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What’s New at Compound Trading April / May 2018.

What’s New! May 2018 will be a big month at Compound Trading, below is a list. We’ve now

What’s New!

May 2018 will be a big month at Compound Trading, below is a list.

We’ve now finished setting up our latest trading residence in Boca Chica Dominican Republic and we will announce other destinations in the near future. After initially doing Panama City, Panama and now the Dominican Republic we are masters of the process and future destinations should be much smoother!!!

Our trade coaching boot camp at our beach residence in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic is slotted for May 4 – 6. There are two in person spots left and unlimited online spots available.

We are also launching our 24 hour crypto trading desk. This team of three will also be responsible for the development and coding of our algorithms. We are starting with EPIC the Oil Algo and our Crypto trading models. After which we will move on to coding the rest of our models for machine trading and Intelligent Assisted #IA trader platform. This team will also be alerting (in addition to the lead trader) to the real-time member Twitter alerts feeds for $BTC Bitcoin and $WTI Oil starting early May (more alert feeds will be on-boarded by the team as the program is rolled out).

Also new is our All Access Membership for Legacy members. This will also include a 24 hour around the clock web cam at our lead trader’s desk showing all his trading monitors live. For serious traders on our service there is no better access (and you’ll save money, in some instances for our more serious members it will be a significant savings).

And our complimentary swing trading periodical registration availability will be held over in May for those wishing to take advantage of our lead trader complimentary swing trading set-ups delivered to your email.

And finally per below our April sale in advance of our new programs launching is in affect now and ends April 30.

Anything you need give us a shout online [email protected].

Best and trade em well!

Per our website main page (links provided below): 

April Sale On Now! 10 Promo Codes Per Select Items Only! Sale items end April 30, 2018 or if the Promo Code limit for the specific item has been reached (10). If there is no sale price beside the item listed the maximum promo codes have been used. Click here for available Promo Codes.

Interested in free swing trading setups? Click here to sign up for the Complimentary Swing Trading Report Mailing List.

Information about our next trade coaching event May 4, 5, 6 can be found here Trade Coaching Boot Camp.

Now available for serious traders – Legacy All Access Membership.

24 Hour Crypto Trading Desk opens May 2018 along with our Coding Algorithm Models for Machine Trading. Formal announcements to follow.

Welcome to Compound Trading. We’re disrupting Wall Street, democratizing world class algorithm modeling for the everyday investor.

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