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Swing Trading Alerts (w / video) VIX, Gold, Silver, Tesla $TSLA, $LEVB, $BTC, $EDIT, $PYX and more.

Swing Trade Alerts. #tradealerts #daytrading #swingtrading Swing Trading Alerts with raw video footage from our Live Trading Room mid-day review

Swing Trade Alerts. #tradealerts #daytrading #swingtrading

Swing Trading Alerts with raw video footage from our Live Trading Room mid-day review webinar Oct 2, 2018. 12:12 PM. 

Stocks Alerted for Trade: VIX, Gold, Silver, Tesla $TSLA, $LEVB, $BTC, $EDIT, $PYX and more.

Be sure to check the date on each chart (I’ve included some from previous posts).

Some discussion at the beginning of this video about time cycles over next two quarters expected to provide significant trading opportunity.

Volatility $VIX – Mid July 2018 time cycle changed and it lasts in to mid December 2018, 15.9 was upside bringing 50% ish since lows, 21’s are even possible soon. A spike if very likely at minimum in to 15’s. The time cycle after the end of this one in to mid December is significantly more aggressive than this current time cycle. The current time cycle is the start of the inflection and the next in to Q1 2019 is the inflection.

We see some opportunities in equities coming to the long side and many to down side that will be specific to themes that will surface in the inflection period. Crypto, Gold, Silver, VIX, various metals / commodities and select equities will all be on watch. There will be a series of reports to members as themes surface through the timing.

Gold $GC_F $XAUUSD $GLD – Over 50 MA, MACD turning back up, price spiked today and it is on watch. Algorithm report on deck. Silver is in the same scenario (algorithm report also within next couple days).

Gold, XAUUSD, chart, GC_F, GLD

Gold chart (Daily) above 50 MA and MACD turn back up possible, all metals commodities on watch, reports on deck #GOLD #CHART $GC_F $XAUUSD $GLD

Bitcoin $BTC $XBTUSD – Wedge chart reviewed, trading mid range in wedge, we expect this to turn up in to Christmas and next year. Algorithm report on deck.

$PYX – has been on watch, trade got aggressive today to upside, expecting a move to the 41’s as very probable, very aggressive chart structure. We are working on a structured model.

$EDIT – last trade wasn’t easy but we got out with a profit after being under water on the trade and we added at bottom of channel and closed at 200 MA resistance test.

EDIT, stock, chart

EDITAS MEDICINE (EDIT) at 200 MA resistance test with peak time cycle Sept 24, careful on other side of cycle $EDIT #swingtrade #tradealert

$TSLA – sloppy chart, best way to trade it is to trade the range of the chart, enter long at bottom of range in 280s and close near top of range.

TESLA, price targets, swing trading, alerts, TSLA

$SQ – trading 99.32, 97.55 I was going to take the trade intra-day and I didn’t, it’s on watch but watching to see if it proves out. Specific price targets and dates reviewed on video.

SQ, Square, swing trade, trade alerts, premarket

SQUARE (SQ) premarket trading 101.20 near 102.00 resistance. Trim in to resistance add to trade above. Updated chart. $SQ #tradealerts

$OGEN – it may be a bottom play for good day traders.

$IGC – find a good entry on 5 minute intra-day, take a long, with a stop, close your eyes. Don’t follow it down.

$SYN – watch out, not an easy trade

$EBR – could go, tough

$GOL – same as $EBR

$PBRA – same, aggressive

$EBRB – same

$SBS – same

$BSBR – same, a tad farther ahead than others

$LEVB – been watching and bullish on

$SBGL – no

$LW – trending chart, off theme for the day, mid way through bounce, no play

$MSB – aggressive, never trade it, high probability for a full extension upside.


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#tradealerts #swingtrading #daytrading

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