Good morning

We have important big news for our members (a quick memo before we officially tell the world over the next 48 hours the specifics):

– Well, we finally did it, we are moving on to the biggest advancement in our growth since we launched late last year. The 24 hour Oil Trading Room is launching at latest July 1, 2017 (it may be earlier, but no later). There will be limited subscriptions for the beta phase. Members are being informed prior to the public announcements so that those that do wish to take advantage of the initial discount to the beta members you can as of now subscribe to the service by visiting our shopping page and using promo code ——- (all lower case – PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS PROMO CODE TO THE PUBLIC – we want to give our members first opportunity to the limited codes). The regular price is 499.00 per month (which includes the newsletters and the room). With limited beta member discount 399.00. The first billing will occur immediately and the next Aug 1, 2017 with each monthly at locked in rate of 399.00 even as prices increase as long as you stay with your subscription without lapse. Considering the requests for this room to open, we are more than confident we will sell out the initial beta phase with ease. Specific to this announcement we will be running a press release over the news wires also.

The other advantage to the 24 hour oil trading room is that charting will be routinely update through-out the day and night, so there won’t be a wait to receive the new updates (along with our traders live trading of course).

– The swing trading service will be getting an alert service within 48 hours. Details to be announced. The existing swing trading members (before the official announcement) will receive the bundle (newsletters and live alerts) for the current newsletter only price. In other words the new alert service component will be free indefinitely for members as long as they subscribe without lapse (as will the existing newsletter price). Any new members will pay a bundle price (for both swing alerts and newsletter) or individual an individual price for each. Bottom line is that current members will automatically be grandfathered in to the service add-on at no extra cost.

– The day trading service will be getting a new alert service that will work for everyone globally and will be announced formally within 48 hours. We have had issue with various carriers globally and we have a permanent fix for that now finally.

– The SPY algorithm is and the Gold algorithms will be moving on to the next phase of development so their charting will become significantly more advanced and as with other services and our early adopters there will be no price increase as this is launched but new subscribers will have a higher subscription price. DXY, Sliver and VIX will be the next after SPY and Gold to move on to next phase algorithm charting.

More detail to follow over next 48 hours in member notices, press releases and public announcements.