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Good morning traders!

A quick memorandum to update everyone on the status of my travel and the main trading room, oil room, alerts and reporting.

Prior to leaving on my extended trip to the Caribbean and having an itinerary focused to visiting island nations we did what we understood to be proper due diligence with respect to internet availability, suitability (mbps for example) and predictability (power outages etc).

Well…. the very first location fell very short and instead of delivering 100 mbps internet we got 9 mbps and that just wont do the job. So we spent the last 24 hours attempting to route all my trading and charts etc through a data centre in north america and that just didn’t work.

So in short, after nearly 24 hours of tech gymnastics we have an installation booked for this Friday at the flat I am at. The installation is for internet mbps speed that will more than handle the requirements of the trading rooms, alerts and reporting. Which really puts us in good stead for the weekend reporting (updating all the algorithms and reporting) and ready for Monday morning.

Between now and Monday all services will be intermittent at best – including Thursday and Friday trading room, 24 hour oil room, evening newsletter reporting, swing trading reports, alerts etc. But the weekend updates will be done in full and all systems back to normal for Monday morning.

The folks that have reached out to become involved at various levels in our launch (such as moderators in oil trading room) – we will contact you immediately after getting our tech issues solved and our weekend reporting caught up this weekend.

And finally the newest version of our Gold algo will also be delayed until this weekend and launched then.

I do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we will of course be crediting appropriate time to member accounts (extension at renewal time). Actually, many of you I have spoke to through this very aggravating ordeal have been more than encouraging and supportive so I appreciate that very much!

So we’ll do our best between now and our hook-up on Friday but with no guarantees at all.

Next leg of the travel (in a few months) I will be sure to triple check the service at the destination location before departing.

Best and thanks again for being the trading group you guys and gals continue to be.

See ya in room Thursday morning and hopefully we’ll have some service consistency (at least enough to get a trading day in would be nice).

Talk soon.




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