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Special Swing Trade Report: #OIL, #GOLD, $NFLX, $SPY, $DIS, $GDX, $TSLA, $AAOI, $ESPR, $ITCI, $TAN, $CELG, $C and more.

Exclusive Report for Email List Members and Swing Trading Members. Some of the best trading set-ups and ROI

Exclusive Report for Email List Members and Swing Trading Members.

Some of the best trading set-ups and ROI we have had in some time. Wow. 

Excellent set-ups in #OIL, #GOLD, $NFLX, $SPY, $DIS, $GDX, $TSLA, $EOG, $AAOI, $ESPR, $ITCI, $TAN, $CELG, $C and many more.

Written Summary Below of Trading Plan Set-Ups Reviewed in Video (Click on links in summary text below to be directed to specific charting from lead trader).

#EIA Oil Analysis / Charting Structure $USOIL $WTI: Oil trade is divergent to upside on the EPIC Algorithm Model. Trade is up near channel resistance area and our long bias is no longer in play until this resistance area is concluded to up or downside – there is a probable trade scenario going forward reviewed on video (EPIC members can review EPIC alerts, private Discord room, weekly newsletter and visit 24 hour oil room for more detail). The weekly simple oil model has a 74.50 upside chance for oil for week of April 9, 2018. And the third chart reviewed here is the Monthly oil model with a time cycle peak in October coming in around 67.00 on $USOIL $WTI. Doesn’t mean it won’t spike up in to weekly target range of 74.50 prior to returning to 67.00 area. Also of note is the 200 MA resistance and 50% retracement line on charting that is reviewed in this video.

Our weekly simple oil model posted originally months back has a 74.50 upside chance for oil for week of April 9, 2018 time cycle completion. Never thought price would get anywhere near that:) $USOIL $WTI #CL $UWT $DWT $USO #OOTT

And the simple monthly oil model with a time cycle peak in October is coming in around 67.00 on $USOIL $WTI (most probable) target. Video on deck explains other targets (trade price). $USO #CL #OOTT #OIL https://www.tradingview.com/chart/USOIL/LFoaIZEq-Oil-Resistance-One-of-Most-Predictable-Trades-See-chart-notes/ …

Gold $GC_F $GLD – Weekly MACD pinching up with trade near previous high. This is a test area. Don’t forget the previous high test resistance with Gold that has caused it to back off.

$EOG EOG ResourcesEOG trading above important buy trigger 108.76 intra trading 107.93. 115.29 diagonal resistance and one at 119.68 with 115 to 116 price target at earnings end of the month, if price holds the buy sell trigger area in around 109.00. Long over trigger.

$AAOI Applied OptoElectronics – Triggering buy long side trigger over mid quad on AAOI, is up over 12% on the day. More alert detail to follow for members as trade plays out.

$ESPR EsperionESPR trading perfect through the Fibs, hit important pivot resistance on 71.67 and triggered long side buy with first target 74.67 and hit today and backed off some. Looking for 80.60 – 80.80.

$ITCI Intra CellularITCI with resistance 23.88 as intra important buy trigger with price above it. If it loses support 23.88 (when price is above) then cut each time until trade takes and hits the next price target area of 30.0 ish.

$DIS DisneyDisney dropped out bottom of model like $SPY model in recent volatility / panic. Structured buy side play targeting 103.73 June 30. Previously charted a number of times / alerted recently.

$NFLX NetflixNetflix has been a fantastic trade set-up for members. We had a buy trigger 295.40. Buy side trigger confirmation was diagonal Fib / quad wall (explained on video).

$SPY SP500 – Same type of structure as Disney chart. This structure was modeled in advance of price. It is hitting exact day and time and price targets. This again has been an excellent SPY trade set-up for members. Upside 265.52 resistance, mid quad 267.96 and over targets over 265.62 targets 268 area April 18, 2018 as first buy side price target.

$TAN Solar ETFTAN 25.08 intra with buy trigger at 25.50 on watch intra.

$GDX Gold MinersMiner’s near mid quad resistance Fib line and then backed off on the day. Has been an excellent trade alert on long side for our members. 23.14 is the trim mark and it came very near today.

$CELG CELGENECelgene has price trending along diagonal Fib (quad wall) to first price target 91.37, 91.97, 96.00 price targets to upside off buy side long alert previously to members. Ultimate bullish target is 95.60 April 20 but unlikely.

$MXIM Maxim Integrated – We have a sell side bias on Maxim that has to play out. Watching. Resistance and support on chart in video.

$TSLA TESLAAlerting TESLA in 260.00 range has been a great buy side trade structure. It got up over major resistance at mid quad horizontal Fib buy side confirmation trigger at 280.17 ish and straight to next resistance 304.60 with Nov 14 382.70 price target. Price targets (resistance) on its way upside are at 333.80 and 338.62 on its way up.

$C Citi73.68 next price target on Citi and all the resistance and more price targets explained on video.

$ATHM AutoHome – Fantastic break-out trade set-up previously alerted and now over previous highs. Trade price here forward. Will alert sell side when it triggers.

$VRX Valeant – Near 200 MA on daily as a massive test and then 50 MA on daily upside is the buy trigger. Model to follow if it sets up.

We also reviewed a few of the momentum stocks from the day.

For more detail on the time cycle peaks for your trade, price targets, and support / resistance points relating to your personal trading plan contact me with any questions you have.

Best and peace!

PS Remember to trade price – if the trade goes against you it is always better to take a small loss than be married to a bad chart / stock.

I am live broadcasting these trading set-up and other chart set-ups documenting my process in detail for review w/ daily PL’s, video, charting set-ups and alerts.

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