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EPIC V3.1.1 Crude Oil Machine Trading Software Code Upgrade Details | White Paper Update 

June 4, 2020

EPIC crude oil machine trading software is a proprietary software development project with an aim to trade crude oil futures. Historical reference can be found at the linked documents below.

Click here for the original white paper drafts for EPIC V3 Crude Oil Machine Trade Software.

Click here for the most recent update to white for EPIC V3 Crude Oil Machine Trading Software.

Below is a white paper update ispecific to EPIC V3.1.1 software coding update completed for live trade use commencing June 1, 2020.

Purpose of Software Update

EPIC V3.1.1 updates were completed post COVID-19 Black Swan Event for two reasons;

  • The trading range and crude oil volatility has increased, the software was updated to allow for a wider range of trade on larger time frames and more volatility.
  • Limit risk via larger account size requirements (CL futures) and / or utilize CFD accounts. 

Impact to Software

The software now runs with adjusted trade size weighted to larger time frames such as hourly and two hour charting vs. 30 minute charting.

The coding is structurally identical with the exception that larger time frames are given more weight allowing for price action seen post COVID Black Swan.

The software can also run on a CFD platform (as well as CL futures).

Remedy of Risk

Having software coded to larger time frames and increased volatility allows for the software to considerably limit risk, essentially the arena of play got larger.

For a trader following along with alerts, trading CFD’s allows a trader to engage the trade sizing EPIC is firing trades to with a much smaller account considering the software is firing on a 30 account size protocol (300,000.00 USD).

Projected Returns

The V3.1.1 software trials (private) ran at a return (annualized) of 48.9% over a 60 day period. As of June 1, 2020 the software went live on our live trading alert feeds and the results will be regularly made public. Articles will also regularly be written and released to explain the results and team development initiatives as we progress. . 

Business Inquiries.

For information about oil trade alerts, oil trading room and oil trade reporting contact Compound Trading Group at

For information about automated machine trading platforms contact our agent representative Richard Regan as follows:

Phone 1-849-861-0697



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