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All Access* Membership to Compound Trading Platforms.

Introductory Pricing: 1499.00 per month or 9999.00 per year on auto-renewal subscription basis. Cancel anytime. Price increase protection if subscription does not expire.

Includes all access to all Newsletters, Alerts, Trading Rooms, Algorithm Models, Online Coaching Events, Webinars and 24 hour live access to the Lead Traders personal trading desk (via webcam as available).

*Some services are excluded (that have limited space for example), such as Trading BootCamp in person attendance (virtual attendance is included) and one-on-one trade coaching is not included but all virtual coaching class events are included. Commercial licensing is not included.

As more services are launched they are included. For example the machine trading platform (coding of algorithms) launching 2018 and all access to lead trader trading platform via webcam are included.

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