“The Nut Hand” Today’s Huge Oil Trade Win. Exactly How It Was Done. How I Knew & How You Can Too.

How I Knew I Had “The Nut Hand”. Oil Trade Secrets Explained in This Article: 1. How We

How I Knew I Had “The Nut Hand”. Oil Trade Secrets Explained in This Article:

1. How We Traded Oil For A Massive Win (Using EPIC the Oil Algorithm and Other Charting).

2. How You Can Learn Our Process And Trade Oil for Big Profits Too (We Made it Easy).

3. How We Win Near 100% of Live Alerted Trades (Time Stamped, Live Alerted, Recorded).

The Article Below Includes Screen Shots of Live Alerts and Chat Room Guidance.

Anytime someone says they don’t lose when trading it makes my skin crawl – so I get it. I’m a thirty year veteran and every trading veteran knows nobody wins all the time.

BUT if you spend the time to investigate our record you will re-learn what it means to win in today’s machine influenced oil markets. You will quickly witness how you can win almost every time you trade oil, you will know when you have the “nut hand” (and really win when you do and lose small when you don’t).

If you need to learn how to trade oil, or if you need to improve your trading performance for improved returns or if you simply need to refine your existing process – I can guarantee that learning to trade properly in the new machine influenced oil markets will literally change your life.

Enjoy your journey and if you could at some point send me an email about your experience(s) with our process as you may find time. I would appreciate knowing the details of your journey.

– Curt, Lead trader and developer of this process.

A few things you need to know before we look at the technical detail:

  • We have not been on the losing side of an oil trade alert in many, many weeks (time stamped, recorded, alerted live for review) – I would have to look it up on EPIC’s alert feed but I’m sure it’s near 3 months now (or so) since we last lost on an oil trade alert. The point is this, our methods are now so refined that the signals we are providing are obviously very predictable, can be duplicated (with some rudimentary study) and quite frankly are the best oil trading signals we can verify anywhere in the world (the others doing this work simply do not share – they go dark). Our win rate on that EPIC Oil Algorithm live alert feed is nearing 100% since inception (over-all, and improved as time goes on). This should give any student of the oil trading markets significant confidence to take the time to learn how we are doing it.
  • The Process Can Be Easily Learned and Easily Duplicated. The process used is a series of decisions that appears complicated at first glance but is so easy that it is truly becomes near boring (it looks complicated initially because there are a number of decisions in the process and the student needs to do some study) but when you understand the decisions to be made before entering a trade it is then almost easy – nearly paint by numbers trading. I am multi-tasking numerous functions all day every day (I can’t focus, it is impossible), and yet I have not alerted a losing trade in months. I look at the oil algorithm to make oil trading decisions for at most ten minutes a day. In other words, once you learn the process it takes near zero time to study and then execute your trades with top notch results.
  • You Will Need the Algorithm. You will need to use the oil algorithm charting model along with other conventional charting models (even I will not take an entry without first reviewing the algorithm and other very specific more conventional charting). You can learn how to use our indicators in many ways – all of which (as noted above) become really simple to execute on once learned. And the bonus is you will not need to spend time with and know the news events of the day or any other fundamentals to achieve our winning results. We provide a live alert feed on Twitter for oil trades, weekly newsletters with updates to the algorithm charting (along with other conventional technical charting) and we also have a private chat room server on Discord for our traders where I regularly provide our traders guidance in the oil markets and trading plan in advance. New students can even study the historical member chat in the private feed, which in my opinion is a fantastic way to learn. And if that isn’t enough to be sure you become a pro, I will provide private coaching online (via Skype) as time allows.
  • It Will Take Time to Learn (but very little relatively speaking). You will not learn every detail of how we do it by only reading the article below but it will give you an excellent idea of how it’s done (if you’re new or investigating our process) and for existing members the information below will be an excellent trade review for continued learning and refinement of the process.

Let’s get on with a step by step explanation of how this intra-day oil trade win was done:

The trade set-up, it was Wednesday June 27 in premarket and the day of the EIA report at 10:30 AM. Leading in to the EIA reporting (Tuesday at 4:30 and Wednesday at 10:30) and then out the other side of the report is when I most like to trade oil. Basically I prefer to trade oil between Sunday evening when futures open and Wednesday mid day.

The Play by Play of The Trade:

Below is screen shot of the private member oil chat room server in Discord of the first oil trade alert of the day today from me (we also alerted it on EPIC’s live Twitter oil alert feed – you can view EPIC Oil Algorithm public Twitter feed here), the oil alert wording was as follows;

“Long 71.21” and then “hoping we squeeze in to EIA” and minutes later oil trade confirmed and I legged in heavy with an add alert “add 71.28”.

I also posted a screen shot of the EPIC Oil Algorithm model (based on a 30 minute time-frame) from my personal trading screen to the discord chat room along with the alerts.

Below are some (not all) of the buy signals that initiated the long side oil trade alert at the time and at that specific place (timing) in the model;

On the EPIC oil trading algorithm (represented in this instance on a conventional 2D chart for our oil traders and members) oil was trading above important resistance on the algorithm model (horizontal purple lines etc you see on the chart where trade was just above) and oil was trading past the peak time cycle in the trading quadrant (the widest area of the quadrants on the model are the peak in each cycle.

Imagine the trading quadrants as a baseball diamond as outlined with the orange dotted lines you see on the chart below. Draw a line from 2nd base straight down to the catcher and that is the peak time cycle in the trading quadrant, that is where the machines have the widest opportunity for trade and will often run trade up or down in to and out of the time cycle – it would / may take more time to explain or you can also review some explanation of our oil trading algorithm best use with videos on YouTube or study the private member oil chat room discord server).

Oil, trade alert, chatroom

Screen shot member oil chat room first oil trade alert of day – Long 71.21 hoping we squeeze in to EIA

Below is a screen shot of the corresponding alert on EPIC’s Real-Time Twitter Feed;

Long, Crude, Oil, Trade, Alert

Long 71.21 oil trade alert. Oil Algorithm (EPIC) FX $USOIL $WTI $USO $UWT $DWT $CL_F #OIL #Algorithm #OOTT #Alerts

And the corresponding add to position live alert on EPIC’s Twitter Feed;

add, oil, trade, alert

Add 71.28 oil trade alert. Oil Algorithm (EPIC) FX $USOIL $WTI $USO $UWT $DWT $CL_F #OIL #Algorithm #OOTT #Alerts

Also, you can see on the 1 minute algorithmic “on the fly” charting below (our members had access to in the oil chat room) that trade actually came off after my initial long side trade alert (important to enter with a test size on first entry) – see the green arrow on the chart. Anyway… I was able to sit through the intra-day small retrace because I had the buy side signals “I had the nut hand”.

In other words, it was a structured trade – I had the “nut hand” (in poker, the nut hand is the strongest possible hand in a given situation) and if a trade is structured to the rules of process I know I will win (specific to oil and the EPIC model) at least 90% or more of the time (and more recently closer to 100%). So while the trade is structured – I have the “nut hand”, I rigidly stay in the trade – and position sizing is key for comfort in that.

A couple other notes with reference to the chart below;

  • When oil retraced after my initial trade, if I was paying close attention (and I wasn’t because my days are crazy busy) then I would have added to the trade when it turned bullish again on the 1 minute right before trade hit that diagonal Fibonacci trend line you see on the chart below. In fact, our coding team (that is designing the software for this algorithm model for our intelligent assisted trading platform did nail the add to the trade and totally destroyed my ROI.
  • When oil confirmed over that green horizontal line (mid quadrant resistance or the buy / sell signal on all of our models on all time frames) I alerted the long side adds to the trade and really hammered down on the position. This is a key area of our trading process.
oil, trade, alert, chart

One minute algorithmic on the fly chart trade came off after initial long side oil trade alert- see green arrow. #oiltradealert #oil

Next is a screen shot of alert in to the live trading chat room to trim half at 71.39 place stop 71.26 on remaining half and resistance guidance. The resistance guidance was specific to the algorithm and the one minute charting.

sell, alert, trim, stop, oil

Screen shot of alert to trim half at 71.39 place stop 71.26 on remaining half and resistance guidance. #oil #trading #chat

Below is the screen shot of the corresponding oil trim trade alert as it was on EPIC’s Twitter feed. Notice we provide more detail for members in the Discord chat room. This becomes very important at times and can be very encompassing. It can go way beyond the simple alerts on the Twitter feed.

twitter, oil, trade, alert, trim

Trim 71.39 oil trade alert. Oil Algorithm (EPIC) FX $USOIL $WTI $USO $UWT $DWT $CL_F #OIL #Algorithm #OOTT #Alerts

Oil chat room screen shot of next trade alert to trim long at 71.52 25 percent and hold 25 percent.

oil, trading, chatroom, alert, trim long

Oil chat room screen shot of next trade alert to trim long at 71.52 25 percent and hold 25 percent.

And the corresponding live alert on Twitter is below;

Twitter, crude, oil, alert, trim

Trim 71.52 oil trade alert. Oil Algorithm (EPIC) FX $USOIL $WTI $USO $UWT $DWT $CL_F #OIL #Algorithm #OOTT #Alerts

Below is the chat room posted final crude oil trade alert to close part at 71.78 and the final 12.5 percent at 71.74 and hold 0 percent at chart resistance on both the 1 min simple generation one charting (on the fly) and the primary EPIC charting 30 minute model. And trade came off intra-day after we closed.

final, crude, oil, trade alert, close

Final crude oil trade alert to close final 12.5 percent at 71.74 and hold 0 percent at chart resistance.

And the live alerted corresponding Twitter alerts are below;

oil, trade, alert

Trim 71.78 oil trade alert. Oil Algorithm (EPIC) FX $USOIL $WTI $USO $UWT $DWT $CL_F #OIL #Algorithm #OOTT #Alerts

final, oil, trade alert, close

Close last 71.74 oil trade alert. Oil Algorithm (EPIC) FX $USOIL $WTI $USO $UWT $DWT $CL_F #OIL #Algorithm #OOTT #Alerts

And then the post EIA 1030 Wed trade alert with algorithm trading plan price targets was posted “I usually wait for 2nd 5 min candle to trade oil after report is released”. See the screen shot below with the green arrows in the algorithm – those are the price targets for the trade set-up I posted.

post, EIA, algorithm, trading, plan, alert

And then the post EIA 1030 Wed trade alert with trading plan price targets were posted – usually wait 2nd 5 min candle

And then this happened, crude oil shot up right through the price targets on the algorithm from the alert.

algorithm, price, targets, alert, EIA, oil

And then this happened, oil shot up right through the price targets from the alert.

And I missed the trade because I was on a conference call. But our coding team totally destroyed the move and many of my clients reported awesome trades in that time period.

Hope the information above helps you understand a bit about how we trade oil, how we know we have “the nuts”, why we near never lose now, how that is actually possible in today’s oil markets and how we can help you do the same.

Best and peace.



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