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May 2018 Trade Coaching Boot Camp in Dominican Republic

  Welcome to the Details of Your Next Trading Boot Camp! We only have two spots left –


Welcome to the Details of Your Next Trading Boot Camp!

We only have two spots left – book now. 10 student maximum for in person attendance. To attend click here

Learn how to trade or take your trading to the next level with our lead trader at our newest trade coaching residence at Boca Chica beach in the Dominican Republic.

If you can’t attend in person you can attend the class online virtually and take part in question and answer as if you were in the boot camp live.

About the ocean side drive residence our traders will be learning at:

The house for our next Trade Coaching session in May 4 – 6, 2018 is located in the beach side community of Boca Chica also called “The Gateway of the Caribbean.”

The house is a 2 floor 4 bedroom architectural designed 80’s style home with a beautiful sea views (the sea is across the street) and yard with numerous gardens front and back where you can enjoy the BBQ, tea for two areas, surround sun patios and the Jacuzzi. The property is fully secure with property walls, electric fence, house alarms, cameras, security personnel and of course our Bull Dog Monkey. And best of all for the traders… you can count on super fast internet trading with a state of the art direct line fiber connection.
Literally 1-5 minute walk (depending on the chosen destination) from the Trade Coaching property we have what Boca Chica offers as the best restaurants and lounge bars, casino, spas, night clubs, beaches, excursions and various hotel residence options (if you prefer to stay near but not in our home) – many with the best internet of the area provided by optical fiber.

Below is a video of your neighborhood while in attendance to the Trade Coaching Boot Camp. All locations are on our street along the ocean.


Boca Marina, a 1 min walk is one of our favorite hang-outs (also has fiber)

Neptunos Oyster Bar has a fantastic menu and service and is a 3 minute walk (wifi)


St Tropez (a 3 minute walk, really good fiber 24h) 


Vista Marina Residence (next door to us) is a 1 minute walk from our home (really good fiber service) and offers single room and double rooms at a nightly, weekly or monthly rate

Be Live Hamaca Garden/Beach/All Inclusive Suites (regular wifi) and is a 5 minute walk from our residence.

Spa and Hairdresser:

Spa Bay Be Live Hamaca Resort (open to public)


Be LIve Hamaca Disco (open to public)

For those that want a more controlled atmosphere, the Hamaca Resort has their own disco.  It is all-inclusive so guests entering pay one price (US$10) and that includes all domestic drinks once inside.  Imported drinks are extra. This is a typical carpet, chrome, and mirror disco with a modern lighting and sound system.  The dress code here is “nice”, and on some of the crowded nights during high season, entrance becomes restricted to hotel guests only.  Hotel guests are admitted free as part of their all-inclusive package. This is the best place for couples or visitors that prefer not to venture out into the main street.  This bar has the nicest decor of any place in Boca Chica and non-guests of the hotel are admitted at the management’s discretion.


Kviar Casino Be Live Hamaca Resort (open to public)

Boca Chica Hotels:

Boca Beach

BelleVue Dominican Bay All Inclusive:

World Class Golfing 20 minutes from the Bootcamp House:

Casa Del Lago Guavaberry Golf and Country Club Residences and Vacation homes

with Golf and a Wellness center.

The Golf is open to the non-client all the days from 8am to 5pm at the cost of 70$/pers (can be less with promotion)

Various Other Excursions While You are Here:

You may or may not know, but our lead trader is an avid diver, deep sea fisherman and he partakes in many ocean related activities. If you have specific excursion requests he knows the Island very well and can assist with custom packages as needed.

This google drive folder link will provide you all the information to the different places listed and more (taxi, rent a car, activities like water sports, golf, spa,etc):

Curriculum Outline

  • What is a trading plan?
  • Trader Vocabulary
  • Risk Management: Sizing, Risk-Reward Calculations
  • Stock Evaluation: Fundamental versus Technical Analysis
    • Basic Technical Analysis Tools: Price Action, Catalysts, Indicators, Pre-Market/After-Market, Earnings, and others
    • Keyword and News Analysis
  • Putting a trading plan into action
  • Risk Management: Time dimensions, scaling in and out of trades
  • Technical Analysis: Time/Price Cycles, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, Charting, and others
  • Bringing it all together: simulated trading
  • Real-time trade planning for intraday and swing traders
  • Technical Analysis: Combining multiple analytic tools, inverses, algorithmic and black box modeling, third-party scripting and widgets
  • Open Q/A. You trade your own account in a live environment
    • Availability of team trading pending on group sizes

Third party professional authority profile of our lead trader.

To attend click here

The pricing is 2999.00 for the 3 days (you pay travel and meals). We currently are running a 30% discount for this session, use code coach30 at checkout.

Link for preparation needed in advance of attending:

We also have a June session schedule coming out soon – the May session is expected to book out soon:)

Any questions let me know!


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