Good morning traders,

RE: Morning Market Note / Trade Positioning

Updated some from Discord notes:

Morning traders, EPIC likely starts firing on day frequency in to open or shortly after. Oil under obvious pressure but likely sees bounces intra day at key levels as we go. ALSO, Oil is trading near swing day time frame support intra day. Will advise and be in trading room. 

Crypto trades doing well, the BTC adds in 33s from 6900 original swing long entry are likely near all trimmed out (original positioning profit runner still in) I will confirm soon (when i speak to staff, we added to most recent coin pick last night) it ran near 100% after alert and pulled back just under original buys and we added, equity markets continue to be careful picks and selling pops on laggards, Gold Silver NatGas VIX watching close per time cycles published. SPY and markets in general not shorting yet, but on watch of course.

Crypto charting and reporting updates, starting to flow out now, the BTC time cycle is looking spot on (the rally I was stalking and expecting to start and is happening). So the structure in crypto space is very very nice here so it helps get everything else out and published (with some confidence).

The next crypto pick is known on our end now and we’re going through the process of due diligence so we may have that announced prior to the trader’s boot camp. 

Will be in trading room for intra day trade broadcasts and will do mid day 12:40. Please send in requests (even if you already have and we haven’t covered). 

Trader’s Boot Camp – If you’re attending try and firm up your booking with Jen (online registration) and send in any needs (requests for lodging, airport pick up, activities) and BE SURE TO send in requests for topics covered in the bootcamp itself, very important.

Day trades today —- likely not until tomorrow, but we’ll see what pops up.