Trade, coaching, trading plan, trade setups
Trade, coaching, trading plan, trade setups

Attending Trading Boot Camp.

Updated 10:25 PM Sept 13, 2018.

Hey Freedom Traders!

The next Trading Boot Camp is just around the corner! Class dates are Sept 14, 15 and 16. Below are some details in advance of your attendance.


Attend as you can through-out each day, come and go as you need and after the boot camp the video series will be available for you to access to catch up on parts you missed or need to review again.

Friday Sept 14 9 – 5 PM

  • Sign in to the live trading room each day using the password “****”.
  • We start broadcasting charting in pre-market at around 9:00 AM (this will give everyone a few mins to grab coffee and settle in for the day), the main trading room is booked off for us. We will run the first part of Friday like most other trading days – the regular premarket review at 9:25 ish, market open at 9:30, work with any trades for the day until about 11 am, do a mid day review at 12 noon and then class curriculum (per below) from 1 pm to 5 pm. After each break (which will be at various times through the day – unscheduled) I will answer all questions that were entered in to the chat room up to that point in the day.

Saturday Sept 15 9 – 5 PM

  • Class curriculum (per below) from 9 am to 5 pm (previous notice was in error as 1-5).
  • After each break (which will be at various times through the day – unscheduled) I will answer all questions that were entered in to the chat room up to that point in the day.

Sunday Sept 16 9 – 5 PM

  • Class curriculum (per below) from 9 am to 5 pm (previous notice was in error as 1-5).
  • After each break (which will be at various times through the day – unscheduled) I will answer all questions that were entered in to the chat room up to that point in the day.

After training;

  • I have learned now with experience that many of the attendees need some final one-on-one trade coaching and that’s fine, just contact me as required and we’ll use a flexible arrangement to your needs.
  • Our office will prepare the videos of the training and you will be provided with a copy (this copy will show the class environment vs. while you are an online attendee you will see a mirror image of my trading screen – which is needed to see the technical analysis).
  • For about a month after training we send you (per below) much of our weekly newsletter data to be sure you can use what you learned in real life trading scenarios.

Curriculum and Your Preparation:

The curriculum is flexible and designed specifically for the attendees.

Below is a basic outline, however, the curriculum itself is formed around the questions the attendees bring to class. We also like to keep the training curriculum flexible to market conditions.

The following are things you can do to prepare:

  • In advance of attending, list out all the questions you ever wanted to ask and be prepared to enter those questions at appropriate times while in training classes.
  • When in class, enter your questions in the discussion box so that after each break the instructor(s) can answer your questions.
  • All questions will be answered after each break through-out the day, this will keep the flow going vs. answering questions at any moment during class.
  • The in person attendees will be entering questions in to the chat box on meeting trade room in the same fashion. The in person attendees will see the shared screen on the large screen and online attendees will see it on their computer monitors at home (essentially as if you were in a live webinar).
  • Review as much of our material you have access to on You Tube (it is a lot and varied so we don’t expect you to review it all) and the weekly reports you may subscribe to.

Below is a basic course outline / structure (that will vary pending attendees):

What is a trading plan?
Trader Vocabulary
Risk Management: Sizing, Risk-Reward Calculations
Stock Evaluation: Fundamental versus Technical Analysis
Basic Technical Analysis Tools: Price Action, Catalysts, Indicators, Pre-Market/After-Market, Earnings, and others
Keyword and News Analysis
Putting a trading plan into action
Risk Management: Time dimensions, scaling in and out of trades
Technical Analysis: Time/Price Cycles, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, Charting, and others
Bringing it all together: simulated trading
Real-time trade planning for intraday and swing traders
Technical Analysis: Combining multiple analytic tools, inverses, algorithmic and black box modeling, third-party scripting and widgets
Open Q/A. You trade your own account in a live environment
Availability of team trading pending on group sizes

Material for Review in Advance of Attendance:

For 30 days you will receive at no charge the “All Access Membership” from us. You will begin to receive emails from us a few days prior to training (this can vary depending on when you registered and more), during training and for approximately 20 – 30 days after completion. This material will connect you to most of our member trading services platform newsletters etc. This will allow for you to view in advance of course training much of what will be discussed in class and full access for up to a month after training class will enable you to put much of what you learned to work in real life trading.

What You Need to Bring:

A laptop suitable for trading and running charts is all you need for the class. I personally use six laptops for trading (I left my hard wired PC set-up behind), the class teaches to simplify your set-up not complicate it. One quick note here… we are starting to code our algorithms for machine trading and our office set-up where our coding techs are is a different story. But for the purposes of my personal trading and your trading bootcamp, you only need a laptop.

Attending in Future

We have also found that our class attendees wish to attend boot camp again, if this is something you wish to do then let the office know because you will receive a 50% discount code (or discounted invoice). Same applies if you are wanting to access just the video documentation from a future training.

That’s All!

That’s about all for now! About a week before you attend you will start to receive email notices linking you to our various platform services. As you have time please review the material and attend to trading rooms / webinars / read newsletters etc. If you don’t have time prior, there is no concern. In three days during class we will teach you what is needed. And remember, you have an all access pass to our services for about 3 weeks after training. If you need further coaching after the bootcamp we also have private trade coaching available.

Any questions send me an email anytime [email protected]. And if you’re thinking of attending a future class (either in person or online) send me an email to let me know and I’ll provide you with future location plans.



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