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Trade Coaching Boot Camp: Day 1 Review, Day 2 and 3 Schedule Updates, Post Boot Camp Plans.

Day One of the Trade Coaching Boot Camp Was Awesome – We Got An Excellent Trading Session In

Day One of the Trade Coaching Boot Camp Was Awesome – We Got An Excellent Trading Session In That I Didn’t Expect for a Friday!

Below is a Point Form List of Day One Events, What Day Two and Three Will Bring and Post Trade Coaching Boot Camp Plans.

This post can be used as an addition to the post you received prior to Boot Camp that can be found here:

Protected: Trade Coaching Boot Camp (Online Attendee Preparation) Sept 14 – 16, 2018

and Day 3 update here:

Trading Boot Camp: Day 1 & 2 Review, Day 3 is Today (Developing a Trading Plan) & Post Boot Camp Plans.

Day One Of Trade Coaching Boot-Camp Is Complete, A Review:

  • Live Trading
    • Crude Oil Trading – We got some excellent live trading in with EPIC Oil Algorithm, use of algorithm charting, full quad moves in the oil markets for a Friday and some excellent live trading examples of best use of the crude oil algorithm itself.
    • Swing Trading – We didn’t get much swing trading in other than review of my recent swing trades, some review of adds to trades and trimming out of recent swing trade positions. We also reviewed my trading plans for swing trades, swing trading through the structure of the charting in our swing trading reports and alerts, my risk reward management of trades (and even one that was under water and how I sized trades at specific areas of the model to ensure a win) and more.
    • Day Trading – If I remember right we didn’t get any day trades in (after all it was a Friday session which makes sense), but we did do a quick review of how the swing trading chart set-ups can also be used for day trading.
  • Charting
    • We did get an over view of the EPIC Crude Oil Trading Algorithm done.
    • We accomplished a general review of algorithm charting models, the general idea of charting structure, the anomalies in the charting structures and how those are the best trading probability zones, price targets in charting structures, waves of moves in the charting, timing cycles and more. We reviewed in general the oil charting, Gold miner’s GDX, Volatility VIX and a number of swing trading charting structures from recent reporting and more (such as $BOX, $EDIT and others).
    • We also got a quick look at how I scan the leader board and losers and the initial look at how I scan for equities that may or may not qualify for our platform so that I can possibly use those equities for my own trading plan and possibly share with our Swing Trading or Day trading Room members the trade set-ups (this is where it also becomes important for coaching students and members to review the premarket reports).
  • Other
    • There were other topics discussed in general and study review of video set post boot camp will include details.

Day Two Of Trade Coaching Boot-Camp is Today, Saturday Sept 15 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM:

  • Swing Trading (that can also be used for Day Trading)
    • Review recent swing trading reports, special reports, alert feeds, discord chat rooms, day trading room). Specific to recent swing reports this may be set-over to Sunday pending scheduling for the day.
      • Trade Set-Ups – Break down the swing trade set-ups on each chart (buy sell triggers, anomalies and associated probabilities, trade sizing, legging in and trimming and support and resistance on models, how to use the swing trading charting for day trading as well and more).
      • Special Swing Trade and Day Trade Reports – Study the special reports (same study points as above).
      • Swing and Day Trade Alert Feeds (best use, Study, points as noted above in oil trading example).
      • Swing Trading and Day Trading Chat Rooms (best use, points as noted above in oil trading example).
      • You Tube Trading / Study Videos (special trade set-ups, mid day trade set-up reviews and more on Compound Trading You Tube Channel).
        • Previous Master Class private videos (aver 20 hours of in-depth algorithmic charting training sessions) available to our Trade Coaching Students.
      • Feedback, Development, Community (as noted above in oil trading example).
      • Pre-market Trade Set-ups (as noted above also).
  • Algorithmic Chart Modeling
    • How to Chart the Structure of a Financial Instrument
      • On the fly chart models while in a trade. How to chart structure on the fly.
      • Generation 1 – 5 charting models and how to start with generation 1 charting.
      • Black box model addition (example EPIC and DXY)
      • Machine Trading Model Basics
    • Access to Master Class Training Videos in our private library for trade coaching students (20 + hours of in-depth training).

Day Three Of Trade Coaching Boot-Camp on Sunday Sept 16 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM:

  • Study Trade Platform Reporting (Algorithm Reports, Swing Trading Reports – that can also be used for daytrading).
    • We will review in detail each weekly algorithm reports and recent swing trading reports for chart set-ups, best use and more.
      • Sometime between now and start of boot camp Sunday morning you will receive the most recent weekly report updates on email from our staff.
    • Trading set-ups on alert feeds, trading chat rooms and more.
    • Note: The regular reports include algorithmic models for the following (and swing trading);
      • Crude Oil, SP500 SPY, Volatility VIX, US Dollar DXY, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin (plus Swing Trading reports).
  • Review any Conventional Trading Topics (per schedule outline) and Questions.
    • This is your opportunity to form the last day of discussion. Ask questions about the outline provided for conventional trading and also any general questions you may have. Simply submit your questions to the chat box while in session (in person attendees and attendees online). You can also email [email protected] in advance of session.
  • Review Post Boot Camp (Follow-Up, Study, Trade Coaching, etc).
    • Personal follow up, checking in with me, journal of trades, etc.
    • Follow-up study, private videos available and more.
    • Formal Trade Coaching options and Trade Buddy system (to share set-ups and accountability).

Post Boot Camp Follow-up, Study, Trade Coaching, etc:

  • Continued Study – Per above your trading education doesn’t end here. There’s personal follow-ups (checking in), follow-up study, private member video library, trade coaching as needed and more.
  • 30 Day Reports, Alerts, Trading Rooms – For approximately 30 days you will receive all of our reporting, this includes the seven algorithm models, special member reports and swing trading reports. We will also need to be sure you are connected for that period of time to our private Discord trade chat room channels, main trading room and private alert feeds for 30 days free.
  • Trade Coaching Video Set – We will email you at some point after your training the links to access the video series of the trade coaching event you attended.


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Looking forward to the class session today.