$BLKG, Stock, Trading, Results

Post-Market Mon Mar 20 $BLKG, $USRM, $BABA, $NG_F, $UWTI

Review of Compound Trading Chat Room Stock Trading, Algorithm Charting Calls and Live Stock Alerts for Monday March

Review of Compound Trading Chat Room Stock Trading, Algorithm Charting Calls and Live Stock Alerts for Monday March 20, 2017; $BLKG, $USRM, $BABA, $NG_F, $UWTI – $DUST, $ONTX, $XOM, $NE, $BLKG, $USRM, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA, $MGTI etc 


Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog in italics (below) are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat deleted). Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade archive.

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at.



Per recent;

Weekly Simple Swing Trade Charting is out:

The Swing Trading Twitter feed can be found here: https://twitter.com/swingtrading_ct.

Overview and Summary Review of Markets, Chat Room, Algo Calls, Trades and Alerts:

In play today in chat room; $BLKG, $USRM, $BABA, $NG_F, $UWTI

Premarket trading plan (member post) can be found here:

Closed my position in $USRM when it was up near 57% on the day and on $BLKG when it was near 233% on the day. $BLKG low on day was 16 and high was 58 and I closed at 55 for a nice win – held the swing for a few weeks.

$BLKG, Stock, Trading, Results

$BLKG Postmarket Stock Trading Results – Closed long swing trade when up 233% intra-day at 55

My $BABA call and a number of the other swing trading calls are continuing to be home runs, winning is good in this business.

It’s too bad our transcript in the room is not available for the first part of the day (my apologies but we’re learning the platform) because not only was most of the action for the day in the first hour but MarketMaven schooled us all on a morning momentum stock $ESPR – wow what a trade, three adds and closed near the top. Total schooling.

Also our traders were in natural gas $NG_F $UGAZ etc killing that and the other trades on intra and swing trading are all going well for our small group. 2017 has been a great year for the group, I am in the process of compiling the trade P/L of each trader (contacting them one at a time asking if they would be interested). Anyway, the feedback I am getting has been fantastic (in terms of YTD performance) and that has been obvious in the room – but I would like to document it if possible.

Premarket was all about $CURS tanking, $CTMX, $ESPR and a few others.

Algorithmic Chart Modeling Reports / News:


The Charting Algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index).

Stocks, ETN’s, ETF’s I am Holding:

I am holding (in order of sizing – all moderately small size to micro sizing) – $DUST, $ONTX, $XOM, $NE, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA, $MGTI (this is the daytrading portfolio and does not represent swing trading service portfolio): Looking at moving out of all these small positions over the next month or so.

Note-able Stocks Today (via FinViz):

Ticker Last Change Volume Signal
ESPR 41.22 74.14% 30432500 Top Gainers
NKTR 22.11 42.65% 15317678 Top Gainers
BLPH 1.39 34.95% 7916200 Top Gainers
MVIS 2.60 25.00% 8463600 Top Gainers
CTMX 18.89 24.44% 2325700 Top Gainers
DDC 12.20 22.98% 4618400 Top Gainers
MVIS 2.60 25.00% 8463600 New High
AMCF 0.05 21.95% 28000 New High
ESPR 41.22 74.14% 30432500 New High
CTMX 18.89 24.44% 2325700 New High
CLNT 2.67 286.96% 130016 Overbought
FIZZ 78.67 1.68% 360459 Overbought
GNMX 2.21 -59.37% 11274507 Unusual Volume
ICVT 51.19 -0.06% 803600 Unusual Volume
AKO-A 22.66 0.80% 70461 Unusual Volume
ESPR 41.22 74.14% 30432500 Unusual Volume
ALK 94.82 1.56% 1487400 Upgrades
ASUR 10.66 -6.82% 224200 Earnings Before
PRAA 33.55 -1.47% 373400 Insider Buying

The Markets Looking Forward:

The markets to me look toppy (as I’ve noticed previous). So last weekend we produced some simple swing charting that keeps me level when looking at the markets (examples below). Simple charting I find grounds you to simple trades which in turn keeps you profitable in toppy or sideways markets. So I find the practice crucial even though our algorithmic modeling can cut up a chart on any time-frame and I can trade scalping like nobody’s business with them… but I have businesses etc and I can’t be a minute by minute trader (right now anyway). So keeping it simple helps me and many on our swing trading side of the platform really appreciate the simple view because they have day jobs or businesses etc.

Swing Trading Reports / News:

The quarterly performance report link is above in the intro to this post – we have been killing and below are some of the recent simple swing trading charts.

$BABA from our swing trading platform side sure looked perky today – here’s one of the charts from the swing trading platform updates this past weekend – looks interesting!

$BABA, Swing, Trading, Chart

$BABA Daily 100 MA 50 MA Cross, MACD Pinch, SQZMOM up, Stoch RSI up. Wait for MACD for long. #swingtrading

US Dollar $DXY $USDJPY $UUP & Currencies of Note:

Gold $GLD $XAUUSD / Gold Miner’s $GDX:

Results are in for Gold trading vote:

Silver $SLV:

Crude Oil $USOIL $WTI:

Volatility $VIX:

$SPY S&P 500:

$NG_F Natural Gas:

Natural gas on fire… I’ll try and get some time to start covering it more closely. On a side note we’re going to start covering emerging markets and USDJPY closer too soon hopefully.

Live Trading Chat Room Transcript: (on YouTube Live):

Compound Trading Stock Chat-room Transcript:

Please note: Miscellaneous chatter removed from transcript and some discussions I will add notes with information I’ve gleaned in discussions online with traders on DM etc also for further explanation (noted with *). Also, times are Central Mountain below (we’re working on the fix now), so for New York ET time add two hours to all times. Also, most days at 9:30 ET market open there is moderator live broadcast explaining trades and at times during the day there is also live broadcast market updates and trade set-up explanations (so you have to scroll through video feed to market open etc to catch live broadcast portions – in future we will note in in transcript when we are on the mic so viewers can correlate time with transcript with video feed when reviewing trades). 

Important note: The premarket, the market open and the close are all missing from this transcript WHICH WERE THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF THE DAY!!! Especially the market open with a fantastic trade by MarketMaven – total schooling (as I explained above) and Flash shared some of his Swings (which btw have been red hot). So I’m very disappointed to say the least. My excuse is we’re just learning the details of the platform and capturing the transcript has its details. Anyway, we’re on it. We’re also on getting these main traders in the room equipped to run charts and broadcast voice in their trades etc to build out a more robust daily trading video for people that review after market because they work or whatever… we’re on it, we’re getting there. What limited transcript we have is below.

9:15 AM MarketMaven M ​$CMG decent action

9:16 AM MarketMaven M ​$ESPR more of a fade than a snap back possible

9:18 AM Flash G​ $CRBP wacthing chart for breakout here

9:24 AM  Flash G ​$TLT watching close again also

9:27 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​my $BLKG UP 193% today

9:30 AM Flash G ​Holy wow great hit Curt!

9:30 AM Flash G ​Thats $BLKG lol fyi

9:31 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​why thanks

9:31 AM MarketMaven M ​awesome

10:15 AM wintonresearch ​yup natty going strong

10:22 AM MarketMaven M ​Can’t tell you how many times I looked at $BLKG Curt and never pulled the trigger I should learn to listen

10:30 AM Flash G​ Nice bounce on $AUPH

10:31 AM Flash G ​$MEMP chart added to my watchlist long

10:31 AM Flash G ​$NAK Curl on daily adds it to my watchlist

10:32 AM Flash G ​And the wedge break on $VSAR makes it to my watchlist

10:33 AM Flash G ​And $ANW is the last one added to my swing watchlist this morning – all long

10:34 AM MarketMaven M ​$NKTR price target to $31 from $23 at Roth Capital

10:38 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​like your swing trade watch list updates flash thanks

10:38 AM wintonresearch​ $NAK strong

10:38 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ I’m starting to use them in my own homework

10:39 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​$NAK hart looks great

10:47 AM Mathew w ​NAk on my DNT list but the set up looks to be there and there’s been demand much higher in the recent past

10:47 AM Mathew w ​Before that short seller note

11:03 AM wintonresearch​ yeah NAK has shrugged off a lot lately

11:03 AM wintonresearch ​put in that nasty bottom and moving up on quiet days for gold

11:03 AM wintonresearch ​admittedly it’s given many whiplash

11:04 AM wintonresearch ​also worth looking at my last tweet on gold vix being very low

11:04 AM wintonresearch​ suggesting rise on the way

11:06 AM MarketMaven M ​I like it

11:12 AM wintonresearch ​the gold vix hasn’t been this low in over a year if iirc

11:14 AM Mathew w​ VIX’s of all types artificially low here. They can stay that way for a while, but the move when they come upstuck will be large and swift

11:18 AM MarketMaven M​ yepp

11:26 AM MarketMaven M​ $MVIX long

11:26 AM MarketMaven M ​a little squeeze play

11:26 AM MarketMaven M ​sorry that was lagged for some reason

11:27 AM MarketMaven M​ anyway I was in and out lolol

11:32 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ sorry guys I was out $BLKG some time ago at 50 so nice gain… it was actually a fat finger sale while driving

11:32 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​I think that’s 3 times the last year I fat finger ed an order

11:32 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ nice gain anyway

11:33 AM MarketMaven M​ I have never done that

11:36 AM MarketMaven M​ $MVIS sqeeeeze

11:44 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​Don’t look now but my $USRM up 57% today nice

11:46 AM Curtis Melonopoly​ I guess I better jump. Sold! $USRM

11:46 AM MarketMaven M ​lol auction time

11:46 AM Curtis Melonopoly ​that’s two bags down

11:47 AM MarketMaven M ​love that lighter feeling

12:38 PM Flash G ​$SPX lol what a market

12:39 PM Flash G ​/NG 50 sma

12:46 PM Mathew w ​/NG also backside of trendline. over 3.05 with some power should get 3.12

12:55 PM Flash G​ Corny times VXX lol watching today with amusement

12:56 PM wintonresearch ​NAK still climbing

12:56 PM wintonresearch ​and natty

12:57 PM Flash G ​see that

12:59 PM Flash G ​I also see some seasoned traders exiting positions because they “see something” wrong

12:59 PM Flash G ​This could be a shift. Yet to be seen. But some real pros are backing off.

1:01 PM Curtis Melonopoly ​I know I wasn’t especially keen but was painful to sit on hands while MM carved up that mom this morning

1:02 PM Curtis Melonopoly​ also I missed natty again lol fark

1:03 PM Curtis Melonopoly​ $KALY could run

1:24 PM Flash G ​$NKE spike – had it on my morning watchlist – still on watch

1:24 PM Mathew w ​Im about done for the day by the looks of things. Watching currencies and bonds ON. Bonds got some action to the call side today so looking for follow through there and rotation into XLE possibly

1:24 PM Mathew w​ See yall in the am

1:26 PM Flash G​ see ya mat

1:26 PM Flash G​ with $NKE earnings tomorrow I was playing cautious

1:27 PM MarketMaven M​ see you mr mathew

1:31 PM Flash G ​Positive flow in $CMG now EOD

1:34 PM Flash G ​$NVCN bullish chart

1:35 PM Flash G​ Massive block on $SPY

1:37 PM Flash G ​$GDXJ real strong here EOD also

1:48 PM MarketMaven M​ $EBIO closing at HOD

1:50 PM MarketMaven M​ Taking some $KALY not missing it again after today’s episode with $USRM and $KLPG or whatever it was lol


Be safe out there!

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