Premarket Commentary: It’s Going to be a Busy Day in the Markets.

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Morning traders!

As noted a number of times, we expect an intra-week time cycle inflection here (between last evening and end of Thursday). It seems the bulls in various markets agree in premarket.

Reporting tonight will be focused on swing trades in play and alerts reviews, how to structure the trades going forward and Profit and Loss Statement Reviews for Swing Trading Service.


Saber rattling with Iran has begun, oil is on high watch here, also EIA at 10:30 AM today.

Donald J. Trump
I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.
8:08 AM Β· Apr 22, 2020


EPIC V3.1.1 crude oil machine trade software was launched last night, it was an upgrade to execute short term swing trades short in crash scenarios (basically piling on during a crash).

Notes below from the oil trading room:

Curt MelonopolyYesterday at 2:15 PM
@Jeremy i guess we should consider a blow-up protocol update sooner than later take advantage of the party
JeremyYesterday at 2:15 PM
Curt MelonopolyYesterday at 2:17 PM
if they hold this it may not blow up considering possible time cycle intra-week
JeremyYesterday at 2:19 PM
i will retrieve exchane data set on negative price protocols
Curt MelonopolyYesterday at 2:19 PM
mind trip the possibilities in negative
JeremyYesterday at 2:20 PM
pending protocols


EPIC V3.1.1 oil machine trading software started firing trades this morning alerting them to the oil trading room, which means order flow is turning positive for bulls fyi


Google is updating to first page on search results the EPIC Oil Algorithm Twitter feed, this is big news and more on this in a separate article.


Article I wrote last night on US Dollar strength, very important for swing trading and investing bias, more on this in swing trading articles around theme plays in this time cycle.

How to Swing Trade Time-Cycles (Unlocked PT #3): Theme Trading Strategies – How the US Dollar Should Bias Trade Positioning. $USD/CAD $DXY #swingtrading #FX

How to Swing Trade Time-Cycles (Unlocked PT #3): Theme Trading Strategies – How the US Dollar Should Bias Trade Positioning. $USDCAD $DXY #FX


This Thread Shows the Important of Time Cycles in Trading, A Real Time Example of Oil Trade, also article expands on it a bit.

A Real-Time Example of How Time-Cycles Work in Crude Oil Trade 🎯πŸ”₯🏹 #OOTT $CL_F $USO $USOIL $UCO $SCO #oiltrading #tradealerts πŸ‘‡

This thread shows live oil trade alerts from the oil trading room this morning (Discord) and how the algorithmic charting and time cycles provide an edge for oil traders.

A real-time example of how time-cycles work in crude oil tradeΒ 

#OOTT $CL_F $USO $USOIL #timecycles Down pointing backhand index

I will be on mic in trading room for any trading today in live trading room and EIA.

Good luck out there!



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