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How to Swing Trade Like the Pros and Win Most Trades. #swingtrading #freedomtraders

Winning Most Swing Trades Not Just Possible – It’s Probable, Here’s How.  Part 8 of the Freedom Traders

Winning Most Swing Trades Not Just Possible – It’s Probable, Here’s How. 

Part 8 of the Freedom Traders Series. This section will provide tutorials on how to use our platform services and charting to win the majority of your trades. This is part one in this new section. #freedomtraders


I work a lot, and today I had this article on “how to win most swing trades using our platforms” all figured out in my mind. Now that it’s 1:00 AM and I’ve processed hundreds of charts on swing trading, emails, helped other traders and more… I am experiencing writer’s block.

So what I will do is explain here quick the technical indicators we use in our trading to keep this as concise as possible. At a later date I will either do another more detailed article or revise this one.

This post will assist anyone to swing trade with a super high success / win rate that subscribes to our swing trading newsletters, swing trading alerts or trades using our algorithmic modeled charting in any way.

BUT! You have to trade using the rules. You won’t win unless you follow the rules.

“Look, I’m just mechanic. You want an engine in that car that’ll win? I’ll build you the best on the track. But you gotta turn the key and drive – I can’t do that for you.”

This is Paint By Numbers Swing Trading. Trust the Process and Know the Rules.

We provide you the chart structure, with the instructions on how specifically to trade the move (paint by numbers trading). But you have to follow the plan and you have to know the rules of the game.

When you get to know our process for charting you will come to know that this is the best charting methodology on the markets. How do we know that? Because the biggest and best firms contract us to provide them with our charting data. This is the charting that the best of the best use for their traders and coding programmers for algorithms at hedge funds.

When you learn how to trade with a trading structure – a structured chart model, you will never return to trading the way you knew. I will guarantee that. It is like having a GPS when you travel. It’s totally different. We chart in advance the map of trade. This is much different than conventional charting methods that chart the trade after it has occurred (what you see in every day charting).

When you learn how to trade with a trading structure – a structured chart model, you will never return to trading the way you knew. I will guarantee that.

Proper charting structure allows you to be in a trade with confidence knowing that even if it fails you can get out with a win because you know the structure of the trade. You know that when it fails the next place on the chart where it should consolidate, restructure trade and you can then size in (exploit the next move) and get out with a win.

Conventional charting will not do this for you.

The video below should make understanding the charting easy for you and then later in this post I will show you some static chart examples.

Also you will learn more by watching swing trading educational and trade review videos on our You Tube Channel, reviewing trades on our swing trading alert feed and studying swing trading newsletters.

Video Explaining How to Use our Swing Trading Charts Properly.

“I get a lot of Q’s on How to Trade our models, this vid has 5 min explanation at 1:00 min – 6:00 min. … – Fib Trendlines, Trading structure/quads, Price targets, Main support resistance (buy sell triggers), Time cycles, Moving averages, Trading trims/adds.”

Trade set up reviews covered on this May 7 video are;

How to Trade the Chart Models:
– Fibonacci Diagonal Trend-lines
– Fibonacci Horizontal Trend-lines
– Diamonds make up trading structure / quads
– Price targets
– Main support and resistance (buy sell triggers)
– Time cycle peaks (time cycle completions)
– Moving averages (20 MA, 50 MA, 100 MA, 200 MA)
– Trading support and resistance (trims and adds)

Swing Trading Chart Example:

Below is a Google (GOOGL) chart, we can use this as an example chart for how simple it is to swing trade this system.

The Google chart below has the following indicators for your trade;

  • Horizontal lines (Fibonacci related) are support and resistance on our charting. The ones marked with arrows are the key support and resistance areas for swing trading. The others not marked with arrows are intra-day support and resistance levels that you can use for adding to your position after you have entered long for example and trimming your position as trade nears your price target.
    • Ideally you will take your initial long or short position at the main support or resistance line (the ones marked with arrows) and exit or considerably trim your position as trade gets to the next primary support or resistance (marked with an arrow).
    • In this instance, using the chart below, you would enter long at 995.82 and trim that long at 1103.24 and continue to trim as you get closer to the next resistance at 1210.98. All figures are approximate.
  • The diagonal lines (in this example they are grey dotted) are Fibonacci related trend-lines that form what we call trading quadrants (diamond shape trading areas). Why are these important? Because you use them like any other support and resistance. Trim your long positions in to them and add above. You don’t have to, but some traders want to optimize their return. It depends on your trading plan, sizing and time frame. This is just one chart example with one time frame.
  • The red circles on our charts are price targets for not only the price but the actual exact time the target is most likely to get hit if trade hits it. Why do we provide these targets? Because if the machines are in the play that you are swing trading, you will find trade to be very predictable through the model and you will become very proficient at knowing which target will hit on the chart and exactly when.
  • Time cycle peaks are the area of the chart structure that allows for the widest width of trade. The apex or upper of the diamond and it correlates with the lower inverse apex (the bottom of the diamond). When coding technicians program for trade in the structured chart model this is where the profit is made. You will find in many of the chart models that trade volatility will increase in to the time cycle peak. They are noted also with a vertical dotted line on our charts. In the example below a green vertical dotted line. Here again, you want to view the chart in your trading plan and if trade has previously shown wide swings historically on the chart model at these intervals then you can take advantage of that.
  • Keep in mind that different trading instruments have different predictability in their chart models. This is directly influenced by liquidity in the market specific to the instrument and whether the machine liquidity is in the play. Some chart models for some instruments are incredibly predictable, and some are not. You will find our swing trading newsletters to explain this for various stocks we cover. The trading alerts feed does not cover this in great detail because it is an alert feed. The alert feeds do attempt to give clear entry and exit / trim points of reference for your trading plan however.
    • Here is an example of a predictable structured trading model in Silver for example;
      • Markets are so machine controlled now 14 of 19 of these symmetrical targets in time cycles in Silver model have hit perfect. Five that missed barely did, trade was easily a win for 19 in 19. $SLV $USLV $DSLV #Silver #Chart #Symmetry #Algorithms #MachineTrading #Commodities

        Silver, swing, trading, chart

        Markets are so machine controlled now 15 of 19 of these symmetrical targets $SLV $USLV $DSLV #Silver #Chart #Symmetry

  • Also in our charting you will find conventional indicators like moving averages and other indicators that will vary from chart to chart.
  • I don’t like the idea of a trader just following an alert feed and not subscribing to the newsletter service because just the alerts can do a disservice to a trader because the whole story is not there. But if that’s all a trader can afford to get going then okay I understand. But ideally you want to be trained in private coaching for at least a few hours, get the newsletters so you have the perspective and structure of the trades, get in to the trading private server for members so you can ask questions and then once you are running confident then you can take trade alerts with no problem. But I get it and I’m flexible to the plight of new traders.
  • I highly encourage you to get at least a few hours of private trade coaching or attend a trading bootcamp to refine your skillset with sizing, cutting quickly and where if you are on the losing side of a trade, adding in to winners and trimming at the right locations in each trade. This is very important. So much so that I would venture to guess that knowing how the rules work and how to engage each trade will increase your win rate double, your losses to near zero and your return on each trade easily by 50%. It is critical.

Below is the Google chart I reference above.

premarket, trading, plan, $GOOGL

$GOOGL right up against key resistance – trim in and add above to next. #swingtrading #daytrading

Example of What our Swing Trading Alert feed looks like:

Initial Swing Trading Alert on Twitter Feed to Members:

FITBIT (FIT) Chart. Over 5.87 targets 6.16 6.22 6.67 PT June 28. Closed 5.86 bullish on news. $FIT #chart #swingtrading #daytrading … 8:20 PM – 4 Jun 2018

swingtrading, alert, FITBIT

FITBIT (FIT) Chart. Over 5.87 targets 6.16 6.22 6.67 PT June 28. Closed 5.86 bullish on news. $FIT #chart #swingtrading #daytrading …

The Follow-up Alert on this Specific Swing Trade the Next Day

Daytrading levels were added to the charting and alert because the trade was going the right direction. This updated charting allows for precise entry and exits for the swing traders and allows our daytraders to work in the trade chart structure as well.

FITBIT Class A (FIT). Intra over Fib TL, 6.17, 6.22 res targets 6.68 June 28, see daytrading levels added, trading 6.37 $FIT * See exclusive Member report. #chart #swingtrading #daytrading

Swing, trading, alert, FIT

FITBIT Class A (FIT). Intra over Fib TL, 6.17, 6.22 res targets 6.68 June 28, see daytrading levels added, trading 6.37 $FIT #chart #swingtrading

Example of Feature Reports our Swing Trading Members Receive.

This special edition emailed to our members the night before the alerts gave our members in detail exactly what the plan was in the trade – PRIOR TO THE ALERT BEING ISSUED THE NEXT DAY.

The report provided our traders detailed information on FitBit the Company, Fundamentals, the News applicable to theTrade Set-up, Technical Trade Set-up, and Charting details including Simple Algorithmic Chart Structure (model) with Price targets, Fibonacci support and resistance, trading quadrants (diagonal Fibonacci trend-lines).

Everything our traders needed to know was in that report, before the alert the next day was issued and it was processed as an extra to the service – a value add not required under the swing trading service offerings.

Unlocked: FITBIT INC CLASS A (NYSE: FIT). How to Trade FitBit for 40% Gain (Member Exclusive) $FIT #swingtrading #daytrading #chart Link:

FITBIT INC CLASS A (NYSE: FIT). How to Trade FitBit for 40% Gain (Member Exclusive) $FIT #swingtrading #daytrading #chart

Example of Private Discord Server Side Alerts our Members Have Access To with a Bundled Plan.

Here is a screen shot of what our private Discord servers look like (they are specific to the service you are subscribed to and there is no reason for a member not being in the chat room at anytime). It is vital to your success and many of our trading subscribers do not take advantage of this vital tool.

Member, server, alert, chart room

Discord Member Private Alert Server screen shot examples.

Example of our Swing Trading Newsletters:

We have five swing trading reports in rotation that cover over one hundred equities on a regular basis for our members. We also send regular feature reports out such as the trading plan above for FITBIT.

Below is a sample swing trading report:

Use password: AGN31

Protected: Swing Trading Report Thurs May 31 (Part B) $IBB, $AGN, $LAC, $TSLA, $SNAP, $CTSH, $NVO, $VGZ, $AAU, $AMMJ more

Example of How Confident I Am in Our Service.

Notice Not a Single Wall Street Trader Ever Argues. You know why? Because it’s true and they know it’s not arrogance, I’m stating a fact to scream through the noise. We’re dealing in data science, science is not sexy wall street casino. We’re fighting the casino mentality every day to help traders win. 

When I call em’, I know I’m right (in advance) and I can even give you the road map of trade (instrument charting structure) winning high 90% since coding team arrived two months ago. Check the feeds for yourself. #boomtown

Hopefully that helps acquaint you with our swing trading services and how to use our swing trade charting to your advantage. Of course you can email me anytime or DM me on Twitter or on our Discord server. I’m here to help.

It takes time to learn what will prove to bring you to freedom for sure and to significant wealth if you become fluid in the mechanics of structured trading. There is no other better way to trade and I can prove that to you. But you have to invest some time in to it. When you become proficient at it you will see it as easy as paint by numbers. I guarantee you that.

Here’s how to get started with your new life at Compound Trading Group and Welcome Aboard!

Subscribe to our Weekly Swing Trading Newsletter service here, use temporary Promo Code “30P” for 30% off Reg 119.00 Sale Price 83.30.

Or click here to subscribe and get 30% off Real-Time Swing Trading Alerts Reg 99.00 Sale Price 69.37 use temporary Promo Code “Deal30” for 30% off.

I personally guarantee our swing trading service is one of the best in the business and it’s very reasonably priced considering the technical expertise invested in the platform.

After you have subscribed to specifically the swing trading alerts follow @SwingAlerts_CT on Twitter and then email info@compoundtrading with your telling us your Twitter handle so we can open the feed to you.

Follow this link for a follow-up swing trading article that provides a real-life technical trade set-up example: 

Swing Trading. How to Swing Trade Using Technical Analysis. Our SQUARE $SQ Trade As Example.

Peace and best.


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