Trader Notice

RE: Internet Stability – Live Trading Room, Trade Alerts, Swing Trading Webinars, Machine Trading etc

We’re all set up at the new location, the internet is smokin’ fast for a beach location at 100 – 140 mbps, and upload isn’t bad either around 20. It’s a fiber line and stable.

However, there are still issues with internet capacity globally so we may have issue at times.

AND, Click Meeting is still having some issue with server capacity (intermittent).

Sunday night is the worst as is lunch hour during week and right around market open each day.

We have internet back-up services (2) should there be intermittent failure – for machine trading, trading alerts, communications etc.

Specifically as it applies to the trading room for live trading and swing trade webinars I would still expect intermittent issues. If you find that the trading room shuts down you may or may not have to sign back in depending on whether it is a click meeting server capacity issue or not.

Anytime we have a crash we will simply sign back in ourselves.

Specific to the Sunday Swing Trading $STUDY Webinars this is the worst time of the week for the internet capacity globally (COVID related) so if we have issues we will continue to sign back in and it doesn’t matter to me how long it takes to complete the $STUDY. Literally if it takes all night I don’t mind because this is my normal overnight study session anyway to prepare our traders for the upcoming week.

I tell you this so that you can use your own discretion for time management, it is much quicker to scan the videos after the fact than it is to be in the webinar itself.

Also for consideration, it can take some time to upload the videos to YouTube and get you the links (again depending on internet through Sunday night in to Monday morning). It happens to be the worst time of the week but this is when best to prepare for the week as futures have opened and the news flow starts as the global markets start to open.

Any questions let me know.