Trade Set-Ups (May 8 Member Edition) $AAPL, $DIS, $AMD, $ITCI, $AAOI, $SNAP, $FB, $TSLA, $EDIT, $ESPR, $LITE, $LPSN, $SPY.

Swing Trading Report and Video for May 8, 2018. $AAPL, $DIS, $AMD, $ITCI, $AAOI, $SNAP, $FB, $TSLA, $EDIT,

Swing Trading Report and Video for May 8, 2018. $AAPL, $DIS, $AMD, $ITCI, $AAOI, $SNAP, $FB, $TSLA, $EDIT, $ESPR, $LITE, $LPSN, $SPY more.

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The Mid Day Trade Set-Ups Video:

Trade set-ups on this video; $AAPL, $DIS, $AMD, $ITCI, $AAOI, $SNAP, $FB, $TSLA, $EDIT, $ESPR, $LITE, $LPSN, $SPY.

Voice broadcast starts at 13:30 on video!

Mid Day Chart Trading Set-ups May 8 Summary.

Apple $AAPL – Over 188.60 targets 191.46 195.15 then 200.00.

Disney $DIS – Targets 103.68 on bullish side and if it tanks 96.96.

$AMD – 200 MA just above as resistance.

$ITCI – Targets 23.77 on upside.

$AAOI – 39.09 target on bullish side. Watch resistance.

$SNAP – targets on bullish side 12.31 on 11th or 9.97 bearish.

Facebook $FB – over 178.25 targets 181.60 and 167.40 is bearish on 18th of this month if a dump past 200 MA.

Tesla $TSLA – Over 50 MA then over 100 MA targets then 327.30 bullish Nov 15 383.15 target.

$EDIT – Coming in to target for the 10th, bullish side target 37.55 Sept 20 or 27.82 on bearish side.

$ESPR – Over 40.70 on close of day targets 49.69.

$LPSN – Targeting 19.60 major resistance.

$LITE – over 50 MA now targeting 64.95 June 1.

$SPY – struggling with resistance 267.99, 200 MA below, 262.73 257.42 on bearish side. 273.44 bullish side target.

In Closing:

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