Thursday Mar 2, 2017 EPIC the Oil Algo Oil Report (Member Edition). FX: $USOIL $WTIC – $USO $CL_F $UWT $DWT $UCO $SCO $ERX $ERY $GUSH $DRIP

Welcome to my new FX: $USOIL $WTI oil trade report. My name is EPIC the Oil Algo and I am one of six Algorithmic Charting services in development at Compound Trading.


MULTI-USERS: Institutional / commercial platform now available.

PATENT PHASE: I am now in patent application phase. Stay tuned for agreements concerning disclosure and use coming to members.

24 HOUR TRADE ROOM: My charting transitions from FX $USOIL $WTI to 24hr crude oil futures in 2017 and will have 24 hr crude oil trade room.

SOFTWARE: My algorithmic charting is going to developer coding phase early 2017 for our trader’s dashboard program. Please review my algorithm development process and about my oil algorithm story on our website and my oil algo charting posts on my Twitter feed and this blog.

HOW MY ALGORITHM WORKS: I am an algorithm in development. My math is based on traditional indicators (up to fifty at any given time each weighted on win ratio merit – all not shown on chart at any given time) – such as simple math calculations relating to price and volume, Fibonacci, simple pivots, moving averages, Gann, Schiff and various other charting, geometric and mathematical factors. I do not yet have AI or Geo Political integration – only math as it relates to traditional indicators with the primary goal being probabilities. I am not a high frequency or bot type algorithm – I am represented on and used on a traditional trading chart as one would normally use as a probability indicator. The goal is to provide our trader’s with an edge when triggering entries and exits on trades with instruments that rely on the price of crude oil (specifically FX: $USOIL $WTI and transitioning to futures in our new 24 hour oil trading room).

Below you will find my simplified view of levels that can be used on a traditional chart (both intra-day and as a swing trader or investor). This work, and subsequent trading, should be considered one decision at a time, “if this happens then this or this are my targets”… price – trigger – trade and so on. Questions to;, message our lead trader on Twitter, or message a lead trader privately in the trade room.

Visit this link for more information about my oil algorithm development, this link explains how our algorithmic charting is done, this YouTube video explains in summary how my algorithm works this link for more information about our algorithmic stock charting models and what makes them different than most.


FX: $USOIL $WTI Observations:

Below is the link for the live EPIC the Oil Algo Live Trading Chart for Thursday Mar 3, 2017.

Trading Range – Crude algo intra work sheet 142 AM Mar 2 FX $USOIL $WTIC #OIL $CL_F CL $USO $UCO $SCO $UWT $DWT #OOTT

Lower trade – Crude algo intra work sheet 139 AM Mar 2 FX $USOIL $WTIC #OIL $CL_F CL $USO $UCO $SCO $UWT $DWT #OOTT

Upper trade – Crude algo intra work sheet 140 AM Mar 2 FX $USOIL $WTIC #OIL $CL_F CL $USO $UCO $SCO $UWT $DWT #OOTT

Intra-day Crude Oil Trading Range: At time of writing FX $USOIL $WTI is trading at 53.56 at 1:59 AM EST Mar 2, 2017. Some thoughts with respect to traditional charting that may help advance the trading edge:

At time of post oil is trading at 53.56.

Some of our traders are accumulating long in oil related $UWT when trade is near diagonal trendline support I have pointed out in numerous recent reports (blue line at lower side of chart). Our lead trader has closed his position and does not currently have a position.

There is a diagonal trendline resistance (blue) intraday at 55.16 (trending down) that is considerable (thick line as it comes from previous time price cycles) and diagonal trendline supports (blue) at 53.53 and 53,08 trending up that have been tested and has held in recent trade (price momentarily lost the upper of the two lines at one point and recovered). Our traders execute trades at these widths with moderate confidence now.

There is horizontal resistance (yellow) at 54.33 that has been breached a number of times (that can also act as support) and support (yellow) 51.93. Our traders execute trades at these widths with limited confidence (considering trade has breached at least 54.33 with relative ease).

Between the horizontal support and resistance lines are miscellaneous horizontal support and resistance lines (purple) and Fibonacci levels (various other colors not listed – which are the various other thin lines – I’ve marked one with a green arrow) that act as minor intra-day support and resistance.

Also, the Fibonacci based diagonal algo trend-lines lines that make up trading quadrants on various time cycles (in this instance the 30 minute shown – they are white dotted lines) act as intra support and resistance (very light – remember, the thicker the line the more important it is). Also note, price action will default to the white dotted fib algo quad lines when the red dotted alpha algo lines are abandoned (or absent the chart trading range) for one reason or another (but remember the red dotted lines are alpha).

The alpha algo lines (red dotted) also act as intra support and resistance (more-so than the secondary algo lines which are white dotted). There are no alpha algo lines on the current chart.

The most important item on this chart is the diagonal trendline (blue) on a downward trend (that I have mentioned in numerous reports the past weeks). 

The comments below apply again for this week’s trade report. There are no red dotted alpha algo lines or alpha algo targets in the immediate trading range – so this makes targets difficult to predict, I have however marked the most likely secondary algo targets to hit. As soon as oil trades with a confirmed break-out or break-down the alpha algo targets will be in play again and subsequent targeting will also become more clear. At issue (with the alpha algo targets and trendlines) is that while oil is trading in a sideways range it becomes difficult to establish alpha targets. 

Pre previous; There are however now secondary targets along the white dotted algo line – so they are not official calls but are targets noted because there are no alpha targets currently in range – and when there are none we default to the secondary algo lines (white dotted) and time of reports on Tues, Wed and Fri each week (see explanation below).”

Multi Week Trading Range for Swing Trading:

Note: Be careful with the prices you see in the purple boxes on the right of the chart – they do not line up on chart for price action (they are for indicators).

Trade the ranges noted above.

Diagonal Trend Lines:

Diagonal trend-lines (blue). Diagonal trend-lines are critical inflection points. Please review many of my recent posts so you can learn about how important these diagonal trend-lines are. If one is breached you can look to pull-back to next diagonal blue trend line about 90% of the time. Also pay attention to how thick the lines are – the thicker the line the more important because they represent extensions from previous time / price cycles.

Remember you can come in to the chat room to message the trader and REMEMBER I have posted a live chart link earlier in this post so if you can’t see the lines well on this chart above you can go to the live chart link and watch for member live algo chart links through-out the day in your email inbox!

The diagonal trend-lines are marked on main chart above.

Price Action with 20, 50, 100, 200 MA

It is wise to study how the 20, 50, 100, 200 MA trade on each time-frame before trading oil related instruments (see previous posts).

Fibonacci Levels:

Watch the lines for support and resistance. Careful using them as traditional retracement levels with crude because the algo lines etc are more dominant / predictable. But the Fib lines are excellent indicators for intra-day trade support and resistance.

The Fibonacci lines are marked on main chart above.

Horizontal Trend-Lines (purple):

Horizontal trend-lines are not as important as the other indicators reviewed above, however, they do serve as important resistance and support intra-day for tight trading and they are important if thick (in other words they come from previous time / price cycles). WE STARTED TO REPRESENT THE REALLY IMPORTANT LINES IN YELLOW FYI FOR EASE. Refer to chart for current applicable horizontal trend-lines.

Horizontal trendlines are marked on charts above.

Advanced Charting:

Respect support and resistance lines: If you can be patient and take your long and short positions against these yellow lines – that is your highest probability trading.

Oil Time / Price Cycles:

Watch your email and / or my Twitter feed for time price cycles they may start to terminate.

Time / price cycles are the single most important indicator and my record calling them is near 100% – since inception seven months ago. The reason they are so important is that a trader does not want to be holding a crude oil instrument at termination of a time cycle if not absolutely sure if price will go up or down. A trade may choose to enter a large position in advance of a time price cycle termination IF THERE IS A HIGH PROBABILITY OF A DIRECTION IN PRICE and if the market is trading at a really important pivot area. In other words, if the market is trading at the bottom of the upward trending channel at a support (yellow lines) and we knew there was a significant probability of a time cycle about to terminate a trader may enter with a long position. The price really spikes or drops significantly when these important time cycles terminate.

The problem with time / price cycle terminations is they change from minute to minute (depending on where price is on the chart) so you have to be in the trade room to get the alert. Our lead traders will do everything they can in future to send these on SMS but we have to be careful because it can be difficult with so much going on in the room. The reason they (time cycles) change is because they are actually represented by or are geometric shapes in the chart – I know it sounds odd but I have (as I mentioned) hit these calls just shy of 100%. The oil political people know the same algorithmic modeling principles and they ALWAYS TIME THEIR BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS AROUND THE TIME PRICE CYCLE TERMINATIONS.

So if you can picture a triangle on the chart – and price is trading in the triangle – and price is going to come to the edge of the triangle and there is a significant support or resistance or an algo line terminating there too or a target (those type of indications)… then we know there is a high probability of a time and price change. In other words, it is where there are clusters of algorithm points that cross and when price is going to cross over that cluster is where they are. And these are represented on all the different time frames – the larger the time frame – the larger the time price cycle termination – the larger the spike or downdraft. This is where we establish our intra-day quadrants from for sniping trades (which we will put in to the room soon because it looks like the geo political rhetoric is over for a while making them more predictable). Difficult to explain in short. So we will do our best to SMS alert these in future.

Also, the real large or important time / price cycle terminations we know far in advance and they can be put in these newsletters.

If you review my Epic the Oil Algo Twitter feed, my blog posts and my story on our website you will get a feel for how accurate these calls are.

Alpha Algo Trading Trend-Lines (Primary – Red dotted lines. Secondary – White dotted lines):

To determine which algo line is most alpha (or probable) intra day, it is the nearest line to price action. This can also help you determine the trend of trade. If the algo line is trending up the price will follow it up until price is tested at an algorithm indicator (the main tests are diagonal trendlines, horizontal trendlines, time / price cycles etc – as I have shared with you). This is why it is important to watch all the lines because they are all support and resistance. To keep it simple trade the range (yellow lines) as I’ve mentioned but keep an eye on these indicators.

The alpha algo trend-lines are marked on main chart above.

Current Alpha Algo Targets (Red circles):

Your closest target that crude is trending toward is always the most probable. Crude is currently trending toward a target (red circles on chart) Then, your second most probable is the one that is up or down trend depending on whether general price is in an upward or downtrend for the most recent week or so and what your other indicators look like (such as the MA’s I explained above).

The other way to determine which targets are in play is actually quite simple, you will notice that crude trades between the channel lines up and down and up and down and there are various support and resistance along the way. If it hits a target at the top of the channel you can bet most times (unless the next day like today) that the next target hit will be at the bottom of the channel.

Wait for the price to trend toward a target and take your position and watch as price gets closer and closer to the target. Remember, that the machines trade from decision to decision – or in other words from support to next resistance or resistance to next support or when the times come each week on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday they will trend toward the target that market price action determines they go to.

Our lead trader will explain more in the room and do not hesitate to ask our lead trader in the room by private message or on twitter to explain intra day decisions.

The diagonal trend-lines are marked on main chart above.

Current Algo Targets:

While price is in a horizontal range it is unfortunate but predictable alpha algo targets cannot be determined, however, I have added secondary targets to the report as noted above and on chart – but these are not alpha targets so they are not official calls. Keep in mind that recently Friday targets have hit as well as Tues and Wed and that on Friday’s it is common for price to be exactly in between two targets.


Oil Intra-Day Algo Trading Quadrants (white dotted lines):

Intra-day trading quadrants are available on all time – cycles and all of them are not detailed on this charting. The charting above represents the 30 minute trading quadrants. If you require tighter time-frames please email us and we will update charting for the time cycle you are looking for.

Trading quadrants are simply support and resistance lines that can assist your intra-day trading – they are not alpha or primary support and resistance by any measure. Price action does however typically move more assertively when leaving a trading quadrant.

Indicator Methods:

As explained above, my algorithm is a consideration of up to fifty traditional indicators at any one time – each one given its own weight in accordance to its accuracy (win rate). This is how we establish the probability of specific targets hitting (we call them alpha algo targets).

Alpha Algo Targets, Algo Trend-lines, Algo Timing, Quadrants for Intra Snipes:

Algo targets are the red circles – they correspond with important times each week in oil reporting land. Tuesday 4:30 PM, Wednesday 10:30 AM and Friday at 1:00 PM. The red dotted diagonal lines are the algo trend-lines. And the vertical dotted (red or green) are marking the important times each week. You will find that the price of crude will hit one of the alpha algo targets about 90% of the time. In the absence of market direction the machines take price to the next algo line and/or target. Understanding how the price of crude reacts to the algos and how they move price from target to target is critical for intra-day and swing trading crude oil and associated instruments.

You will notice that price action of crude will use these algo trend-lines and act as support and resistance, and that price also often violently moves when an alpha algo line is breached either upward or downward.

We cover this in much more detail in the member updates, trading room. A review of my Twitter feed and previous blog posts will help you understand the relation of these indicators. We will start posting video blogs (for my subscribers) on YouTube (in addition to my daily blog posts) for swing traders that work during regular trading hours.

Also… we will cover how to establish algo trend-lines and price targets future forward (as you have seen me do on my Twitter feed for some time now).


See you in the live trade room! And again, if you struggle to know how to use these indicators as a trader’s edge, it is recommended (if you have earnestly reviewed all of our documentation first) that you obtain private coaching prior to trading a real account with real money – we recommend you use a paper trading account at first.

You can also send specific questions to our email inbox at – if you do this be sure to ask a specific question so it can be answered specifically. When the 24 hour oil trading room opens you will have ample opportunity in that 24 hour room to ask questions also.

Watch my EPIC the Oil Algo Twitter feed for intra day notices and your email in box for member only material intra day also.

EPIC the Oil Algo

PS If you are not yet reviewing the daily post market trading results blog posts, please do so, they are on the blog daily and often there is information that also may assist your trading. Trade room transcripts (for example) may review topics pertinent to your trading.

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Stock Trading Plan for Wednesday Mar 1, 2017 in Compound Trading Chat room. $SGY, $SKLN, $CLNE, $DVAX – $ONTX, $VRX, $DUST, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA – Gold $GLD, Gold Miners $GDX, Silver $SLV, Oil $USOIL $WTI, Natural Gas, US Dollar Index $USD/JPY $DXY, S&P 500 $SPY, Volatility $VIX… more.

Welcome to the morning Wall Street trading day session at Compound Trading!

Notes in red text below are new comments entered specifically today.


Instructions for onboarding to new trading platform are in your email. Any questions DM Sartaj or email us.

Tradingview software was down last evening so all the algorithm and swing trading updates will be sent out tonight.

Also, the educational video series we are working on we do not expect to have posted until this Sunday FYI.

Current Holds / Trading Plan:

All small to mid size holds in this order according to sizing – $BSTG, $ONTX, $VRX, $DUST, $ASM, $SSH, $LGCY, $TRCH, $ESEA.

I closed my $UWT multi-week swing yesterday for gains.

Per recent’ $DUST I will close for a loss if Gold holds 1260 – sucks, but it was a relatively small position (to portfolio size) but I didn’t follow the golden rule… when a trade goes against your plan cut fast and I didn’t so I will likely pay the price. And I guess what has become the second golden rule… listen to the algos… they haven’t been wrong yet – so yes, I didn’t listen to my own invention ROSIE the Gold Algo (give Rosie a little plug there she deserves it lol). Embarrassing, especially because ROSIE nailed the bottom many weeks in advance of the bottom – all I had to do was listen and boom new house. Sad.

As per previous $CBMX I am now out for huge gains and $JUNO on a nice swing.

As noted before I may exit $VRX and $UWT.

Market Outlook / Trading Plan:

Looks like the Trump train is in full gear here. Watching the metals very closey (and natural gas).

$SGY and $SKLN look like the opening momo plays (at this point).

Volatility is now on my radar again $TVIX $UVXY.

Morning Momo / News and Social Bits From Around the Internet:

Momo Watch:  $SGY, $SKLN, $CLNE, $DVAX

If you are new to our trading service you should review recent blog posts, our YouTube Channel and at minimum our algorithm Twitter feeds because they do tell a story in terms of the market and how the inflections of the market determine our day to day trading. You will notice the algorithmic modelling has been undeniably accurate with many time-frames (intra-day, weeks and months out) so I myself have learned to respect their math (they have taken me from a 60% hit rate to 80% in my trading – all publicly posted live trades).

The algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here:$WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index). . Our lead trader Twitter feed is here @curtmelonopoly, lead developer @hundalSHS, and newest trader @quadzilla_jr.

Momentum Stocks (Market Open and Intra-Day):

I do trade morning momo stocks, but I do avoid risk – so often I avoid the first 30 minutes (gap and go) and trade momentum stocks later in the day after the wash-out looking for a snap-back. Just prior to open and shortly after open I post momentum stocks to the trade chat room (and Twitter and Stocktwits if I have time).

Some of my Favorite Set-Ups:

(1) Momentum Stock Wash-Outs for Snap Back, (2) Bad News Wash-outs on Stocks with High Institutional Ownership, (3) Getting on the Right Side of a Trend Change and scaling in my position and (4) Our Algorithm Set-Ups.

The momentum stocks (from previous days and morning trade) I continue to watch through the day for indicators that allow a trade.

Morning Stock Watch-Lists for my Favorite Set-Ups:

(1) Pre-Market Gainers Watch-List:  $SGY, $SKLN, $CLNE, $DVAX, $WTW, $NDRM, $BGFV $CLSD $TIME $BASI $TRCO $LOW $ONCS $MTL $MYL $JDST $RUSL $TECK

I will update before market open or refer to chat room notices.

(2) Pre-market Decliners Watch-List:  I will update before market open or refer to chat room notices.

(3) Other Watch-List:

(4) Regular Algo Charting Watch-List: Gold $GC_F $GLD, Miners $GDX ($NUGT, $DUST, $JDST, $JNUG), Silver $SLV $SI_F ($USLV, $DSLV), Crude Oil FX: $USOIL $WTI ($UWTI, $DWTI, $USO, $UCO, $CL_F, $UWT, $DWT), Natural Gas $NG_F ($UGAZ, $DGAZ), S & P 500 $SPY $ES_F ($SPXL, $SPXS), US Dollar Index $DXY ($UUP), Volatility $VIX ($TVIX, $UVXY, $XIV)

(5) Upgrades:  $FRAC $MU $MRVL $WMB $GOGL $LPG $TEF $AMBA $GMS $HK $OC $BMO as time allows I will update before market open or refer to chat room notices.

(6) Downgrades: $ROST $CRUS $WM $RSG $AVT $BW $PANW $XOXO $ALL $CYH $HII $GD $DRQ $WDAY $ARI $TGT $SIG $NOC $BW $INCR $CETX $BW as time allows I will update before market open or refer to chat room notices.

Stay tuned in Stock Chat Room for more pre-market stocks on watch.


For new readers, a review of our unlocked posts on our blog would help you get in to the story we are following with the securities listed in this newsletter.

Free scanners to find momentum stocks that you can easily review charts of for indicators that bring probability of your trade being successful up considerably. These are not useful for first 30 minute market open gap and go type plays (you need a good momentum scanner, level 2, and best to have hot-keys for the first 30 mins of gap and go trading)… but are very useful for intra day scalping and swing trading (start with trending stocks and then look at indicators intra for simple set-ups – study scan study scan study scan).




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Review of Compound Trading Chat Room Stock Trading, Algorithm Charting Calls and Live Stock Alerts for Monday Feb 28, 2017;  $LIFE, $WTW, $UWT –  $BSTG, $ONTX, $DUST, $VRX, $TRCH, $LGCY, $SSH, $ASM etc 


Time stamped entries (in permanent archive) copied to this blog in italics (below) are direct live log chat from chat trade room as they occurred (random chat from myself not applicable or other misc chat deleted). Chat trade room is also video recorded daily for trade archive.

In addition to chat, this trade-room has live voice broadcast (that covers in detail what indicators I am looking for in and out off each trade) and has live chart screen sharing right from my monitor to the room with all indicators I am looking at.



We are working on a series of videos that include trades from week of Feb 20 – 24 and various educational topics that we expect to have posted to Youtube by Mar 5, 2017.

Overview Perspective & Review of Markets, Chat Room, Algo Calls, Trades and Alerts:

Tuesday was another calm day for my trading. I traded $WTW and $KITE in morning one for a loss and one for a win and closed my $UWT swing.

Momentum / Note-able Stocks Today (via FinViz):

Ticker Last Change Volume Signal
KITE 70.77 24.53% 9709500 Top Gainers
LXU 10.87 22.96% 2575800 Top Gainers
PBMD 2.93 22.59% 1210300 Top Gainers
AAC 9.17 20.82% 417300 Top Gainers
CRSP 23.73 18.95% 163800 Top Gainers
GRAM 2.90 18.85% 2253500 Top Gainers
NTRI 46.50 18.62% 2087400 New High
IPDN 13.20 14.78% 514300 New High
PRIM 24.86 -2.47% 577782 New High
KITE 70.77 24.53% 9709500 New High
LMIA 13.76 0.07% 89300 Overbought
MASI 90.36 0.19% 1246600 Overbought
BSWN 23.16 0.04% 915083 Unusual Volume
BASI 1.62 9.46% 14931800 Unusual Volume
ROX 1.04 42.49% 14034353 Unusual Volume
SBY 21.53 18.49% 14606200 Unusual Volume
AMBA 58.95 -1.39% 1738100 Upgrades
AAMC 70.30 -1.13% 9727 Earnings Before
ALQA 0.49 -1.98% 284239 Insider Buying

Stocks, ETN’s, ETF’s I am Holding:
I am holding (in order of sizing – all moderately small to micro sizing) $BSTG, $ONTX, $DUST, $VRX,  $TRCH, $LGCY, $SSH, $ASM, $USRM (this is the daytrading portfolio and does not represent swing trading service portfolio):

Trading and The Markets Looking Forward:

Recent notes in post market reports that still apply,

“The small and micro momentum stocks continue to pop, however, traders need to be cautious because often its the low floats and thin trade can be difficult to chip out of positions – caution warranted in many ways.”

“These low float micros have in past signaled the end of a cycle in the market – keep that in mind.”

“Our standard plays that reflect the six algorithm charting we do are all at decisions at either support or resistance so this should get really interesting soon.”

Per yesterday, “Our swing trading side continues to outperform all my expectations for 2017 (you can find the most recent unlocked swing trading newsletter on our blog) – I had a feeling it was going to do well, just didn’t quite expect a grandslam. We’re in the middle of compiling our next set of stock picks for the swing trading members and will have them out over next few days – hopefully that batch will bring the same type of returns as the new year batch did and continue to in most instances.


Per recent; $DXY US Dollar is threatening to the trend reversal side, but not confirmed, awaiting market direction.

Gold $GLD $XAUUSD / Gold Miner’s $GDX:

Per recent; Gold and Miner’s are both at what we consider key resistance. 

Silver $SLV:

Per recent; Silver is at what consider key resistance.

Crude Oil $USOIL $WTI:

Per recent; Crude oil continues to threaten a key support and resistance area that we have used as an area of accumulation long (we’re long as long as the trend is in place – the trend is your friend and we’re trading the range until it isn’t).

Volatility $VIX:

Per recent; Volatility continues its flat line.

$SPY S&P 500:

Per recent, “$SPY continues the break-out. Trade the Fibs and buy the dip until you can’t. Respect stops.”

Natural Gas:

Watch 2.44 – 2.57

Momentum Trades:

Per recent; As noted above, the low float micros and small cap issues continue in momo.

Swing Trading:

Per recent; As noted above, our Swing Trading service has sent one out of the park after another. Continues to look good forward.

The Charting Algorithm Twitter feeds can be found here: $WTI (@EPICtheAlgo), $VIX (@VexatiousVIX), $SPY (@FREEDOMtheAlgo), $GLD (@ROSIEtheAlgo), $SLV (@SuperNovaAlgo), $DXY (@DXYUSD_Index).

Compound Trading Stock Chat-room Transcript:

Miscellaneous chatter may be removed.

Announcements in room:

08:52 am Curtis M : Protected: PreMarket Trading Plan Tues Feb 28 $ROX, $SBY, $LIFE, $TEUM, $UGAZ, $GDX, $NUGT … Password: PREMARKET022817


08:47 am Sandra Q : For Curt: Protected: PreMarket Trading Plan Tues Feb 28 $ROX, $SBY, $LIFE, $TEUM, $UGAZ, $GDX, $NUGT … Password: PREMARKET022817
08:52 am Optionsavvy . : gm
08:53 am kevin d : morn 🙂
08:53 am Sandy S : top of the day – wow Target!
08:54 am Optionsavvy . : I will be watching / evaluating INNL long pos today from yest trade posted on twtr. looking to sell into any spike
08:57 am Optionsavvy . : also looking to sell IBB into 300.30 res
08:58 am darnel t : Looking to close $IBB also
08:59 am Optionsavvy . : sorry. no current pos on IBB . looking to short it at that pt
09:01 am Flash G : would like to see b/o in miners for a nice add
09:01 am Optionsavvy . : BAC another one I am looking to short
09:02 am Optionsavvy . : VRX taken to the woodshed in pre
09:04 am Sandra Q : S&P -0.1%.10-yr +0.02%.Euro +0.09% vs. dollar.Crude -0.89% to $53.57.Gold -0.19% to $1,256.35.
09:05 am lenny e : Apple target increased to $151 at UBS
09:10 am MarketMaven M : Amarin revenues up 59% in FY16; shares up 3% premarket $AMRN
09:12 am darnel t : Target gest rocked
09:18 am Mathew Waterfall : Inflation adjusted down, home prices beat. Letting this open play out looking for bounces across the board
09:20 am Sandra Q : Starting $IONS L pos here
09:22 am Curtis M : Guys, just started a telconference – if not done b4 open I’ll be in chat with trades – conferences continue until Friday fyi
09:23 am Curtis M : Looking mainly at $LIFE
09:23 am Curtis M : $NUGT Miners and $NATGAS
09:25 am Mathew Waterfall : yesterday was hardcore market maker shake out and stop run. Miners should reclaim most of that early in the session IMO
09:25 am Sandra Q : Silver watch for me
09:27 am lenny e : Long start $JNUG
09:28 am kevin d : $SLW add
09:30 am MarketMaven M : L $LIFE
09:31 am MarketMaven M : who shit
09:31 am MarketMaven M : lol oops
09:31 am darnel t : L nugt
09:32 am Curtis M : vol off on $LIFE
09:33 am Sandy S : $rox LOL
09:33 am Curtis M : L $LIFE
09:34 am Curtis M : 4.38 5500
09:34 am kevin d : in some too $LIFE
09:35 am Sandy S : I am too but stop tight
09:37 am darnel t : stopped
09:37 am darnel t : in $LIFE I was stopped for 7 cent loss
09:41 am Curtis M : Long $WTW 2000 14.01 avg
09:42 am Curtis M : $LIFE holding
09:44 am Sandra Q : $WTW who knew lol in with ya 14.12
09:46 am Curtis M : Sold $WTW 14.72
09:46 am Sandra Q : Out too
09:50 am darnel t : Long $TUEM
09:52 am MarketMaven M : darnel $TUEM looks like it could rocket – doing DD
09:53 am Sandy S : In $BASI also small
09:54 am Sandra Q : Timing $X not easy but there’s margin in there Curt
09:54 am Mathew Waterfall : $vRX putting in crazy moves both ways here
09:54 am Curtis M : Just focused on geting out of $LIFE lol
09:55 am Curtis M : Looking for opportunity to ht it one more time hard and spike and bail is plan
09:55 am Curtis M : If $LIFE loses 100 day on 1 I’m out
09:57 am MarketMaven M : $VRX is a traders stock
10:01 am kevin d : $USRM got me a break out day on microcap
10:04 am Curtis M : Chipping in buys at 4.00 ish and will cut soon if t fails $LIFE
10:04 am Sandra Q : lol risky
10:05 am MarketMaven M : can be done but you need a pop – good luck!
10:06 am MarketMaven M : dont try this at home kids lololol
10:06 am lenny e : yup
10:07 am lenny e : $KITE halt and resumptin at 10:25 I think fyi
10:08 am Curtis M : lol lvl 2 on $LIFE there wow roll out
10:08 am darnel t : ya seen that
10:09 am Curtis M : big bumps starting right here, do or die
10:11 am Sandy S : watching $FCX
10:12 am Curtis M : cst avg 4.21 now… ugh just need a pop
10:12 am Sandra Q : might work
10:13 am Sandra Q : 100 day on 1 looks like intra res tho
10:13 am Sandra Q : stoch rsi almost at top u may may wanna jump next 1 min candle
10:14 am Curtis M : waiting for 2nd 1min for 1 complete 5 here
10:15 am Sandra Q : your chip on that load won’t be fluid fyi
10:16 am Sandra Q : jump here
10:19 am darnel t : $ETRM $DRYS jig
10:21 am darnel t : $PPHM too
10:24 am Curtis M : $OVX doesn’t look great may have to close $UWT
10:25 am Mathew Waterfall : $XOM shwoing some weakness as well
10:25 am Mathew Waterfall : usd/jpy making new lows
10:26 am darnel t : $KITE open 79.00 fro 56.83 ola
10:26 am darnel t : sorry 78
10:36 am Flash G : $BNXO pop
10:36 am Flash G : $BNSO
10:37 am Optionsavvy . : SGY one of my oil favs a lil perky today
10:37 am Optionsavvy . : decent RR on SGY with a stop just below
10:39 am Sandra Q : ya like the $SGY idea
10:54 am Flash G : Oil sitting right on that support intra wonder if I should long it here with a tight stop???
10:55 am Curtis M : thinking about closing
10:55 am Curtis M : not sure
10:55 am Mathew Waterfall : Big $USO put orders this AM as well
10:55 am lenny e : Oil Miners Metals likely to be decided today with Trump talk etc
10:56 am Curtis M : yup
10:56 am Curtis M : tough call
10:57 am lenny e : and natty seems to be at decision along with usdjpy too
10:57 am Curtis M : yu
10:57 am Curtis M : yup
10:58 am Sandra Q : Trump trade d day lol
10:58 am Mathew Waterfall : on the mic\
10:58 am Curtis M : kk
10:59 am MarketMaven M : best time of day 🙂
11:00 am kevin d : MM Mat always puts it in perspective:)
11:01 am Flash G : helps ha
11:01 am Flash G : I’m going to try a long CL tight stop
11:02 am Sandra Q : I’ll go with ya Flash small for good vibes
11:07 am Sandra Q : Thanks Mat
11:07 am darnel t : ya Mathew peace
11:07 am Mathew Waterfall : you bet. back in a few
11:07 am Sandy S : Long $CRM swing into ER
11:07 am Curtis M : k
11:08 am kevin d : Closing my corn long – yes corn, I am a corn trader lol
11:09 am darnel t : My $CELG swing going well
11:10 am Curtis M : Closed $LIFE 3.99 loss
11:11 am Curtis M : Closed $UWT swing nice gain
11:12 am Optionsavvy . : SGY fade ugh this tape is fun 😐
11:12 am Sandra Q : CL ugh
11:13 am Sandra Q : out small loss
11:13 am Sandra Q : we’ll see if that trendline marked (white dotted) holds
11:14 am Sandra Q : Here’s Curt’s SMS / Email alert for those that didn’t get it: Close $UWT multi week swing with adds for gain. Closed $LIFE daytrade 3.99 for loss.
11:18 am kevin d : new to room…. like the transparency
11:19 am kevin d : and… seems like there’s some depth here… not flash
11:19 am Sandra Q : welcome kevin!
11:21 am Sandra Q : ya… Kevin… I can tell you that curt and crew are finishing algos this week for final publication on weekend along with a bunch of videos that explain everything so you’ll want to review that on weekend – then they have a press run in March on it all
11:22 am kevin d : curious to see if oil will hold here
11:22 am kevin d : thanks sandra
11:25 am MarketMaven M : looks like a breach on deck
11:25 am Optionsavvy . : shippers all over my scans
11:27 am Optionsavvy . : scan is built on relative vol fwiw
11:27 am Flash G : love trading shippers
11:37 am Sandra Q : looks like lunch
11:37 am lenny e : yup
11:38 am Mathew Waterfall : Maybe after the state of the union and new month tomorrow things will move again
11:38 am MarketMaven M : i do believe so
11:41 am Flash G : nap
11:41 am Sandy S : lol
11:44 am Sandy S : $CBio going well
11:49 am Mathew Waterfall : Whoa. Snap IPO might include a 1 year lock up. Just saw that rumor. 1 year lock up and no voting rights? These guys are clowns
11:49 am Sandra Q : yup
11:53 am Flash G : $TGT curl but too risky imo
12:04 pm Flash G : $CBIO continuation
12:13 pm MarketMaven M : $NFLX lmao
12:14 pm MarketMaven M : add $UGAZ
12:14 pm MarketMaven M : moar
12:16 pm Mathew Waterfall : Still like natty. That double bottom down at 2.52 was a tell for me but the way it trades we could be right back there tomorrow
12:24 pm Sandy S : I’ll try a long on this $SIG wash-out tight stop here we go
12:26 pm MarketMaven M : Ya why not Sandy…. bored… in with you tight stop
12:26 pm Mathew Waterfall : Hold on. Things finally getting flush like out here
12:27 pm Mathew Waterfall : bit 1165 TICK to the downside
12:27 pm Mathew Waterfall : *big
12:27 pm MarketMaven M : ya watching $UVXY here!!
12:37 pm MarketMaven M : i sold for 20 cent loss btwsmall order lol cost lunch
12:38 pm Sandy S : ya down lunch too lololol
12:38 pm Sandy S : shit
12:38 pm Sandy S : looking at brokkers wow and VRX THC wow
12:57 pm lenny e : BTFD lol
01:01 pm Mathew Waterfall : Not much power in the buys right here as of yet. Ticks and breadth aint buying it
01:22 pm Sandy S : Blocks on $FTR on watch
01:22 pm Sandy S : Also $FOLD action looking decent
01:42 pm MarketMaven M : Curt, hate to say it, but you sold early.
01:46 pm Optionsavvy . : I’d be shocked if they didnt push IBB at least another .50 higher
01:46 pm lenny e : Seems “managed markets” is the theme today
01:47 pm Optionsavvy . : IBB prev high was 301.80 on 9/23 but doesnt need all of it just to last caught buyer of size
01:49 pm darnel t : looks like oil is good for another BTFD round wow
01:49 pm Curtis M : yup
01:50 pm Curtis M : range is getting tighter though
01:50 pm Mathew Waterfall : It was based off of comments that they weren’t going to make any ethanol reg changes
01:51 pm Curtis M : yup the comments always come when chart cracks appear – crazy
01:51 pm Mathew Waterfall : managed beyond belief right now. I wish I was flat to be honest this market is stupid right now
01:52 pm Curtis M : crazy
01:52 pm Curtis M : lol
01:52 pm Mathew Waterfall : The more it gets propped up, the larger the reaction that will happen when things let go. The spring is wound tight
01:53 pm Curtis M : oh yeah
01:53 pm lenny e : where’s eric l? APXflow lol bring un the bears!
01:53 pm Sandra Q : he not here today
01:56 pm kevin d : chart was broke on oil?
01:57 pm Curtis M : yup a support trendline (blue)
01:57 pm Curtis M : and at diagonal white trendline
01:57 pm Curtis M : so yup broke twice
01:58 pm Curtis M : last time that happened they came with news also anf it magically repaired
01:58 pm Curtis M : and then its an unatural queeze – so I should learn – bank on the news when the chart breaks with the unnatural squeeze
01:58 pm Curtis M : sad
01:59 pm kevin d : wow ya i just looked back i get it wow wow ya
01:59 pm kevin d : i get the crazy comments now
02:00 pm kevin d : i guess its btd until they let it go
02:00 pm Curtis M : yup
02:09 pm Sandra Q : Curt, about that “tell” on your Twitter feed re: Miner’s and Gold… comments today?
02:09 pm Curtis M : when it picks a direction here either way I am all in lol
02:11 pm Sandra Q : thanks:)
02:12 pm Sandy S : I’ll have to take a look at that tweet
02:18 pm Mathew Waterfall : Some bear flow starting in $SPY. Been a quiet day on the options side. Nothing sticking out for me really other than SPY puts and some $VXX calls
02:22 pm Carol B : Two small gambles here; Long $FOLD starter and long $XIV starter $FOLD ER
02:25 pm MarketMaven M : 2 police officers have been shot in southwest Houston; no word on their conditions – official
02:30 pm darnel t : $KITE rip awseome – I knew it ha
02:38 pm Mathew Waterfall : MOC looking almost a bil to the sell side. Early but not a surprise to see some more selling there
03:05 pm Curtis M : soooo not in to this – will be in office but not in front of screens unles scanners go off – yes, for those who asked we stopped publishing anything public yesterday at all until after this current market decision to respect Gold Silver DXY etc subs – I’ll be here if u need anything – just going to get some paperwork done – we have huge algo reports to complete and vids hopefully by tonight so back at them for now
03:07 pm Mathew Waterfall : That makes two of us. I’m not even really looking at the charts, getting some other stuff done. Don’t really care how we close today all about ON and tomorrow at this point
03:13 pm Sandra Q : I think tomorrow might be ok action
03:30 pm Mathew Waterfall : MiM looks to be coming off a bit
03:37 pm Sandra Q : in $USRM some couldn’t resist on Curt’s tweet lol $USRM 122% EOD HOD lol kool aid fun
03:37 pm Curtis M : funny
03:38 pm Curtis M : ok i’ll come small
03:38 pm Curtis M : small risky wont even alert it
03:38 pm kevin d : ha ha
03:38 pm kevin d : bored titans
03:39 pm lenny e : actually it could run tomorrow again for sure 🙂
03:39 pm lenny e : crazy times
03:39 pm lenny e : look at $OWCP
03:44 pm Curtis M : $PBMD patent news
03:51 pm Mathew Waterfall : See ya tomorrow. If we open flat Im going to go back to bed lol
03:51 pm Curtis M : kk
03:52 pm Curtis M : yup
03:52 pm kevin d : 🙂
03:52 pm Leanne Arnott : hoping for more action tmr for this trader-in-training!
03:53 pm Sandra Q : ya
03:53 pm Sandra Q : they got big reports coming tonight leanne so that will be good for training 🙂
03:53 pm Sandra Q : talked to curt bout it
03:54 pm lenny e : nite all
03:54 pm Leanne Arnott : looking forward to those
03:55 pm kevin d : $USRM closing strong

Be safe out there!

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