IMPORTANT: Trading Team Note

This is likely one of the more important notes you will ever receive from me, the upcoming time-cycles are going to be historically important, the biggest in history past, present and future.

RE:  More Intra-Day Trading Near (Time Cycle Inflections)

Applies to: Live Trading Room, Oil Trade Alerts, Swing Trade Alerts. Stocks, SP500, $SPY, OIL, $CL_F, $USO, GOLD, $GLD, $GC_F, SILVER, $SLV, BITCOIN, $BTC, Volatility, $VIX, US Dollar, $DXY

Good evening team,

The recent time cycle that peaked last week was spot on, we nailed the run up (many plays in equities were 2-6x hits) and then the down (OVX 20s to 340s, VIX we nailed, shorting MasterCard, Nike and WYNN with size and many more) and then the recent bounce has been good to us and we sold the day before and early morning of the pull back in Wednesday trade.

The time cycles we follow were spot on and have been now for near 5 years – this is a considerable advantage in our overall bias with trade positioning and themes (more on this in another note).

For those that are not aware, our swing trading platform easily returns triple digits per year and this year we expect 4 digit returns+ and the win rate is high – easily 80%+ sometimes better. You are welcome to inspect our alert feed anytime to confirm for yourself.

Why do I point this out?

Because we are now entering another turn (we’re in the turn now). Time cycle inflections are important.

This particular time cycle inflection from the first week of April 2020 (peak) to the last week of August 2020 peak is going to be aggressive and we expect the next after that in to the US election to be even more so.

In fact, we expect the volatility or better described as range of markets to increase for at least the next 4 time cycles and even likely in to mid 2022 and possibly in to 2025.

We have been spot on so far with our forecasts and don’t expect different anytime soon, it is simply math and natural order.

So why am I sending this notice to our trading team?

In this inflection (turn) in to and running to the last week of August it is important we are really on top of the inflections in stocks (equities), oil trading and commodities, volatility, indices and the Dollar.

We make the majority of our profit in inflections. There are periods we are quiet and then boom it’s time to go, it is in the “GO” where the money is made.

The next “GO” should be at latest this time next week, by then we should start to see inflections in the markets to really size in to themes of trade. If you study our swing trading alert feed you will see the quiet times and then BOOM it’s GO TIME and then quiet and so on.

In this particular turn and in the other time cycle inflections over the next few years I will be doing a lot more intra day and intra week swing trading (really it is better described as inflection theme trading).

More specifically, I will be more active, higher frequency, working the edges of the ranges to get sizing in to the inflection trades. This means a very active trading room and the alert feeds too of course. Click here for oil trade alerts and here for swing trade alerts.

We have a new internet line being run sometime between now and then that will allow for considerably better stability for the machine trading and the simple live voice broadcasting in the room, until then, if you cannot hear something because of internet or click meeting server issues (COVID life internet issues with everyone working from home) let me know, email me and I’ll send you a note on the set-up.

Between now and then (early to mid next week) I will be in deep $STUDY preparing all of our set-ups. We have 200 stocks (equities) modeled on our trading platform that in large part need to be updated and then also the models for SPY, OIL, GOLD, SILVER, DXY, VIX and Bitcoin. The chart models take a lot of work to update, so if you don’t hear from me that is why haha.

If there are any trade set-ups you want me to review be sure to send them on email.

If you are not a member of the trading room because of the cost send me a note (I get it, it’s not cheap, the alerts are much more affordable I know) but I will find a way to get you a long term subscription and that brings the monthly cost way way down and reasonable for anyone to access (if you are wanting to attend the trading room, it works out to 3,000.00 year or about 9.00 a day with the 50% discount and there are ways to finance that).

If nothing else, get in to those Sunday Swing Trading $STUDY sessions, they’re cheap, literally the cost of coffee, 10 session blocks at 100.00 at 4 hours a session = 40 hours of intense trade set-up study for 100.00 and 50% less for current members of Compound Trading Group. Cheap. Non member price 100.00. Current member price 50.00 (use code “webinar50”). If you can’t attend we send a video report out to everyone anyway.

Yes, I am pushing you, for good reason.

I intentionally brought the swing $STUDY session pricing down to next to zero so everyone has an opportunity in these time cycles. There are no excuses. I cannot stress enough how much your future self will thank you for being in it to win it between now and the global financial reset coming.

Oh and we’re running another trader’s conference (10 in person, 20 online) as soon as the borders open again and everyone can fly – current clients get first pick on the 10 seats in person (see tweet thread and video).

And if there’s anything else I can assist with please do not hesitate to reach out because the next few time cycles will be life changing for traders that are ready for them. I mean that in a very literal way. Our returns could easily spike to 5 digit returns, I’m not exaggerating – these are HUGE time cycle coming. 

Other items of note are that 1. our crude oil machine trading is introducing CFD’s in the next few weeks, so this is huge because then smaller accounts will be able to increase the win rate considerably (more on this in a near term article) and 2. yes I am going to give in and do some mainstream articles, they’ve been asking for years and more recently more (our time cycle work has them wondering haha) and I think some people need to know about the opportunity right in front of them – I do have a sense of obligation to that (see tweet thread).

Peace and best,


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