Looking for a possible DXY short other side of Dec 20 ish.

Expect next 6 months to be trading career huge. Massive range. Equity swings will increase as we come out of this time cycle peak – it will be a stock pickers year in 2019 with technical analysis rooting the trade action. My goal is to retire off front lines in 6 months (still here, but off the front lines), to do that my personal trading and machine trading has to be massive to win side.


At 2 PM today I am taking the team in to lock down with me until Sunday night futures. We have to finish the coding updates in oil we discovered necessary with things that happened in trade this week – I know, it takes time and we’re going to get this right. We also got behind due to WordPress updates that completely surprised us. We’ve resolved the issues but this has put our reporting behind. So this needs to also be caught up. And lastly, we have a 2018 work in progress list that has to be completed before Jan 1, 2019. So we’ll be in staff lock-down between 2 pm today and Sunday futures. Next week we will likely do the same around this time of the week to get everything caught up before the new year.

Trading Room Schedule:

I will be in trading room for open and most of the morning. Markets are in flux so I don’t expect much trading (YTBD) and encourage you to stay safe as possible until we’re on other side of Dec 20. Trading room will close near mid day. No mid day review. Trading room will not be open Friday and will re-open for Sunday night futures.

Premarket report may be processed – pending at this point.

Any questions send me a DM or email anytime.


A Quick Member Client Update:

Code: The testing for the EPIC algorithm machine trading has been going well this week. The trades triggered have been successful, a few missed opportunities (no trigger executed) because of “on the fly” updates but all in all we are very pleased with the results. Every trade has been profitable.

Last evening Katie updated our most recent “on the fly” updates to the code.

Post EIA (Thursday this week) we expect 90% + of opportunities on wide structure to trigger. A significant increase.

Markets: Markets are closed for a national day of mourning tomorrow. We see some continued structure building however the inversion is signalling a recession is possible. Yet to be seen.

Positioning Trades: Short term we are looking for long positions in to Christmas. There is (as noted previous) a time cycle completion we are concerned about on Dec 5. So in short we are waiting for that to pass and EIA to pass and then make decisions on sizing positions for a move in to Dec 20 th ish.

Next Level Charting: There is a new EPIC report in editing now that details our newest charting developed for our coding that our client members will be able to use. It is next level, really exciting developments on that end.

Soon we will start on coding SPY and BTC.

Trade Positions: We remain short DWT and are looking for sizing in to it further post EIA.

For other scheduling refer to below. In short, we are in coding intense this week, publishing trading alerts but no reporting or premarket reports etc until this round of coding done late this week. Also BTW update oil and BTC algorithm charting emailed last night to members.

Any questions shoot me an email anytime.

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Per Previous:

Member Client Modified Platform Schedule for Week of December 2, 2018:

As noted previous, we are done the bulk of the coding for EPIC’s machine trading Generation 1. Last week we tested it in live trades (not alerted for the most part) and found a number of rule-set details that required code modification (we expected to be alerting more trades to our members than took place, so this week we are pushing completion details). This is a process that has to executed live between traders and techs – there are many variables. To keep this explanation short, this week we expect to alert most of the trades the machine trading is executing. We see much less variable rule set code tweaking. To be sure we complete the bulk of the testing and tweaks needed we are going to limit some of our other platform services for the majority of the week below as we have limited staff. This process may continue for weeks (the further along the less service throttling will be required) – at regular intervals we will notify members of service schedules as with this update.

If you have any specific questions please send us a note.

Here’s the member client service schedule for the upcoming week:

Alert Feeds: Per normal, specifically we expect more machine trading alerts on EPIC’s Oil feed this week and likely more swing trading alerts (going in to completion of the next time cycle).

Discord Chat Rooms: We will rely more on the chat rooms (of course oil being the main focus currently) than we will the live trading room. We DO NOT EXPECT to be in the live trading room this week. If that changes we will let you know. It will be an intensive week to try and bring the bulk of the coding required to complete the lower time-frames for oil trade decisions to a close. So we expect to be very active on both the alert feeds and the Discord chat (with trades and trade explanations) but not the live trading room.

Live Trading Room: The live trading room will not be used this week unless really intensive trading positions are occurring with large size multi leg trades. Lead trader is not likely to be present in live trading room at market open and for mid day reviews this week Dec 3 – 8th.


Algorithm reporting – the regular algorithm reporting is likely to be near none during the period of Dec 3 – 8th and we will make up the lag time quickly thereafter (again, we are using our staff resource to complete the small time frame coding for the EPIC oil machine trading)

Premarket report – as with the regular weekly reporting above we do not expect to be publishing premarket reports Dec 3 – 8th.

Trade Coaching: Trade coaching already scheduled remains as scheduled.

To summarize, we are in a push to get the lower time frame decisions coded to the oil machine trading. After the oil software is complete we will start on SPY and Bitcoin machine trading. We expect alerts and discord chat (trade related) to increase this week and live trading room to be near zero. The regular weekly reporting for this week will be near zero and we will make up that lag in to the week after Dec 3 – 8th.

Lets have a great trading week!

Jen, Compound Trading Group

Per: Curt