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Trading the Trend Line Break-Out for an Intra-Day Run-Up of 200 Points Happened Today in Oil Markets.

Below is a Step by Step Simple Guide of How To Trade this Strategy in Crude Oil.

Today crude oil broke out bullish in intra day trade of a trend line resistance. This simple step by step guide will help you get the big wins when they count.

I didn’t take the trade. I had alerted the trade set up to our oil trading room members on the alerts feed, and DID NOT TAKE THE TRADE, ugh.

But, not every trader takes every trade.

Below is a screen capture of the oil trading alerts feed – one of the intraday communications to our members about the intraday bullish set-up developing.

“So what I’m saying is I don’t think intra day shorting is a best practice idea while this possible squeeze is threatening shorts, it could be very bad for shorts, especially with a blow off in to 30 31s possible, see upper arches (gray).”

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Oil trading alert to oil trading room members to be cautious of a bullish squeeze setting up intraday. #oiltradingalerts

Below are the tips and steps for you to follow.

Part 1 of this article explains the conventional charting for this set up and how to trade the basics of the strategy.

Part 2 provides further technical insight for our oil trading room and alert members – it will be sent out to members in about an hour. Part 2 also includes algorithmic levels, price extensions, Fibonacci levels, price targets and time cycles.

First, lets look at the trend line set-up trade on an oil chart.

CHART – Simple Crude Oil Intraday Trading Strategy

The simple one hour crude oil chart below shows you the trend line resistance and intraday trade action when trade broke out #intraday #crudeoiltrading

The simple one hour crude oil chart below shows you the trend line resistance and intraday trade action when trade broke out #intraday #crudeoiltrading

 Steps to Trade an Intra Day Crude Oil Trend-Line Break Out:

  1. Chart the Set-up.
    • Oil traders should be constantly charting trend lines on whatever time-frame they are trading. In this instance I charted the trend line resistance on a one hour chart.
  2. Three Possible Trade Scenarios When Price Breaks Out.
    • The break out fails. This is possible so be sure to use stops or reverse your trade if the break out of resistance fails.
    • The break out succeeds and price keeps running without a retest of previous resistance (now support). If price does not come back to test support of the trendline then you have to be prepared to take the trade long and go with price action.
    • And finally, price breaks out of resistance and then comes back to retest the new support (which was previously the resistance of the trendline structure).
  3. Trade Price Action.
    • In this example, crude oil price intraday broke out of the trend line resistance and then retested the level and then continued for a bullish 200 point run up in price. When the retest happened and support held, this was your golden opportunity for massive gains to your P&L.

So that is what a simple strategy in crude oil intraday trading looks like.

It comes down to always be charting your intraday price action and learning how these set-ups work. And then simply managing your trade execution with trade size management, technical levels, stops and sound thinking.

As a last side-note, I will say that ideally you want to get the trade started at the support of the actual structure of the set-up (as shown in the EPIC tweet below), however, this is more advanced and I will discuss in detail in Part 2 of this article.

Power of trend line price breakouts from a trading structure support, crude oil intraday near 200 points from oil trade alert buys earlier #OOTT $CL_F $USO #oiltradealerts EPIC V3.1.1 software was in deep at 24/30 size in position trading, very large size. Lead trader was also.

This trade set-up strategy was the day after the EIA report on Wednesday, for other simple intraday strategies visit our website. For a more in depth look at intraday crude oil trading strategies try this article (click here).

VIDEO – Simple Crude Oil Intraday Trading Strategy – Trading Trend Line Resistance Break. #OOTT $CL_F $USO $UCO $SCO

Thanks for joining us in our trading journey, we endeavor to build the best winning oil trading alerts and oil trading room service for oil traders.

Part 2 of this article is here:

Protected: What’s Next? Crude Oil Trading Strategy – Trading Trend Line Resistance Break-Outs (PREMIUM, Part 2) #CrudeOil #TimeCycles #OOTT $CL_F $USO

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Thank you.



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