We are looking forward to our pre-launch next week in the trading room (chat and live broadcast). This week we will start with light fare pre-market newsletters and after-market reports – over the coming weeks the reports will expand considerably in detail and depth, but for now we will keep it light to get in to the flow.

This morning I won’t publish a trade plan for VIX, Gold, Silver, SPY and Oil… but will increasingly provide a trade plan in these morning newsletters over the coming days (the ramp up). What I will provide is my basic trade plan for oil (you will find below) and comment generally on the others.


I am looking for significant volatility between now and the election and even after. So I am watching day to day. I play $XIV $TVIX $UVXY and will explain in more detail as the coming days in to our pre-launch come.


I am currently not trading any securities against our algorithmic calculations with SPY. Of all the algo calculations we are processing right now – this one is most uneventful. I am hoping that after the election this changes. So of the algo calculations and trading plans you will see us develop in more detail on these reports leading up to our launch, the $SPY algo is lagging the others. It’s coming – but the pre-election environment is not the best time-frame for algorithmic trading specific to S&P 500. The intra-day stuff, sure… and that will be covered in our trade room coming up.

Silver and Gold.

Right now I am sitting on my hands. I was waiting for a level down in both to retest previous support. I will say that my trade plan is VERY bullish come just before or after election. But still waiting. Our algos have been testing very precise with both so I am excited to trade these (and associated equities) in the coming weeks.


The US Dollar. I have been posting for some time on my twitter feed about an impending break-out (which is here). We haven’t posted a lot about our algo development with $DXY, but I can tell you we are testing one and will be releasing it within a month or so. It is testing VERY precise and look forward to trading associated equities with it in our trading room over the next few weeks. I posted yesterday that I thought it should rest for a bit… and it has – it is now testing previous resistance to upside. I would be VERY cautious with it and watch for more lift especially if you are trading oil related equities etc… crude oil reacted in a strong way to the Dollar as the day went on yesterday. Early in the day not so much but as the day went on the affects of the Dollar (and obviously OPEC chatter) seemed to weigh on crude (it was a delayed effect).

EPIC the Oil Algo. FX: $USOIL $WTI (can be used as a trader’s edge for futures, $DWTI, $UWTI, $CL_F and more).

We just published the adjusted forecasts for EPIC the Algo alpha targets for Tuesday 10:30 AM and we will revise the Friday 1:00 PM ET forecasts soon. They are posted to EPIC’s twitter feed https://twitter.com/EPICtheAlgo.

These forecasts are simply targets that run along the algo trading pivot or trend-lines. Algos (machines) will move price from target to target in accordance to market direction. As such, trading with this type of system is much better done on an intra-day basis (hence why our trading room is opening). Nonetheless, in the meantime the targets can be used to trade against. So in our charts you will notice red trend-lines (this are the alpha algo trend-lines), you will also notice traditional charting diagonal trend-lines in blue (the thicker they are the more important they are) and also horizontal traditional trend-lines (purple). We also publish the charts with the 20, 50, 100, 200 day traditional MA. What is missing are the algo quadrants that allowing for precise intra-day trading (these will be on the charts in the trading room for each subscriber to each algorithm). What you also don’t see on the charts are other traditional indicators such as VWAP, MAC cross-over etc… we do not publish them to the charts because quite frankly there are many and our charting is “busy” enough.

Crude, Oil, WTI, Stocks

Crude algo intra work sheet 748 AM ET Oct 26, 16 FX $USOIL $WTI FXCM #Oil $USO $UWTI $DWTI $CL_F #OOTT #Algo

Above is the most recent crude chart. The arrow on the far right shows a traditional charting TL that is obviously critical to the support of pricing in the current time / price cycle that crude is in right now. The middle arrow is pointing at a traditional horizontal trend-line (purple) that has just been breached. The upper arrow is a diagonal trend-line that is also critical on the upper side. As long as the price of oil stays between the upper blue T line and the lower t line nothing has changed. I would even venture to say the lower purple horizontal support at the bottom of the chart above keeps this time / price cycle in play. And don’t forget, we’re waiting for more “deal” news out of the oil boys soon.

While crude remains in this trading zone I will continue to buy the dips and sell the rips. However, I do trade around the important weekly reports and do utilize the algo quadrants that we will be discussing in the trading room. If the trading range is breached, we then reset and find the new range and trade in it. That’s basically how I’ve traded ($UWTI and $DWTI) with near 95% accuracy for some time.

Watch the support and resistance trend-lines I have explained after the oil report this morning!!! This will establish whether oil remains in this trade range or not. If it does not we will post updates to EPIC’s Twitter feed regularly of course!

Chatter this morning about oil:



Oil prices are too gloomy on chance of OPEC deal

So that is my basic trade plan – I know it is light and in coming days it will become much more precise and informative. We’re working around the clock right now to get the trade room up so I appreciate the support from the early subscribers (guys and gals I am happy to report) and you can look forward to detail, detail, detail over the coming days!

Stay blessed.



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