September Live Trading Room Challenge, News, Events, Q & A and More information below will be of value to existing members, those asking about our services and new on-boarding members.

Good morning!

I responded to existing member questions and emailed a number of welcome letters to new members over the last 24 hours and as I’ve went along sending the email responses I’ve added and edited information.

To be sure you all have the information included in various emails to new trader members on-boarding to our services and various other questions, I have included a master new member on-boarding letter example below that you can review (it’s more efficient in these busy times at Compound Trading).

This letter also serves as important service updates to existing members to Compound Trading.

I will also publish this to our public facing blog and include a link to this document from our question and answer and home pages on our website (it has been some time since it has been updated).

Below is the new member on-boarding information example (actual new member email that was emailed – excluding private information): 

Welcome to Compound Trading Group! 


Your subscription for the main trading room (main trading room in this new member example) starts Sept __ and expires Oct __ – it does not automatically renew. If you wish to continue in future simply re-visit the shop page, you can cancel anytime.


Be sure to read our Disclosure and Terms and Conditions. There are a number of trading / alert platforms executed to and by our lead trader and/or trading team.


September Trading Challenge


Our lead trader (link to third-party Agilience Authority Index: “Curtis Melonopoly is rated Top 250 in world for stock exchanges, covering also Economy of the United States and Mathematical Finance“) will be in attendance to the main trading room the month of September, 2018 from Thurs Sept 6 pre-market through to Sept 31 recording his attempt for personal best. The video recordings of his September trading challenge will be available thereafter at our online trading academy link – many trading highlight / review videos and feature blog posts will also come from his attendance. You can find the Compound Trading You Tube channel here and our trading information blog is here (unlocked and member locked posts – many article posts are unlocked to public for study reasons over time also).


About Our Lead Trader / Trading Team at Compound Trading

Our lead trader is a thirty year veteran that services a wide swath of clients from beginning learning traders (in private trade coaching and trade boot camps) to significant institutional funds (conventional technical data services through to algorithmic structured data).

You will find the technical skill-set of our staff to be above average and at times perhaps even challenging. Keep in mind however, that we present trading set-ups in such a way that even the early learning trader to the world’s most sophisticated managed money firms have the data they need to execute trading plans.

We have many new traders that have on-boarded to our trading methodologies that have learned to trade from scratch that are now trading in the top 10% on the market (our minimum goal for our members).

Read the first post in the Freedom Traders series for an idea of where our lead trader started, his story that includes a painful learning process and how this may help you as a trader that needs to learn how to trade in the green.

When You Learn It You Are Free. My Personal Stock Trading Story. Part 1 of “Freedom Traders” Series.

In short, you will have access to very conventional charting through to advance structured algorithmic structured charting (including black box) – traders at all levels of growth find it advantageous.

The Trading Focus of Our Lead Trader / Trading Team

Our lead trader and/or trading team alerts trades in the following instrument categories; regular equity markets, futures and crypto currencies. His trading focus encompasses; the seven primary algorithm models in development at Compound Trading, day-trading momentum stocks (usually premarket and/or early in regular market hours) and swing trading conventional equities (as swing trades are triggering buy/sell areas of the charting models he will execute trade alerts at various levels). There are over one hundred equities that we are developing algorithm models for on our swing trading platform.

The financial instruments we trade and/or alert to our members include; regular equities and derivatives (day-trading and swing trading), commodity futures, commodity ETNs and ETFs, Crypto futures and swaps (mainly Bitcoin $BTC $XBT swaps). We also have an options platform add-on currently in development and is being used by our team now.

The seven Algorithmic Models and accompanied Newsletters are as follows; Crude Oil $WTI $CL_F $USO, Crypto $BTC $XBT, SP500 $SPY, Volatility $VIX, Gold $GLD $GC_F, Silver $SLV and the US Dollar $DXY. Each newsletter option provides (as available during development); announcements, video training, algorithm models, conventional charting, day-trade and swing-trade set-ups, buy-sell triggers, trade-alert & price-target re-caps, news and trading plans.

We also publish a morning pre-market report as time allows by our lead trader (subscription, but included with live trading room subscription) and after-market reports on occasion (free).

In summary, the algorithmic trading models developed at Compound Trading Group are conventional charts built out to include algorithmic charting (structured charting for deeper insight and knowledge of the instrument trade), through to coding for our near term digital trader platforms and machine trading).

You will witness in the trading room and on reports sent to members conventional charting on various time-frames to various forms of algorithmic charting models for the various trading instruments we trade in the markets. The structured algorithmic trade charting models are advantageous to traders learning, advanced traders, technical and fundamental traders, option traders and more.

September Trading Challenge

You may have seen this Tweet on the lead trader’s feed with respect to the September Live Trading Room Challenge;

Trading for my personal best for 1 month in September. Live in main trading room daily. Recording the whole month. 3 ways to watch live.

– Live Trading Room 999.00
– EPIC Oil Algorithm Bundle 399.00
– Trading Students 399.00
– Video set after 1499.00

There are a number of ways to become involved and learn from the September Trading Challenge, they are as follows:

Live Trading Room 999.00.

  • The link to subscribe to Main Trading Room is here.
  • Main Trading Room subscription includes Premarket Newsletter, Real Time Twitter Alerts, Main Trading Room with broadcast and charting, Private Discord Daytrading Chat Server) *Requires application to acceptance and non disclosure execution prior to attendance.

EPIC Crude Oil Algorithm Trading Room Bundle 399.00.

Trading Students 399.00.

  • Trading students can take advantage of the one month trading challenge for a special one time fee of 399.00. We want the new traders to learn and as such our existing students have been given a bit of a break here. Email Jen direct at for an invoice to be sent to you as there is no option for this special on our website store.

Videos: Learning to Trade Video Set (when Trading Challenge is complete) 1499.00.

  • Email us to get on the list or simply download the series from our online store at the trading academy section of our website when the video set is posted for sale. Current members will receive 30% off.
  • This video series will be advantageous for the beginning trader, intermediate and advanced.

Legacy Trading Membership 1499.00.

  • The legacy membership is for serious full-time traders that want access to all of our services (some exclusions below) and direct 24 hour video feed access (web cam) to our lead trader’s trading desk.
  • Includes all access to all Newsletters, Alerts, Trading Rooms, Algorithm Models, Online Coaching Events, Webinars and 24 hour live access to the Lead Traders personal trading desk (via webcam as available).
  • Some services are excluded (that have limited space for example), such as Trading BootCamp in person attendance (virtual attendance is included) and one-on-one trade coaching is not included but all virtual coaching class events are included. Commercial licensing is not included.
  • As more services are launched they are included. For example the machine trading platform (coding of algorithms) launching 2018 and all access to lead trader trading platform via webcam are included.
  • Follow this link to register as an All Access Legacy Member.

Attendance of Lead Trader in September in the Main Trading Room is structured as follows (the trading  in September will be open 24 hours a day):

Live Trading Room Schedule.

Sunday Futures Trading starting at 6 PM Eastern – Usually action does not start until later around 2 -3 AM Monday morning and in to premarket on regular markets. But he is typically in attendance at futures open Sunday around 6 PM. He usually alerts to his Twitter and/or in Discord when he is in session for futures.


He typically notifies clients in the premarket report and copied to his Twitter feed and / or Discord main channel lounge of his schedule for each trading day.


Premarket 9:15 – 9:30 (at times he does trade premarket also and will engage the room earlier than 9:15, he usually alerts members on email, Discord and or Twitter that he is in room in premarket trading when this occirs)


Market Open 9:30 – 11:30


Mid Day Review 12:00 – 12:30

Futures Markets 6:00 PM and through the night session.

Various other Attendance – he alerts to members as needed.


After the end of September he and the trading team will continue in the trading room, at intervals typically as noted above and perhaps not at as high of frequency at times (specific schedule pending travel and other professional obligations).


Trade Alerts

Trading set-ups / trades are alerted to various platforms (depending on the trade) as follows; regular reporting newsletters, special reports sent to members, various Twitter alert feeds, in the live trading room and to the trading chat rooms on Discord (there are private member servers and a public facing side of our Discord trading chat room channel). Click the link to attend to the public facing side of the channel and as / if you subscribe to specific services for specific instruments there are private side chat rooms and associated invite link(s) that will be made available to you (the private side servers are specific to the algorithmic models in development for oil, crypt etc and swing trading.

As a main day-trading room member your access is to the main trading room and public side Discord Server Chat Room (there is no private Discord server for the main trading room).

The Twitter alert feeds for the swing trading / day-trading are included in your membership for the main trading room (follow the Twitter account feed links below). The oil and crypto trade alerts are add-ons you may or may not wish to subscribe to in future.

As a member to the live trading room will provide you access to our team’s trades anyway but some members just find the alert feeds on Twitter to be additionally convenient. Many trades are discussed and/or alerted to main trading room that are not otherwise alerted to Twitter feeds.

Trade alert feeds are found here (please return an email to us so we know your Twitter feed and can open the trading alerts feed to you);

Day-trading Alerts

Swing Trading Alerts – Swing trade alerts are also now alerted by way of email to members (in addition to Twitter).

Crude Oil Trade Alerts

Crypto (Bitcoin, BTC, XBT) Trade Alerts

Newsletters Currently in Update (processing rotation flow).

We are updating our algorithmic and charting models on all of our services to be released to members prior to the September 14 -16 Cabarete Trade Coaching Event. The goal is to use the event as a time to have all services upgraded for members and bring our models another step forward.

At times you will find the newsletter rotations and / or lead trader attendance to the main trading room to be intermittent.

In other words, depending on our development mode in modeling and/or software coding and development, timing in markets, seasonality and various other factors the newsletters may be daily, weekly or more intermittent. This is an important consideration as a member. For example, recently during earnings we published five weeks of swing trading newsletters in a ten day period for our swing trading members. Normally there would be approximately one newsletter per week in that specific service. The swing trading newsletter regular rotation is recommencing this week, but that is an example.

Also note that at times we publish updates to models, charting, trade set-ups etc to members by direct email, in the private side discord channels specific to the instrument and subscription, to You Tube and in various other ways.

The bottom line to this topic is that all updates have to be out to members prior to the September 14, 2018 trade coaching event and following the event we expect to be on a fairly predictable rotation until the next surge in updates (usually every 3 months or so).

Main Services Menu and Locking in Member Fees

Follow this link to the main trader services pricing and features menu page for clarification and / or a simple one page menu board to our trading services structure as needed.

Our members fees for the most part steadily increase in price, this applies only to new registering members as long as you do not allow your existing subscription to expire. Most subscriptions are not automatically renewed and as such you need to revisit the online store and / or reach out to us at renewal or provide payment on time to invoices emailed to you.

The next price increases are expected mid September.

Contacting Us

As needed you can contact our lead trader direct on his personal Twitter feed, in Discord on private message or on email at You can contact myself at info@compoundtrading or in Discord.


The Main Trading Room

To log in to the main trading room follow this link (as of Thursday premarket – he will not be in attendance today, Wednesday);

The password is “_____” and you will be updated to password changes as they occur by way of email.

The trading room is not a chat room in the typical sense (as with less advanced trading rooms). Try and keep chat to private messages – you will find our clients to be serious (many are professional / institutional money managers, run commercial trading enterprises or are monitoring the trading room as they attend to their regular professions) – the need for trader chat is as such limited in the main trading room (unless of course you are wanting to share a trade set-up and thesis for the trade and/or trade alerts of some form).

The focus is on the broadcasts by our lead trader and or trading team specific to the schedule and instruments I’ve noted above.

Reach Out

Anything at anytime you need please reach out to us.

Welcome aboard and lets get you trading.

Warm regards,



How to Trade the Allergan (AGN) Stock Move $AGN. 

Trading Plan in this Edition Includes:

  • Allergan the Company,
  • Fundamental / News Trade Set-up,
  • Technical Trade Set-up;
    • Allergen (AGN) Charting,
    • Simple Algorithmic Chart Structure (model) with;
      • Price Targets,
      • Fibonacci Support and Resistance
      • Trading Quadrants (diagonal Fibonacci trend-lines)
      • Trending Trade / Chart Channels (prospective).

Welcome to the newest member / mailing list exclusive trade set-up that has significant possible return. 

If you missed the most recent feature post you can find it here; 

“How to Swing Trade Like the Pros and Win Most Trades.”

#swingtrading #freedomtraders

Allergan the Company:

The company website can be found here

The Wikipedia page for those unaware of Allergan (AGN) the company is here

Reuters Allergan stock company profile is here

Fundamental Trading Set-Up (historical trade, news, sentiment):

Allergan has been trading in a massive time cycle completion pattern on the weekly charting.

Sentiment has not been great with articles like this;

This Week in Sex: A Big Birth Control Fail for Drug Company Allergan Jun 1, 2018, 5:04pm Martha Kempner

And then yesterday news that Carl Icahn is back in the Allergan play:

Carl Icahn has built a small position in Allergan Plc, according to people familiar with the matter, as the drugmaker plans to spin off its women’s health and antibiotic divisions.

Icahn’s motivation and the size of his investment remain unclear, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the matter is private. Icahn previously held a position in Allergan, disclosing a stake in 2016 that was sold in the first quarter of 2017, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.


AGN Technical Trade Set-up (the chart):

As noted above, AGN has been trading in a massive structural weekly pattern with a time cycle concluding on or about June 6 (I had previously posted June 4 but when you magnify the large structure it is closer to June 6 – either way it is not important as the structure is very large and a few days or even a few weeks shouldn’t be given a lot of weight when considering a large weekly time-frame chart structure).

Below is the AGN chart structure static image and link to the real-time chart:

See Really excited for the huge $AGN time cycle conclusion on or about June 4, 2018. #swingtrading #setups

$AGN static chart. May 31 – Career trade setting up imo. #swingtrading

AGN, chart, weekly

$AGN static chart. May 31 – Career trade setting up imo. #swingtrading

ALLERGAN (AGN) May 30 – Really excited for the huge $AGN time cycle conclusion on or about June 4, 2018. $AGN #swingtrading #setups

AGN, chart, set-up, swingtrading

ALLERGAN (AGN) May 30 – Really excited for the huge $AGN time cycle conclusion on or about June 4, 2018. $AGN #swingtrading #setups

How to Trade AGN.

It is early yet… in that the time-cycle for the trade is at the end of one cycle and starting the new, nonetheless, below are your chart trade set-ups should the move in the stock confirm.

This is scenario one:

If $AGN holds 147.00 as trade gets on other side of time cycle it should target upper price targets on this model.

Real-time AGN chart

AGN, chart, trading, plan

If $AGN holds 147.00 as trade gets on other side of time cycle it should target upper price targets on this model. #swingtrading

ALLERGAN (AGN) 4 Hour Chart View with Price Targets. $AGN #chart

AGN, trading, price targets, chart

ALLERGAN (AGN) 4 Hour Chart View with Price Targets. $AGN #chart

How to Swing Trade AGN. Prospective trading channel.

And below is AGN Trading Plan scenario two (obviously these are scenarios, trade price):

Real-time AGN chart link:

ALLERGAN (AGN) The trade I am looking for is over 165.50 preferrably to follow this trend forward. YTBD. $AGN #watchlist #swingtrading #chart

AGN, chart, channel, trading, plan

ALLERGAN (AGN) The trade I am looking for is over 165.50 preferrably to follow this trend forward. YTBD. $AGN #watchlist #swingtrading #chart

In Closing:

I will re-iterate that a few hours of trade coaching or study on exactly how to trim in to resistance and how to add to your positions on winners and how to cut losses properly and quickly will return huge dividends.

You can subscribe to our Weekly Swing Trading Newsletter service here, use temporary Promo Code “30P” for 30% off Reg 119.00 Sale Price 83.30.

Or click here to subscribe and get 30% off Real-Time Swing Trading Alerts Reg 99.00 Sale Price 69.37 use temporary Promo Code “Deal30” for 30% off.

I personally guarantee our swing trading service is one of the best in the business and it’s very reasonably priced considering the technical expertise invested in the platform.

Any questions feel welcome to contact me anytime.

Best with this trade!

Peace and best.



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Curtis Melonopoly (@curtmelonopoly) is rated Top 250 Stock exchanges authority, covering also Mathematical finance and Economy of the United States.

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Article Topic; ALLERGAN (AGN) CHART. How to Trade Allergan, AGN, #swingtrading #daytrading

How to Trade the Imminent Apple Stock Move $AAPL

Fundamental and Technical Catalyst Set-Up:

Apple has been trading / consolidating in a range around a critical pivot that we have been posting about for some time now. With the news release schedule this Monday June 4, 2018 we expect a move in to the news or out the other side. Either way there should be a decent swing trade setting up here.

The Apple Chart.

Apple chart support and upside move test on deck with 20 MA coming up to 185.78 support and current trade at 197.90 $AAPL #swingtrading

Apple Real-Time Chart Link:

How to Trade Apple.

Either side of the main buy / sell trigger (pivot) in this range are the important levels to watch. The pivot is 188.61 and the important upside test Fib is at 199.44 and the important support is 185.78 area.

With the 20 MA moving up through the lower support and nearing intra-day trade this could get interesting here. If price loses the 20 MA watch for the support to break. If that breaks at 185.78 then price targets 181.75.

If price trends up with 20 MA then next resistance is the 199.44 and above that is a good upside swing risk next pivot at 200.66.

It seems with the news below (announcements on June 4, 2018 per CNBC) and how well Apple held up in today’s sell-off that the risk reward is still to the bullish side. But let the test of the upside resistance prove the bull thesis out.


$AAPL Apple will lay out its plans and priorities for the next year on Monday: Here’s what to expect

Buy / Sell Triggers to Watch for a Swing Trading the move (approximate):










Apple ($AAPL) Static Chart:

$AAPL, Apple, stock, chart, swingtrading

Apple support and upside move test on deck with 20 MA coming up to 185.78 support and current trade at 197.90 $AAPL #swingtrading



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Curtis Melonopoly (@curtmelonopoly) is rated Top 250 Stock exchanges authority, covering also Mathematical finance and Economy of the United States.

Compound Trading Platform: Algorithm model charting for $SPY, $VIX, #OIL, #GOLD, #SILVER, #Crypto ($BTC Bitcoin, $ETH, $LTC, $XRP,) $DXY US Dollar and Swing Trading Newsletter. Live trading rooms for daytrading and oil traders. Private coaching and live alerts.

How We Are Trading The Impending Tesla Stock Move

Tesla stock has been a wild ride lately and with earnings scheduled after market May 2, 2018 this should be an excellent trade (either way).

Below is a trading plan for trading Tesla up or down with price targets, support and resistance levels, buy sell triggers and time cycle peaks. But first… a few announcements on what’s new at Compound Trading!

What’s New!

April Sale On Now! 10 Promo Codes Per Select Items Only – 30% Off. Sale items end April 30, 2018 or if the Promo Code limit for the specific item has been reached (10). If there is no sale price beside the item listed the maximum promo codes have been used. Click here for available Promo Codes.

Interested in free swing trading setups? Click here to sign up for the Complimentary Swing Trading Report Mailing List.

Information about our next trade coaching event May 4, 5, 6 can be found here Trade Coaching Boot Camp.

Now available for serious traders – Legacy All Access Membership.

24 Hour Crypto Trading Desk opens May 2018 along with our Coding Algorithm Models for Machine Trading. Formal announcements to follow.

Tesla Trading Plan

I have been posting this trade set-up for some time, and we have done well with the trades since. But here forward it could get even better. Here’s a post from April 4, 2108 on Trading View that details the Tesla trading chart structure.

Earnings catalyst:

Here’s the Nasdaq website link for Tesla earnings: Tesla, Inc. is expected* to report earnings on 05/02/2018 after market close. The report will be for the fiscal Quarter ending Mar 2018.

About Tesla:

For those that need to know a little about the company Tesla, here is the Wikipedia Tesla page link: Tesla, Inc. (formerly Tesla Motors) is an American company that specializes in electric vehicles, energy storage and solar panel manufacturing based in Palo Alto, California.

And Here is Why Tesla Could Be A Historic Trade Opportunity.

Tesla is bar none the most hated stock on Wall Street.

Tesla has the highest short interest of any major company. As I write, more than 30% of Tesla’s float is being shorted – up significantly in the last two weeks. That’s an utterly massive level of shorting for a stock with a $47 billion market capitalization. Simply put, being short Tesla is a very crowded trade right now.

And shorts are making a very big mistake.

That is a quote from this article; The Biggest Mistake Tesla Short Sellers Are Making Right Now.

And the writer could be right!

And there is a never ending array of news coverage on the Tesla story as we lead up to earnings…

Musk’s ‘no new capital’ promise faces scrutiny when Tesla reports results

Either way, our job as traders is to trade price action, so below is your technical chart set-up to trade Tesla either way for massive profit!

Here’s your technical chart set-up for trading Tesla $TSLA.

$TSLA closed April 26 at 285.48.

This set-up is a long over 280.00.

Your next major resistance is at 303.90 so be sure to trim longs in advance of that and then if resistance is breached add over that to the next resistance and then rinse and repeat. The horizontal fib lines on the chart show you support and resistance points. Also of note are the red dotted horizontal lines, they are also support and resistance lines, they represent historical support and resistance levels that can affect trade – pay some note to them also.

If 280.00 support (which is the main pivot in this trading range… mid trading quad support) then look to support at 255.60. If you’re short you will want to start covering in advance of trade getting to 255.60. If that is breached to the downside then add to your short and trim in advance of the next support on the chart.

I’ve made the chart easy to manage visually by adding white arrows to each major support and resistance level. The white arrows are your primary buy sell triggers. Note also the white arrows at the “trading quad walls”. These are Fibonacci based trend-lines that form a trading structure “quadrants”. They also act as support and resistance.

The red circles are price targets. The price targets for Nov 15, 2018 are 383.00 (bullish), 280.00 (moderate), 175.00 (bearish). Trade in accordance to price action toward the appropriate target. It is paint by numbers trading – just follow the rules and if your trade fails be sure to cut losses quickly and be ready to turn with price as needed. Trust the plan.

Here’s your technical chart set-up for trading Tesla $TSLA.

$TSLA, trading plan, chart

Here’s your technical chart set-up for trading Tesla $TSLA.

Here’s your technical chart set-up for trading Tesla $TSLA. by curtmelonopoly on

Good luck with your Tesla trade and if you need any help message me anytime!

Best and Peace.


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$CELG simple level Fib diagonal trendline quad algorithmic model for trading levels to use for buy / sell triggers. #swingtrading #daytrading

Good day traders!

Below is a simple model from the $CELG chart in preparation for premarket tomorrow morning.

Here is the most recent news on $CELG / $BIRD:

Celgene Corporation and bluebird bio Announce Updated Results from Ongoing Multicenter Phase 1 Study of bb2121 Anti-BCMA CAR T Cell Therapy in Patients with Late Stage Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma at ASH Annual Meeting

The gap fill on $CELG is a very real possibility so this chart not only gives you Swing Trading Buy Sell triggers but also helps time entries and exits on tighter time-frames and really helps when daytrading.

The level one algorithmic chart model that is based on Fibonacci retracement trendlines (that the market uses) has important points of reference:

$CELG Swing Trading buy / sell triggers are as follows:





and so on…

The quad walls (or Fib trend lines) are also important support and resistance (blue).

There is one main diagonal Fib trendline up top on chart (it’s the thicker diagonal trendline near top of chart)

The mid quads (either gray or green) are intra-day important buy sell triggers.

The red circles identify some of the intra-day quad apex and inverse apex areas that trade will often end in for that time cycle (I calling it trade chasing the apex for simplicity)

For intra-day tighter trading and for important areas for entry and exits even for swingtrading – $CELG simple level Fib diagonal trendline quad algorithmic model for trading levels to use. #swingtrading #daytrading

To remove indicators (MACD, Stoch RSI, SQZMOM) at bottom of chart, simply double click on chart main body. To use and edit the chart click on share button near bottom right of viewer page and then click make it mine.

$CELG, chart, swing trading, buy ,sell, triggers

$CELG simple level Fib diagonal trendline quad algorithmic model for trading levels to use. #swingtrading #daytrading

For swing trading – Your main buy sell triggers as above. $CELG Gap Fill Swingtrading Set-Up Chart Notes on News and Chart Set-Up

$CELG, news, gap, fill, chart

$CELG Gap Fill Swingtrading Set-Up Chart Notes on News and Chart Set-Up

The charts above (although an “on the fly” simple example) give you an idea of where our swing trading platform service is headed in 2018.

If you have any questions email me or DM me on Twitter anytime.

Good luck out there!


Over the next four days, the complete $SPY Algorithm rolls out… here’s an excerpt from the members morning update for those that may be interested…

S&P 500 $SPY Trade Update Tuesday May 16, 2017 $ES_F ($SPXL, $SPXS) Algorithmic Charting Observations

Good morning! My name is Freedom the $SPY Algo. Welcome to my new S&P trade report for Compound Trading.

New Charting

Well, it has been a long road, but we have finally confidently locked in the algorithmic model charting for $SPY. an exciting day for us in the lab.

Trading Range Extensions (wide time-frame price targets – the main turns). In short, we have been publishing price predicts for the main price extensions on $SPY trade and for about four months now we have been hitting them. The price extension price targets are the most important. If you can catch the main turns in trade then this of course is where the money is. So that was the primary priority and it has proven out. Reviewing historical reports this is represented by the red dotted line extensions and was also in writing (the price predicts of trading extensions).

Trading Quadrants (shorter time frame trading ranges). The second priority was to lock in the natural trading range on shorter time frames, we call these quadrants and they have been represented on the charts as geometric shapes (boxes, or as some refer to them as diamonds). These also have proven out.

Trading Time Cycles / Main Resistance Areas (clusters of resistance). You would have to go back in the historical reporting some time to confirm that our algorithm has actually called these consistently, but it has. The more recent is the area $SPY is struggling to breach right now and the significant one prior to Christmas last year. The purpose of knowing where the primary time cycle resistance areas (or clusters) are, is for traders to know where and when it is bets to let off the gas to speak.

Specific Time / Price Targets. This area of work in the algorithm we are still working with (in development) and as such you will now begin to see our best guess of specific time / price targets weekly. You would have to review EPIC the Oil Algo posts or Twitter feed to understand what I am referring to (they are represented on EPIC’s feed as red circles and EPIC has been undeniably accurate). Now, IT IS CRITICAL to know that we may never be able to lock in these “cyrstal ball” specific time and price targets with $SPY like we have with EPIC. But that doesn’t make the work we are doing ineffective, actually quite the opposite.

If you have been a member for a while you will have known the basics of the process, if not, you may want to review at least the last ten or so posts (if you do not have the passwords you can request from Sartaj by email at It isn’t required to review the historical of course, just something that is available to you.

So what does this mean going forward?

Going forward we will be representing the work we do over the next three or four days in a build-out (a release process) of the most basic simple charting to most extensive algorithmic model charting we have now (based on the model completed) – representing the points / signals I explained above.

This is exactly the same process that EPIC the Oil Algo underwent when we were preparing / training our traders to use the model. This is the process for us to train our traders with $SPY also and so you will also be the recipients of that process over the next few days.

So in short, your report today will start with the most basic charting and over the next few days completing at latest Monday you will have the full model of charting and it will be very similar to EPIC the Oil Algorithm’s charting.

If over the next few days you have any questions (or going forward of course), please let us know by Twitter DM or email And also quick, with the new model building out you will of course see the monthly subscription rate rise over time (appropriate to work involved for maintenance of model charting) but existing members are grandfathered without increase if subscription does not lapse).

Reporting Rotation, Futures, $ES_F, $VIX, 24 Hour Trading Room

The next steps (after the full model is published prior to Monday) are as follows’

  • The rotations for $SPY newsletters will increase to multiple times per week (updating the model).
  • The $VIX newsletter will be updated, published, and the reporting rotations will also increase although not to the same frequency and not to the same model build-out level as Oil or SPY. It is still in early development.
  • New charting will be released in 2017 representing futures / $ES_F and as with Oil there will be a 24 hour trading room. Do not expect this until later in 2017.

So Let’s Start the Process of the Chart Build-Out…